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  1. I wash my brass loaded with black powder the day shot and dry quickly.  When I left the brass wet I got lots of primers corroded in place, just as you pictured.  The primer brand does not matter.  I'm going to get one of those hand deprimers for my 45-70 brass.  I don't like loosing 45-70s to corrosion.

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  2. This week I noticed that Cabelas was offering Remington #10 caps online.  Their site also said there were limited quantities in the nearest store to me.  This morning I stopped by the store and inquired.  The sales staff stated they had a limited supply earlier in the week but sold out.  They expect more #10s in future deliveries.  Check with Cabelas if you need #10 caps.  

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  3. I bought some online and like the powder.  It is fine grained and meters well.  It burns at a low temperature and leaves little soot.  Last weekend I shot a match with Sport Pistol for my revolver rounds and Unique in my rifle rounds.  After a stage the rifle barrel was hot and the revolver barrels barely warm.  I am loading 3.8 grains under a 125 grain coated bullet, Fed 100 primers in assorted 38 Special cases.  I have no chrono data.  I wish Alliant would develop loading data for more cartridges.  I would like to use Sport Pistol in my wife's .32s.

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  4. 12 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    Its more fun to beat your competition if you keep the stage scenarios a secret... ;)




    There seems to be a local curse that stage writers get procedurals on their own stages.  Secrecy does not work here. 


    I only look at stages in advance to see stages that might require special ammunition.  For example plate racks where my wife might need full power loads for her .32 handguns or a popup where I might need a stout blackpowder load to loft a target above a blackpowder cloud.  I find pictures in stage descriptions are not to scale and I need to shoot a stage differently once I see the actual setup.

  5. 13 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Stay away from surplus soviet night scopes. Many of their tubes leak x-rays that will do permanent damage to your eyes.

    Do you have a citation to support this statement?  The Food and Drug Administration regulates the importation of electronic devices under 21CFR1005.1 to prevent importation of dangerous, x-ray producing equipment.  I did not find mention of excessive x-ray leakage in imported Soviet night vision equipment in the professional literature.

  6. 10 hours ago, Marshal Chance Morgun said:

    So, is it the chance of winning or just being able to say you attended the match? Whether it's because of the distance, time , and money, or a limit on the number of entries, not everyone who wants to attend can do so.

    Should the 150 shooters from this years waiting list be the 1st 150 entries for next year? Should the top 5 in each Cat. from this year also be guaranteed entry? You're never going to make everyone happy. 

    Just attending the match is worth the event.  I've shot with three world champions and was amazed at their shooting abilities.  I've never won but it took me ten years to place in the top ten of my category.  I wear Top Ten buckles proudly and several clean match pins.  I especially enjoyed shooting with the Australians.  They came so far and had much enthusiasm for the event.


    The match at Ben Avery sells out every year.  I recommend registering early.

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  7. At a recent state match I was shooting black powder while falling plate and shotgun targets were bouncing back up after being knocked down.  Because I could not see through the smoke I did not see this and tried to re-engage the targets when the TO coached me saying "They're down."  I dislike coaching at any match but always ask for coaching on shotgun targets since I usually cannot see them fall.  I think that coaching me was essential in this match.

  8. 1 hour ago, Griff said:

    If you're properly assembling your BP cartridges... they'll probably last longer than you will be around.  I'm shooting BP shotshells that I loaded well over a year ago.   I don't bother dating when I load a box of shells, so some could be several years old.    Some of my rifle cartridges are also well over a year old.  If you're using a lube wad or cookie in your cartridges, you SHOULD be using an over-powder card to keep that lube from fouling your powder.


    (The above is for real black powder, my experience with subs is quite limited.  I have to remember some folks apparently don't know the difference between subs and black powder, referring to both as "black powder"... however incorrect this is).

    Some of the BP subs (like Pyrodex) are hydroscopic.  Ammo loaded with them can become squibby when stored in humid conditions.  See Alliant's comparison table for the discontinued Black MZ.  When shooting in humid conditions I prefer real BP.  Real BP would be my choice for long term storage.

  9. HP-38 is a satisfactory pistol powder - versatile and meters well.  Those who have tried reduced loads with it report poor results.  I use it in my 1911 loads.  It burns a little dirty and I need to strip and clean the pistol daily.  Once-fired 38 Special brass is available on auction sites for about a nickel a case.  You will probably have to buy new .45 Colt brass.  Many use Starline.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Lucky Bastard said:

    No real dust. I wiped the bench down. I was surprised. I did add some polish to it.

    Dust will increase as you continue to use the tumbling media.  The tumbling media will slowly break down and powder residue, corrosion and dirt from the brass will all contribute dust.  The dryer sheets help control dust buildup.

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  11. I wear Pro Ears behind the neck muffs when shooting with a cowboy hat.  They amplify up to to 8X with a 30dB noise reduction in the muffs.  A circuit with a 1.5 millisecond response time suppresses gunshot noise.  I barely hear a gunshot but can easily hear steel ring.  I can also easily hear a squib.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Houston CAS said:


    I missed that thread, but it sounds a lot like the days before baseball and soccer implemented instant replay. Like somehow imperfect refereeing was better for the game. 


    Hopefully as time goes on the technology to report hits on targets will get cheap enough to implement on ranges. People are clamoring for "robo-umps", maybe we can have "robo-spotters" too.


    Something like this fellow?



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  13. Locally we paint after each shooter.  We have time and this eliminates some scoring errors.  Clays frequently break when launched.  Using soda cans on pop-ups eliminates this problem.  Of course clays launched with a thrower need to be clays.  As a spotter I wear amplified hearing protection.  Both hearing and seeing targets improves my scoring.

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  14. I have one.  A few years ago it recorded an accident in an intersection I was approaching.  The insurance adjusters were delighted to have video.  It made them eye witnesses to the wreck.  High resolution video is important.  You need to read the license plate numbers on other vehicles.

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