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  1. Remember the 2016 Heinz Superbowl commercial with the weiner dogs charging humanoid bottles of ketchup and yellow mustard?
  2. This is so. All action shooting matches I've ever seen use a shot timer. We sometimes have side matches where time is a secondary consideration. Perhaps those who dislike timers but like 19th century firearms should seek out other shooting sports.
  3. A club where I am a member shoots Cowboy Silhouette. Long-barreled, lever action rifles and cast bullets but no timer. They have fun. I might join them sometime to prepare for a SASS side match.
  4. Ammunition and component shortages are recurring. They seem to happen about twice as often as economic recessions. Wars overseas can use up components. Democrats in control in Washington causes panic buying as does fear of domestic instability. The ammunition supply chain eventually over produces and one sees sales. When primers and powder are reasonably-priced and you see online retailers offering free shipping with no HAZMAT charges you will know it is time to restock.
  5. N320 burns very clean. You may never return to dirtier smokeless powders.
  6. When spotting one often doesn't have to be close to the shooting line. Standing back helps protect against lead splatter and cap fragments from percussion revolvers and keeps you out of the way the shooter and timer operator. I don't look at shotgun targets when they are engaged if there is no shooting order. One can see whether targets fell after the shooter is done. I look at the ground letting my hat catch any returning shot. When shooting I use soft cast bullets and small shot to protect myself and the timer operator from returning lead. Also, maximum velocity loads are no
  7. I still shoot modern action handgun matches. I shoot a 1911 or a double action revolver. Might try shooting these if you cannot hold up a long gun. You get to shoot while moving and don't have to remember complicated sweeps. It's fun and the people are nice. The younger shooters don't understand why I don't shoot a plastic gun topped by a red dot sight.
  8. Green chile and cheese for me though spicy brown mustard will do if green chile is unavailable. I love ketchup on grilled or fried potato products. I don't look down on those who like ketchup on a dawg. It's just a personal preference.
  9. I bought as many of those STS shells as I could last year (emptying two Wal*Marts in Oklahoma) and applied for the $2/box rebate. Yesterday I got my rebate check. I thought I'd never see that rebate.
  10. The powders you listed are all Alliant Products. Here is a link to their cowboy loads (they are all too hot). For Green Dot, Alliant publishes 3.5 grains under a 158 grain bullet, no 125 grain data. Here is a link to the pdf of Alliant's Manual.
  11. Yes, the FAA is particularly tough on illegal air shipments. See this FAA press release.
  12. I've got real misgivings about the rec area for felons concept. I've shot for years at the ranch with spare firearms (backups and a shotgun for 5-stand) unsecured in my vehicle. Now I will have to drive my TT tow vehicle with a truck vault to feel secure. I'm holding off buying a ranch membership until my security concerns get sorted out.
  13. A big roadrunner moved under my back porch and promptly ate all the nearby lizards. Ants are invading our kitchen - a sure sign of warm weather.
  14. I got a surprising e-mail yesterday. A local CAS club will shoot at the ranch today. I won't join them but am pleased matches are continuing. I thought this would take much longer.
  15. Around the ranch there are locations with a few inches of dirt covering limestone bedrock with no water table. Houses are supplied with water by large water tanks filled by water haulers (see picture below). The nearby village of Tijeras has people tapping into its municipal system after dark and stealing water.
  16. Last year I had a #8 1/2 shot get out of a Gun Club and into the internals of my Stoeger, locking it up during a match. Fortunately this was just a local match. However, I now make sure the hole (as pictured) is plugged. I don't want failures even at a local match. Those smooth, green STS hulls are still what I use at a major match.
  17. They are ribbed and have steel bases. However, they fly out of a SxS shotgun pretty well. I saw Evil Roy shooting them once at EOT. I find Gun Clubs don't crimp as reliably as STS or Nitro hulls so I place a 1/2-inch square piece of paper over the shot before crimping to ensure no shot dribbles out. The major advantage of Gun Clubs over STS or Nitro hulls is the price - free for a little dumpster diving. The attached photo shows some of the Gun Clubs I've scrounged at clay ranges.
  18. HH, I reload Gun Clubs for local matches and save my STS and Nitro hulls for major matches. I get my Gun Clubs hulls free at clay ranges (they are still appearing in trash barrels.). They load with the same data as STSs. With reloading components scarce and factory shells unavailable no one at CAS matches is tossing Gun Club hulls in the trash. When loaded with BP or a sub I toss them after firing as I no longer trust the crimp.
  19. JR, add your location. You will get invitation to local clubs. There may be someone with used leather to sell you. Many of us changes our rigs over time and have leather we no longer use. Regarding primers, load 9 mm Luger with whatever small pistol primers you can find. While we prefer Federal for our revolvers, semi-autos don't need Federal primers. I've never bought 9 mm brass. I've got enough range pickups that I never needed to buy any. I shoot 38 Specials and buy once-fired brass on online gun auction sites for less than $0.05 per case. We shoot cast bullets in our revolvers. T
  20. I needed some cast bullets recently and contacted San Juan at Colorado Cast. My order was delivered three days after I placed it. They may not be backordered on your choice.
  21. Who was the manufacturer of your carbine?
  22. Try shooting both Remington and Colt reproductions and see what you like best. Soot Lords will let you try their revolvers. After shooting Remingtons for years I went back to my heavy Ruger Old Armys. They are very reliable and I like their triggers. Duelist 1954 has a YouTube channel detailing many aspects of cap and ball revolvers. The single most important thing you can do for your revolvers is replace the stock nipples with quality, aftermarket nipples. For propellant I see more APP used than any other propellant, though perhaps a Von Schutze should be shooting Schutzen. (You could
  23. Many of these insults would make good starting lines. Insulting an array of steel has the advantage that it doesn't get offended and shoot back.
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