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    4 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    What time of year is most comfortable temperature wise? And do the crowds decline noticeably once Summer is over? My Missus and I are discussing the same trip.

    I recommend October.  The summer rainy season is over, temperatures have declined but winter weather has not started.  Spring also has comfortable temperatures but many afternoons have strong winds.  Fall in the Southwest is not a windy season.  I can't comment on crowds.  Crowding has increased over the years.

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  2. 17 hours ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:

    I use 20 grains FFFg, but The former Ohio State champion Frontiersman Marcus Allan & former National champ Split Rail used less.

    One used 15 grains & one used 17 grains.

    Kept the gun recoil/movement to a minimum.


    I use 15 grains.  I found that recoil from heavier loads sometimes caused loading levers to pop loose, jamming revolvers.  This is easy to clear but takes time.  I use heavier loads for knockdown targets.  A Slix-Ram allows reduced charges without fillers.

  3. Regarding knockdowns: 115 grain bullets in .32 H&R mag cases full of Triple Seven are good knockdown loads.  Federal 95 grain factory ammo is good, smokeless knockdown loads.  .32s can get the job done.



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  4. I don't use a filler.  The cases are .32 H&R mag loaded with APP for my wife.  Any filler and the ammo would not make the smoke standard.  The thick corrosion only occurs on missplaced brass that was not rinsed and cleaned for months.  My rinsing regime is similar to yours with the same good results.

  5. 8 hours ago, Griff said:

    Define ruin?

    For me its thick deposits of corrosion that my dry tumbling will not remove.  I  suspect wet tumbling with pins would salvage the brass.

  6. 33 minutes ago, meesterpaul said:

    They have a great name!  I see that they have multiple diameter options also which is nice.

    B&C's bullet hardness (BH12) is what I prefer for CAS shooting.  I use harder bullets for higher velocity ammo.  I'm picking up some .32 bullets from George Martin next weekend at our state match.  

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  7. APP, Triple Seven and Black MZ can all ruin your brass.  I wash and rinse with hot water four times, drain and dry the day I shoot with these subs, even while on the road.  I place the brass in black plastic pans in a single layer and place the pans in the sun.  I get small amounts of visible corrosion that dry tumbling easily removes.  Don't leave the brass wet for days or corrosion will hold some primers in place making them difficult to remove.  (Some de-prime before rinsing.)


    The preceding only applies to unplated brass.  I can safely leave nickel-plated brass unwashed for days.  I use nickel-plated brass in my revolvers where split cases don't jam the firearms.

  8. The warning to vent the battery to the outside must be heeded.  Charging a battery inside the RV living space will quickly set off the smoke alarm (as I learned).  If using an inverter ask the CPAP manufacturer whether pure sine wave output is needed and buy an inverter accordingly. 

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  9. I used to buy from a LGS that had a 3-day return policy on used guns.  I had to return a rifle once.  It functioned well but was quite inaccurate.  On online auction sites I only buy from sellers with many recent, positive reviews.

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  10. 53 minutes ago, Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life said:

    You are right....but I feel sorry for all the members (and former members) who donated a ton of time and money to SASS to develop and build the Founders Ranch. Special memberships, fund raisers for buildings and many volunteer hours. Sad deal. I have said enough.

    We are fortunate that the Ranch was purchased by local businessmen who are continuing to operate it as a shooting range.  Local clubs continue holding matches there and the Sporting Clays ranges are being expanded.  The buildings are being improved.   I expect the range will host various regional shooting matches.  Thanks SASS for getting FR started.  The NM State's COVID restrictions killed 37% of small businesses across the state.  Outdoor venues like golf courses, tennis courts and outdoor shooting ranges should have never been treated like indoor entertainment venues.

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  11. 15 hours ago, Bullets By Scarlett said:

    They have 1,500 pounds in the pipeline… it will be there eventually! I’ve got some

    but I don’t ship hazmat. The ShootersWorld Multi Black IS Black MZ.  It’s the same formula that APP made for Alliant. 



