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  1. You did fine. However, some firearms no longer in production can be hard to find. I bought my Ruger 44 mags new but had to buy my 357s used. Regarding a shotgun: are you looking for a SxS, a '97 or a lever action shotgun? That will help readers determine your need.
  2. Ruger Vaqueros in 44 mag are available used on auction sites. I did a quick check and found a few at reasonable prices.
  3. The make, model and barrel length of his revolvers would be useful too.
  4. This video is recommended by many. The producer did the action job on my '92 and it is quite smooth.
  5. Is the CZ shotgun still for sale?  If so, I want to purchase it.  

  6. Factory new replacement rear sights are available for $20. I’d buy one for that price before bothering to straighten one.
  7. SD saved me some typing. Triple Seven smokes. However it is not identical to the smoke from real BP. In particular it smells different.
  8. This is close to a load that Hodgdon once published: 1 1/8 oz shot Claybuster red 1138-12 wad about 65 grains Triple Seven (using a BP measure) primer of your choice. These pattern just like Gun Clubs. They will leave melted plastic in your shotgun barrels. You will only get a couple hundred rounds from your 2-lbs of powder. Toss your hulls after firing.
  9. Hodgdon still says it is safe to run Triple Seven through an ordinary powder measure but advises against doing so with Pyrodex (just another reason to avoid Pyrodex). I find APP so coarse I don’t run it through a powder measure. Regarding clumping: pour the subs out in a dish and break up the clumps before pouring in the progressive powder measure. Goex doesn’t clump in my climate. Store rounds loaded with the subs in a dry box with a big desiccant pack until the day of use. That way they will go bang instead of pop/fiz.
  10. Back then Wal*Mart employees were buying ammo that was delivered to their stores and re-selling it at gun shows. With Wal*Mart no longer selling 9 mm Luger and .223 ammo they've lost that cash cow.
  11. The small primer shortage is just part the current ammunition and firearms shortage. The last one was 5-6 years ago. These shortages harm the shooting sports as those without a personal ammunition/components inventory leave the shooting sports and often don't return. The buckaroos we lost locally due to a .22 shortage all never returned. I hope the current primer shortage is brief so SASS retains members.
  12. Getting an e-mail that a shooting range is reopening for matches.
  13. A college acquaintance of mine came from a logging community near Mt. St. Helens. He and his buddies staged bigfoot sightings. They would locate a cabin where a teenager was baby sitting and stand near the edge of a forest clearing wearing a gorilla suit loudly howling. Since the baby sitter probably didn't know how to shoot they felt safe. They also had a set a stilts with big rubber feet they would walk across plowed fields leaving "bigfoot tracks." In the Southwest presumed chupacabra bodies have been examined and determined to be coyotes with bad cases of mange.
  14. Here is a current thread on this topic. Most report none available.
  15. The #9 shot will be useful if shooting at targets in poor repair. A #9 shot bouncing back hurts less than larger shot.
  16. Sir, it looks like you are near Nashville. The Sportmans Warehouse in Murfreesboro will sell you 1,000 CCI small pistol primers for $24 with local pickup if you order online. These are not my favorite primers for CAS but they might keep your grandson shooting. You could at least load some practice rounds.
  17. My experience with saving hides from hunting is not good. I had one cow elk skinned by a taxidermist and it made a lovely shirt for my wife. However, a friend gave me a hide he and his buddies had skinned and it had so many nicks it was unsuitable for quality leather work. Recently I found I could not get a hide tanned because the animal hair must be submitted to the state crime lab before disposal and tanners will not bother. Times have changed for the worse.
  18. MC, I understand your desire to use a powder that has worked for you in the past. I use Unique in my 44 mag reloads for WB and prefer it in that cartridge. However, there are other powders that will give satisfactory results in large revolver cases and some of these are available. When reloading components are in short supply we have learned to shoot what is available. I also use American Select and it is still available. Hodgdon lists 45 Colt loads for IMR Target and its on sale at Powder Valley. Try another powder. You may discover a new favorite.
  19. If your Marlin has a plastic magazine tube follower I would replace it with a more durable follower. Long Hunters worked on three Marlins for me. I was pleased with the work.
  20. I’ve been buying Sportsman’s sale primers for a few months. They only allow 1,000 of any type purchased. I stocked up on Federal small pistol magnum primers, W209s and both Winchester and Remington large pistol primers (for my WB 45s). Since there is a Costco next to Sportsman’s I don’t mind making small purchases at Sportsman’s.
  21. Might be time to shoot different cartridges in ,your revolvers and rifle. Many shoot 45 Cowboy Specials in their revolvers. This short case with less internal volume than a 45 Colt case allows for clean burns of reduced powder charges.
  22. At the last EOT a fellow on my posse shot a Big Boy without a jam or breakage. However, he worked the lever slowly and methodically. He did not place in the top ten in his category but had fun. If you want to stand up with the winners pick a rifle off the top off the preceding lists.
  23. This thread should be pinned. New shooters frequently ask what OAL and bullet profile will work in their rifle. This is one of the first issues they must resolve in developing their CAS loads.
  24. WC's posts show a useful way to get cast bullets less expensively - pickup your bullets at the casters shop and avoid shipping. Some casters deliver to nearby matches. Buy from them too and avoid shipping costs.
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