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  1. Dear Larson,


    I've thought about it many times and still done nothing about it. We still end up saving more cats. We now have three. That is the same number as we moved with in 2008. They are not the same cats.


    The last two were accidental. We saved them from a neighbor who was/is clueless &*$^#%. I just count my blessings that they are alive and living with us. 


    PS They are all bossy.

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  2. I haven't found this in years; so, I've forgotten the name. I still have some of the leather pouches it came in. I will look at them.


    It's Aniversario Pampero. Yummy! It is still available. I Googled it.



  3. Hubby was outside and saw the smoke. So, I looked it up. Next thing we heard planes. They were really on top of it. That area (just over the ridge from us) has a lot of wineries to save. 

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  4. We have another fire less than two miles away, it's The Lawrence Fire.  I called the fire dept., they said no evac yet. Ten minutes later, someone posted that sheriffs were manually evacuating the area.


    They also said it was a grass fire and they were throwing resources at it. Flight radar showed three planes and a helicopter. It is now 40% contained. Whew, that was close.



    PS @$^% fire bugs.:angry:

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  5. Hi Bruce,


    Thanks for the info. The HD was a Toshiba.


    According to the Tech., my hard drive was full of errors due to power failures. I had my battery out :o:wacko:. He explained why that was bad.

  6. Still don't have my computer.  I went to pick it up Wednesday and Thursday. Now he tells me it will be ready today. SIGH!


    At least it will be like new. He's putting in a new hard drive with no moving parts.


    Also, I'm learning how to use the new smarter than me phone.


    I'm using a stylus instead of my arthritic thumbs.

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