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  1. Hadn't heard this either. He had a good innings. Just watched him again a few months back in Ride The High Country, a favorite I re-watch every few years. Has a pretty prominent role as one of the bad guys in that classic.
  2. I kinda like that Canadian guy with the haystack hair and a vault of about a million bucks worth of classic rifles. Modest fellow, too.
  3. Today the dancefloor, tomorrow the world.
  4. For 35 years straight we've had a New Years Day party with family and about 5 close couples who have attended for years. We make and bake pizza from scratch, using a recipe from an old Time/Life Italian cookbook that has become stained and battered with use down the years. We make all sorts of combos, and keep baking throughout the afternoon and evening. Italian sausage, peppers, mushrooms, anchovies, artichoke hearts, capers, pepperoni, and other things, in various iterations and combinations. Alas, this year it will just be immediate family, but in our case that's a
  5. That's what I thought; didn't quite get the comments...
  6. If the article didn't state the amount of the previous one, then it's not quite that stupid...If it said that 600 is less than 1200, then it is stupid.
  7. Amazing the things the permafrost gives up: Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer - SNL - YouTube
  8. I've always thought the main issue regarding the treatment of the Indians was not the fact that the continent was ultimately taken from them, which was an historical inevitability, however tragic for the tribes. It was the fact that thereafter they were often cheated out of that which this nation had, by solemn treaty, agreed to leave to them. One huge thing about the American Indians, to their everlasting reputation, is that they fought, and fought hard and bravely, for generations for their lands. But then they were cheated, over and over again, when they were mostly helpless. Fo
  9. I think the report that the setup used terra cotta jars in counters with holes conveys a lot more interesting information than 'cafateria-style street dining' does....
  10. When I think of 'paying cash', I have in mind writing a check for the full amount, as opposed to financing the purchase. If I buy a car 'for cash', I don't mean handing over actual greenbacks.....
  11. I wouldn't take that either. But if I had a sloop in the Carribean, I'd gladly board a Spanish treasure galleon, subdue the crew, and take all of the doubloons and pieces of eight we could carry. I'd take the rubies and emeralds of the ladies, and invite any who were interested to join me as I sailed away.
  12. I'm with those here who describe "wealth" as having just enough money to not worry about money anymore. No more debts, pay cash when you need something like cars, etc. If you don't have a lot of material desires, it's not so hard to get "wealthy". If you do, it's harder. It always takes time, though; decades usually. One of the things I like the most is looking at something nice and thinking- "I could write a check for that"... and not doing it, because you don't want or need it. The pleasure of not buying things that you could. And you save a lot of money that way!
  13. I think Acres of Clams will survive, though. Always has had a big takeout business.
  14. Ivar's is still there, but under a lot of lockdown stress. Ivar's Salmon House, a really fine restaurant on Lake Union, more 'upscale' than the clam house, has closed permanently I'm told, after decades, under these pressures.
  15. As a Tacoma boy, born, raised, and not quite yet senescent, I remember the Boathouse Grill well, though I never had the Lutefisk dinner. The restaurant burned down at some point, and eventually was replaced by an Anthony's Restaurant. Anthony's is a regional small chain of good seafood-oriented places. It's a beautiful spot; adjacent to the Pt. Defiance boathouse, a hundred yards from the landing of the Vashon Island ferry; on Puget Sound with great views of Mt. Rainier. We go there a lot; most recently the night before the latest shutdown. Prices have gone
  16. Masks have never been about capturing 'micron size...virus'. Their purpose is to mitigate spray of droplets that contain virus. They have a range of effectiveness, N95 being by far the best. But they all help to one degree or another. As to the second point, detailed news about vaccine development and the testing has been going on all the time, reported in many sources. I followed several of them; the ongoing news has been reported for months. [edit; my post crossed in the ether with McC's]
  17. But none of this has anything to do with the reasons why there is a 'shortage'. Indeed, it just reinforces the fact that the manufacturers are going full blast, which is the point.
  18. You've said this twice. As an adult, would you not get the polio and smallpox vaccines? That is, if polio and smallpox were still here, and had not been eliminated by vaccinations?
  19. I'd rather continue my long, happy, and decidedly non-boring life, and will get the vaccine.
  20. I read about it, but I've never seen or felt it. Still have a pocket full of coins; have never had any merchant or clerk talk about it. I wish the ammo shortage was the same as the coin 'shortage'....
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