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  1. Hi Folks,


    One of the pards asked me how to post a video on the Wire. As I didn't know, I looked for instructions. Several said to copy the embed code, which I did from YouTube, and paste it in the text box, which I did.


    However, all that showed up was the code, not the video.



    Would someone kindly explain how it is done?





  2. Coming back nearer to the original direction of this thread: SASS is the ONLY shooting organization on the planet that has "minor safeties". Every other sport has either SDQ's or MDQ's for safety violations. As a matter of fact I can only think of a couple that even have SDQ's. If you incur a safety infraction of any kind in almost all shooting sports it is a Match Disqualification. In an effort to be "kinder and gentler" SASS has created a bunch of problems for itself over the years.

    Hi HJ,


    I recently noticed that, in one CAS-related discipline, a dropped unloaded gun is a SDQ; a dropped loaded gun is a MDQ. No quibbling about where it came to rest and the direction it was pointing at that time.


    That said, there was still flexibility :unsure: about a prop failure.





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