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  1. 4T, You deserve to be proud. I'm sure your wisdom has become his, if not directly, through his parents. Bravo! AM
  2. Bravo. again Dom! It seems that the best we can do is, one reporter at a time.
  3. Bravo Dom! That was excellent! Your and Shortcake's sweet demeanors represented us well! I hope to meet you some day. Maybe on my next trip to "Little Egypt." Regards, Allie
  4. Hi Assassin, I sure wish I were going. I signed up once and broke my arm before the match. I had traveling buddies then. However, none of them shoot CAS anymore. Now, it is out of my solo traveling range. Have fun y'all. I've read that my friend, Assassin, puts on a great match. Regards, Allie
  5. Dear Rolan, I'm so sorry for your loss. I saw your devotion to her in your FB posts. You are a good man. I wish I'd met her. I still hope to meet you in person some day. Sincerely, Allie
  6. I really like the way everyone worked together and didn't leave Ripsaw hanging. Bravo to all who helped, especially Ripsaw for the idea and putting it together!
  7. Oh no! I met him once at a WBAS match. He was charming and fun! RIP Tom
  8. I love soft eggs Benedict too. I've never had the eggs hard. I've only had biscuits and gravy once. It was made by Long Jim Handcock. Yummy!
  9. So, does this mean wearing Dooley (subgroup) arm bands is illegal?
  10. Hi, I just noticed the following in the SHB Glossary of Terms. "Apparel – Articles of clothing including: shirts, pants, dresses, vests, jackets, coats, dusters, chaps/chinks, leggings, boots, and hats. Not to include: Gun leather, ammo belts, garters/arm bands, wrist cuffs, or bandanas." Can anyone explain why "garters/arm bands, wrist cuffs, or bandanas" are not considered apparel? Thanks for any help. Allie
  11. We had a Junior shooter join us with his dad in the early 2000s. He got very ill and it affected his memory. He quit shooting CAS, as remembering the scenarios was problematic. His dad still shot so the son would come out and shoot at the range, trap mostly. I was always so glad to see him, as he was such a good kid Today, his dad posted, on FB, that his son just graduated from California State University, Fresno as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. Bravo Matt! I know this was a really special achievement.
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