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  1. Once you get shooting you will eventually have a firearm break at a match and discover you need backups. Buy a Stoeger and later a hammered shotgun. They will both get used.
  2. My village has mostly Trump signs. There is one large Biden banner across the street from the polling location. Nobody steals or burns anyone else's signs. The polling line was long so poll workers escorted handicapped voters to the front of the line. No one complained. I love my village. It's a peaceful, respectful place.
  3. Uranium tailing piles were a particular problem because builders took tailings and used it for building foundation material as it was very easy to work. The tailings emitted radon (a radioactive gas) that entered homes, sometimes to levels considered unsafe by the USEPA. Remediation cost the government huge sums. For those who attend the last EOT in New Mexico you can visit the National Atomic Museum on south Eubank and tour their Uranium Enrichment Exhibit.
  4. You will get answers pro and con regarding real BP in a conventional powder measure. BTW, Hodgdon says Triple Seven can be safely dispensed from ordinary powder measures so I do. I dispense real BP from a measure made for BP. BTW, welcome to the darkside!
  5. Will Rodgers Airport weather averages
  6. If you sell them do so to a member of a local club who is short on primers. We need to keep our local clubs alive and cannot afford to lose members.
  7. Yellow is the predominant Fall color is the Southwest. Here is a Rio Grande Cottonwood in my neighbor's yard. These trees are sacred to local pueblo members.
  8. My wife shoots a chrome-lined SKB. I shoot a unlined Stoeger. Her SKB cleans with one pass of a wadded paper. My Stoeger sometimes needs two passes. No big deal, just a little more work.
  9. AA, Duelist1954 on YouTube has some videos how to load shotgun shells without a press. See Part 1. I load mine on a MEC Jr I bought just for reloading BP shells. Other use a Lee Load All. Yes, BP and the subs ruin the crimp on plastic shotgun shells. I mostly load Gun Club hulls I get for free and toss after one firing. I use plastic wads and have to remove the snake. It's an easy task. +1 on Ballistol though some use olive oil. Regarding the subs, APP is most popular though I use Triple Seven and the discontinued MZ. Avoid Pyrodex as SD warned.
  10. Before the recent rush on guns and ammo I payed ~6-cents each. The only online auction I found recently was for double that. (I don't currently need brass in any caliber.) At the NW regional in August a member of my posse was unsucessfully selling 357 mag mixed range brass for 6-cents each. He offered the brass to me for 3-cents each and I bought it. I have bought cast bullets this summer. I didn't get same week delivery but was able to buy what I wanted.
  11. UB didn't have to use a polarizing filter to make the sky that blue. That's the real color.
  12. That is a better price for AAs at WalMart than I paid this summer. I bought 5 cases at $7.87 a box at WalMarts in Colorado and New Mexico. My local WalMarts are still well stocked with shotgun shells.
  13. Some thoughts regarding your two threads: Ruger (Old Model) Vaqueros are still available on gun auction sites. If you bought a second you could send both to a cowboy gunsmith and get them ready for competition. Brass in 45 Colt (sometimes called 45 Long Colt) is unavailable. However, you could backorder some from Starline and probably receive your order this year. Also, investigate 45 Cowboy Special cases for your revolvers. These shorter cases allow a better powder burn with reduced charges. Start shopping for a progressive reloader too. These are also backordered. When you get to the Carolinas you can order cast bullets from a local caster and have delivery to a match you attend. There is much you can do while waiting for primers. Hold off buying long guns until you've tried other shooter's guns.
  14. I would be concerned that the Chinese would sell us corrosive primers - possibly without identifying them as corrosive. Some European primers are sold in the US. I load with French-made shotgun primers that load and perform quite well.
  15. I didn't intend to start a thread flaming law enforcement. They have been responsible users on the ranges I've been on. However, officers do dislike our cold range rules. The props and buildings in the berm pictured at the start of this thread lacked any bullets holes. The damage to the loading bench showed came from a vehicle. There were no bullet holes in the crumpled metal roof. I find casual shooters are the biggest problem. They show up without targets and are quick to put a shooting bench or a plastic barrel to use.
  16. My wife has both single sixes in .32 H&R mag and a Marlin in the same caliber. She now keeps the Marlin as a backup since she prefers a '73 in .357 mag. This is fine with me since I don't mind losing a few once-fired 38 Specials in the props and .32 H&R mag brass isn't cheap. You can find .32 Single Sixes for sale on auction sites. Just shop for awhile and some will come up for sale.
  17. My choice of words might be confusing. Perhaps I should have said "accidentally knocked off" instead of removed. This was not reported to me directly and there is much I don't know so I won't post further on that matter. I am an officer at another club. We too get vandalism there. Somehow owners of 50 bmg rifles (prohibited on that range) like to punch holes in our 4-inch thick hanging steel with AP ammo. Replacing thick steel targets is very costly.
  18. It wasn't malicious. I expect one local government will just reimburse another for unintentional damage.
  19. One local club I shoot with is resident on a public range. Two of a series of berms are developed with cowboy props. When the club is not holding a match the berms are available for other users such a CCW qualifiers, modern action shooting sports and law enforcement. Sometimes our props suffer unexcusable damage. Recently a local law enforcement agency took the roof off of one of our loading tables. Somehow they could not negotiate a straight 12-foot wide lane behind the table. Below is the damage. For reference here is an undamaged unloading table. I have no idea how long the repair will take. Governments are involved. For those who have berms for your exclusive use - keep the gates locked.
  20. For your Stoegers buy a spanner to tighten the firing pin fastening nuts. They loosen over time. Eventually the soft firing pins will mushroom and you will need to replace them. The spanner makes that job easy. This is one of those minor gunsmithing jobs that can be done at home.
  21. I suggest buying from those who support SASS. Consider: Choice Ammunition Bullets by Scarlett Bang and Clang Scarlett is in SC and may sponsor matches you attend.
  22. I've had more favorable experiences with Sportsmans. The discount coupons they give at matches have helped pay for much lead shot. This Spring they were selling large and small pistol primers for $1.99/hundred. I didn't really need them but could not pass up the bargain. I'm grateful for my supply now. Like most sales help at big box retailers they give much rubbish advice.
  23. Closest: RT 66 RV park in Edgewood. This park has freeway noise and is not as attractive as shown on its website. Where I camp: Hidden Valley has a low ridge between it and I-40. It reasonably quiet and has a special rate for EOT. Lots of SASS shooters camp there. In Moriarty there is Happy Trails and Cuervo Mountain. I have not visited these campgrounds. You should not have to drive further than these parks. Note: unlike Phoenix for WR, these campgrounds are not in high demand for EOT. Getting a reservation should not be hard.
  24. I just downloaded the Accurate Arms reloading booklet. Hogdgon may discard some reloading data when they migrate it to their online database.
  25. Here are pictures of the stages. The covered stages would be great in case of rain. Note the facility pictures at the bottom of page. Restrooms with indoor plumbing and RV sites with utilities. Why not start a thread in early November asking for feedback on the stage design? Land Run 2020 will have just finished and you can get feedback from those who attended. I'll try to take pictures of the stages from the shooting positions and post them.
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