    I bought some Multi Black from you at Land Run and used it in shotgun shells at the 4-Corners Regional.  I've also loaded it in 44 Specials.  It was just like you said, just like Black MZ but a little finer grained.  I made no effort to protect my ammo from humidity and it worked flawlessly.

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  12. I have a Bosch.  It's working well after about five years.  I have to give the controls a shot of contact cleaner occasionally.  It's quiet.  You can hold a conversation in the kitchen without shouting.  It lacks heated drying.  This is a plus and a minus.  It does not ruin most plastic items.  However, I need to leave the door open for a few hours for polyethylene items to completely dry.  I really like the delay wash feature.  I run the dishwasher in the middle of the night to keep my house quiet.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Misty Moonshine said:

    Of course we are. I’m lucky enough that when I decided on this move, Miss Ruby happily chose to come along!! 

    Misty Moonshine

    We'll miss shooting with you locally, but look forward to seeing the two of you at EOT and Land Run.  If you run out of green chile just send a PM for a CARE package.

  14. 1 minute ago, Last Call Saul said:

    any issues to use the 600 jr for resize?  I know that the ring resizing dies are worse than the supersizer, but it was free :)

    I replaced the resizing ring on my MEC Jr and now get satisfactory sizing.  BTW, MEC sells spare parts for its presses if you want to replace the missing parts.  If those AAs are the old style hull you got quite a purchase.

  15. We have a 26-ft TT and take it to matches.  Lots of positives mentioned in this thread.  However, there are some downsides.  I can't travel as far in one day (no big deal since I retired).  I don't pull it in certain weather conditions like strong crosswinds and snowy/icy roads.  I avoid arriving at campgrounds after dark due to poor lighting so I don't travel at night.  I can't buy fuel at the least expense stations.  I fuel at travel plazas.  At Nebraska State our trailer was being repaired so we stayed in a Holiday Inn.  That saved us some wind damage from a serious storm.  There seems to be minor repairs needed after every trip.   Dry camping adds to the complexity of a match.  Besides shooting one has to manage fresh water, two kinds of waste water and keep batteries charged.  I don't mind all this but eating in restaurants, sleeping in motels and driving a short vehicle is less work.

  16. 42 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:


    Not sure what LOP stands for. Big problem presently is that we're currently (along with two daughter in laws) sharing a Stoeger SxS coachgun. I have fitted a recoil pad under a leather butt cover.

    LOP = length of pull.  Search for "shotgun length of pull" and you will find descriptions and diagrams.  The ladies can probably share a shotgun with a shorter length of pull.  The Stoeger likely fits you and not them.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:


    In 'usual' times, most components can be sourced and I have reliable outlets near me, but as Painted Mohawk mentioned presently with shortages and people stockpiling.....it can be a PITA to get somethings.....powders specifically presently. I have bulk Win 231, ADI AP50, Alliant Red Dot and Trail Boss luckily on hand that I bought up big with. Don't know how hard shotgun shell primers are to source, there something I haven't bought for such a long time.

    Alliant publishes 7/8 oz and 1 oz loads for Red Dot.  I would try that powder for lighter shotgun loads.  Those Winchester Super-X target shells have about 20% more recoil than the low noise low recoil shells we shoot.  My wife too would not shoot the Super-X shells.

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  18. I don't know what shotgun shells are sold in Australia.  In the States most 12-gauge shells are sold for clay shooting sports or small game.  Light loads are not very light.  An exception is Winchester's low noise low recoil AAs favored by cowboy shooters.  They are the standard many try to duplicate.  My powder of choice for such loads is Alliant's Extra-Lite.  I don't load below published minimums but some report success loading a couple grains less than published minimums.


    I load both on a MEC Jr and an RCBS Grand progressive.  The RCBS Grand is more press than a cowboy shooter needs but gives the best crimps.  I use Remington STS and Gun Club hulls, Cheddite primers and Claybuster 7/8 oz wads.  I care a great deal how well my loads pattern for clays but care less about cowboy loads.

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