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  1. We have another fire less than two miles away, it's The Lawrence Fire.  I called the fire dept., they said no evac yet. Ten minutes later, someone posted that sheriffs were manually evacuating the area.


    They also said it was a grass fire and they were throwing resources at it. Flight radar showed three planes and a helicopter. It is now 40% contained. Whew, that was close.



    PS @$^% fire bugs.:angry:

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  2. Hi Bruce,


    Thanks for the info. The HD was a Toshiba.


    According to the Tech., my hard drive was full of errors due to power failures. I had my battery out :o:wacko:. He explained why that was bad.

  3. Still don't have my computer.  I went to pick it up Wednesday and Thursday. Now he tells me it will be ready today. SIGH!


    At least it will be like new. He's putting in a new hard drive with no moving parts.


    Also, I'm learning how to use the new smarter than me phone.


    I'm using a stylus instead of my arthritic thumbs.

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  4. That says it all. Be back when I get my computer back.


    BTW, our evacuation order was lifted yesterday. Pray or send good karma to the people evacuating Lake Tahoe.


    Those of you using phones to post have my sympathy. It's tedious to post.


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  5. I firmly believe the fires in CA are either set by terrorists or wackos. There are too many of them to be caused by nature or accident. What the heck is going on in the Western part of the USA?




    Fires in CA 08272021.JPG

    Fires in USA 08272021.JPG

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  6. Well...


    I ordered a phone yesterday and got it at 1:00 today from PA. No shipping fee.


    It didn't come with instructions. I think I've inserted the SIM and set it up. I'm practically bald and I'm not done setting up yet.


    I got a Samsung A21 and Visible (Verison is its parent) is the carrier. Hubby is not pleased.


    It has unlimited minutes, messages, and data. $40 per month. $249 for the phone through Visible.

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