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  1. Portland had something of a Midwest flavor until relatively recent times, as compared to Seattle, for example. In many ways they were very different cities, though sharing a Pacific NW quality. Portland was more conservative, with a small 'c'. Oregon in general used to have a sort of a benign liberal Republican nature, politically. Businessmen, lawyers, etc. into the 1970s and '80s dressed very conservatively, all dark suits and wingtips. Hard to put your finger on it; sort of an ineffable quality. My maternal granddad was very much of that quality. All long gone.
  2. My mom grew up in Portland and we visited our Portland grandparents often when I was a kid. I visited Portland countless times over the last few decades; I often had cases that took me there. Some great hotels; a beautiful city. Many happy times there. Not any more. It's unbelievable, really.
  3. I don't shoot 9 mm but many common revolver calibers are long totally sold out at the big stores. No .38 spl, .357 mag, .44 mag, etc. We have a couple of smaller stores though that still have good supplies of them. I've always had the habit of picking up a box or two of this and that most times I go to the stores, so I've ended up always having a pretty adequate supply for lean times.
  4. Widgets have no inherent value; their value is market value-- what a willing seller gets from a willing buyer. Market value is influenced by time, place, information, convenience, etc. also. If one has knowledge that a very valuable item can be had cheap from a vulnerable seller (the widow down the street), then indeed an ethical issue is present. But this doesn't apply to $100 widgets. I may be happy to take your 50 bucks here and now rather than check around, list, advertise, field phone calls, mail, etc. When you go to estate sales and yard sales and you see a deal, you buy it. One way you know you have a deal is that there are probably others that would pay more.
  5. An odd way of looking at it, methinks.
  6. Congrats. I retired from a practice like yours after 44 years. It was just right, really. It was getting harder to climb the mountain, but I wanted to go while I still could climb it. There are things I miss and things I don't, but in any event I have zero regrets and will never practice again. I put a bow on it and am happy about the whole thing. I didn't have the retirement downsize issue. We live within walking distance of 9 grandchildren and are a town over from the other three. We're not moving anywhere!
  7. I think the NY attorney general behind this is making a political mistake-- at least I hope so. Attacking LaPierre and certain others on the grounds of violation of NY non-profit corporation standards (the NRA is a New York corp-- must have seemed like a good idea at the time!) is one thing. Seeking the dissolution of the NRA is quite another; it is bound to fail and will be rightly interpreted as a Democratic attack on American gun ownership. I've already heard a couple of liberal radio commentators say they think it's a bad idea in an election year.
  8. With the organization's own help, alas. Most of the 'internal strife' was, indeed, internal.
  9. I never knew they used different phones!
  10. I am the son and grandson of immigrants. My wife, both of whose maternal grandparents were born in Croatia, tells me that British Columbia doesn't count!
  11. In my case, other than Lawman, those were favorites! Brandon Dewild was irritating in Shane, but then the character was necessary-- the whole book was told from the point of view of the kid. Of all the 'classics' of the era, to me the most overrated is The Searchers. A properly done remake would be great. Eliminate the half-wit sidekick, and, above all, the cornball suitor. Get the costuming right. No clean shirts and rolled-cuff jeans. Several other things, besides. The book was great. The flic has all of the shortcomings of 1950s A western star vehicles.
  12. Always have been happy with my .44 mag Redhawk.
  13. I agree with this. I hike and camp in black bear country all the time. I've seen black bears in the back country at distance several times over the years. I carry a Charter Arms .44 spl in the woods nowadays, and a .38 spl. for years before that. Black bear attacks are extremely rare. On the other hand, there are always several Grizz attacks in the Rockies every year. In the Rockies I'd carry a .44 mag revolver.
  14. Ruger LCR is good. A couple women friends I've taught it liked the trigger pull particularly.
  15. He was an excellent bad guy in "The Firm".
  16. "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!" Hiya kids, hiya hiya...
  17. It's diclofenac, and I have used quite a bit of it at times, as has my wife. It is very effective for pain. I found it so, and I know several people who had serious pain relief from it. It's worth a try. However, in my own case I have a big caveat. About 3 years ago, after I'd used it for quite awhile for serious back pain, I began to have significant shortness of breath on exertion, as in uphill hiking and lap swimming. I had no idea why. At one point, the shortness of breath during swimming was enough to make me think of going to the ER, as if I was having a 'silent' heart attack, that only expressed itself as severe shortage of breath. I didn't, though. I had previously looked at the side effects of diclofenac to see if this was a recognized one. Didn't see it. Then I did again, and way down a subsidiary list I saw 'shortness of breath on exertion'. I quit using it, and the problem went away within a couple of days, never to recur. I think that this is a rare side effect, and I don't think it was necessarily a dangerous one. But there it was. So I'd just be aware of it.
  18. And Jiggs and Maggie; and the Katzenjammer Kids....
  19. I keep the cases but don't use them much. Transporting pistols to the range in a range bag I use inexpensive 'gun rug' soft zip-ups. Easier and much more convenient than hard cases.
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