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  1. Since I am moving towards mostly coated bullets, I am going to buy more Sport Pistol.  I do not load BP or BP subs into 45 ACP or 9 mm Luger cases.  These cases are meant for smokeless powder.  My preference for smokeless handgun powders are those that meter well, are versatile, burn clean and are readily available (in normal times).  There are really lots of good choices.  I don't mind dirty burning powders for CAS.  Our cowboy guns run dirty pretty well.

  2. Many of these insults would make good starting lines.  Insulting an array of steel has the advantage that it doesn't get offended and shoot back.

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  3. On 5/29/2017 at 11:46 PM, Dantankerous said:

    I am going to surmise that this will be ready for EoT 2018...

    I checked the Comfort Inn official website.  You can now book rooms in this property in June of 2018 during EOT.  The booking software indicates the property will be open in December of this year.

  4. I dined in Edgewood today after shooting EOT.  The new Comfort Inn has their signs mounted on the exterior walls.  The gravel piles are all laid and graded and were being watered.  Many construction vehicles were present with crews working inside.

  5. I was at Founders Ranch today with a work party prepping the ranch for EOT.  While in Edgewood I drove by the Comfort Inn to check on progress.  A contractor had a crew working in the entrance.  The parking lot is graded and 80% covered with gravel.  I expect paving will begin soon.

  6. I've shot my .357 mag with 158 grain bullets also out to 230 yards successfully. I suggest you load some rounds and see which rifle groups best at 100 yards. The rifle you choose should be easy to shoot offhand since that shooting position is often required.

  7. Does anyone know if these were purchased on-line during the Annual Winchester rebate timeframe, could you get the rebate for the 10 boxes?

    Website states they are sold by the case; however, it does state that there are 10 boxes in the case. The receipt from the website may not suffice.

    Has anyone tried and successfully ordered ammunition online and filed for a rebate from a manufacturer?

    I bought from Cabelas with free shipping and got the rebate. I agree that with the rebate it is not worth reloading.

  8. At our last monthly match I arrived at a loading table just as one of our most experienced, top shooters was opening the loading gate on one of his pistols. He drew my attention to it, showing me spent cartridges that were still in his cylinder from the previous stage. Smiling all the while, he told me, "That's a Stage DQ for the last stage." He self-reported it and that smile never left his face for the rest of the match!

    A good way to salvage some of your dignity is to call a SDQ on yourself and request the appropriate penalty be assigned.

  9. I used coated bullets with Triple Seven in my handguns all last year with no issues. My wife now uses coated bullets in her '73s with smokeless powder. We both now prefer the coated bullets and intend to load with them whenever possible. Not handling bare lead is another advantage in addition to those listed by RK.

  10. Alliant Muzzle MZ: I use it for out-of-town matches as it is not very hydroscopic and does not rust my shotgun. It is fairly coarse. I find it comparable to APP FFg. Until recently Sportsmans Warehouse sold it for $10 a bottle. I stocked up.

  11. All the stages were rebuilt since my first Siege. It's a whole new match. Camp on range if you can. Water and 20A service is available. You can buy cast bullets from San Juan from his casting operation and haul them home. They are good bullets. If they have the awards banquet at the Turn of the Century Saloon you will love that too (http://www.turnofthecenturysaloon.com/TURN_OF_THE_CENTURY_SALOON/Welcome.html).

  12. The dry camping area is just a gravel lot located very close to the shooting bays. There are no hookups. The range has nice props. The home club runs a quality match and I recommend it. The awards banquet is in a nice banquet room in a hotel. I will be returning for a third year. The match can no longer hold a long range rifle side match but does use the clays facilities of the range for side matches.


    My wife and I camp at nearby Sand Hollow State Park - just 15 minutes from the range with full hookups, great views and gates open from 6 AM to 10 PM. Others camp downtown Hurricane in WillowWind RV park. It has large shade trees and lots of grass. SASS members held a great potluck in the clubhouse last year.

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