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  1. 01/22/2020 pm "This update from family and friends. Michele had a very active and alert day. The physical therapist was able to get her to sit on the side of the bed and he mentioned she responded well to requests. Surgeon is delaying gall bladder surgery for a few weeks. Yet another positive day. Thank you my prayer warriors. Good night and God bless."
  2. I've heard that he is a good neighbor.
  3. Hi Watab Kid, I'm not sure of your meaning. Michele, Velvet Glove, is quite young (50 seems young to me) and it seems that she is progressing well. Regards, Allie Mo
  4. 01/21/2020 pm. "This update per family and friends. Michele had a very active and stubborn day. Lot of movement and she kept trying to remove all her lines. She had to be restrained. She appeared restless. Surgeon visited her and will contact me this week to schedule her gall bladder removal. Unfortunately this is all I have for today. Keep the prayers coming. Goodnight and God bless."
  5. oops! I should have read the other posts.
  6. I've seen it at Arroyo Cantua (near Sacramento) and Robbers Roost (Ridgecrest).
  7. 01/20/2020 pm. "Today has been one of those sleepy, recovery days. I managed to wake her for 30-40 min and get some interaction out of her. We caressed each others hands until she drifted off to sleep and began to dream. All her vitals are good. Neurologist said she would have some days like this. After her two active days in a row, I am not surprised. Thanks again for the continued prayers. Good night and God bless."
  8. No flames here. Rules (and Guidelines) are only as good as their enforcement is. The Events Forum has the instruction. "For example, July 1-4, 2017 should be written as 0701-0704 2017. That keeps the matches in order of occurrence." I've seen posts by SASS VIPs that did not follow that request. Luckily, I see no posts that are non-compliant among this year's posts. Also, I have been the subject of personal attacks and name calling, which is contrary to the following Forum Guideline, https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/UserTerms.pdf "Abuse on the Forums will not be tolerated.  Offensive language, personal insults, including all racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs, as well as personal attacks, including name-calling and insults directed at other members is prohibited. No flaming, harassing, or attacking of any kind is ever allowed. “Flaming” is considered attacking another user or users in a vulgar, harsh or with the use of personal attacks. Personal attacks are not tolerated. (Ie: “You are stupid, stop being a &^^$%^”)." That personal attack was not removed until I "reported" it. So, if you see something that is contrary to the Forum Guidelines, Report it. To do so, hover your mouse pointer in the upper right corner of the post and the words "Report post" will appear. Left click that and follow the instructions.,
  9. I too have heard that dogs or young sisters are "chick bait." I heard this from my brother (8 years older) once when he took me to the "soda fountain" with him. That was the only time he took me anywhere while we were children. So, I guess it depends.
  10. 01/19/2020 pm Michele is showing great improvement. "Michele had another good day. I was greeted with a smile and hand grab. I started her day with placing moisturizer on her hands and feet. I handed her her glasses and she immediately placed them on her face. Next I started reading her cards to her. The next thing I know, she removes the card from my hand and places it in front of her face. She studies the front of the card intently and then she opens it up. As I watch her,... I realize she is reading the card! She finishes that card so I hand her another and she does the same thing. I watch her eyes as they move across the words. I am totally stunned. We went through several cards and then she drifted back to sleep. Later that morning one of her sisters and her husband stopped by. Michele woke up and her sister started handing her cards and again Michele read them. Her sister asked if she remembered this one cow girl and Michele took her hand and made a so, so gesture with it. Michele interacted well with company today and then she would have to take a nap. She held her moms hand as her mom spoke to her and would give a faint smile every now and then. I got to see her stubborn streak today when I tried to brush her teeth. She held my arm back and gave me one of those "no" looks. No doubt what she was communicating. We watched her right leg and arm twitch as she was dreaming today. Overall another good day. Keep up the good work my prayer warriors. Good night and God bless."
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