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  1. I can only speak  to Washington, but I think it is true of other community property states.


    Property received by gift or inheritance by a married individual (e.g. where I will my estate to a married daughter, or give her money or property before my death) is the separate property of the receiving spouse.


    To retain its separate status, it should not be comingled with community funds, such as in joint family accounts. This might or might not destroy its separate nature, but certainly will seriously risk it. It should be strictly kept in an individual account. If separate real estate is refinanced with community credit, it will lose separate status, at least 'going forward'. Likewise if an existing mortgage is paid with community funds.


    But this has nothing to do with spending. Spending the money on family stuff will  not affect the separate status of the rest. You can spend your money anyway you like.


    This is very commonplace. As we get older, our parents die. I inherit something from my folks; it's my separate property.  My wife inherits from her folks, it's her separate property. We can freely spend money on each other from those funds without changing their separate nature.


    Of course, the foregoing is general information, not legal advice to anybody!

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  2. Per the discussion here, heading to the range today I figured I'd shoot some .44 Russian in the Bulldog (.44 spl). I'd never done it; always hoarding my Russian ammo for my Uberti .44 Russky revolver.


    Using .44 Russian in a .44 special "only" (i.e. not a .44 mag) gun has a certain appeal, especially with the Bulldog, which is a very lightweight revolver (19.5 oz).


    I have a few boxes of Russian, but it ain't easy to find in the stores. I thought I'd rummage around for an old partial box of Kinematics Research/Ammodirect .44 Russian that some distant memory told me might be there. Lo and behold, there it was.  (When I started CAS I used ammodirect a lot, but they never reopened after a fatal plant explosion many years back.)


    It was a real pleasure to shoot in the Charter Arms pistola. I shoot the Bulldog with the Specials to keep up on it, because I carry it in the woods. But it has a kick, and I haven't really shot it for pure pleasure. With the Russians, it's just right; could shoot the load all day if I didn't want to invade my supply....

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  3. I've been a lawyer in a community property state for 50 years. 


    I can speak in generalities. Property acquired, money earned, by the labors  of a spouse, while married, in a community property state is community property. Property acquired by gift or interitance is not community property.


    The fact thay you were married in a community property state but moved to another state has nothing to do with it. It's where you are when you earn the money that characterizes it.


    Note: community property status is just one factor in the distribution of property in a divorce.

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  4. I have my grandpa's 12 ga Sterlingworth side-by-side that he won in a turkey shoot in 1920. He always carried it when I hunted pheasants with him in the Puyallup valley after school and on Saturday mornings.


    He was a veteran of the Royal Air Force; it the First war, of course. Flew biplanes as an artillery spotter.


    Still in good shape. The gun, that is. Now I'm not too far short of his age when he died at 82.

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  5. 28 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:

    And then we also have a group of grumps that might be entertaining if they weren’t grumps. image.png.8664624cca3e0af51b6ac735434b5683.png


    If the grumps were eliminated, the Saloon would shortly fold....

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    'The SASS Wire Saloon is the Social Gathering Spot to discuss topics not directly related to shooting in SASS Cowboy Action Shooting.'


    Crossed in the ether with Cypress Sun.


    The Saloon has more total posts in it than the Wire, though not by much.

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  7. On 8/28/2023 at 8:37 AM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:



    One that I really liked when I was a child in California was the Mountain Bar.  Did not see them for years and then found them on the Internet.  Ordered some but they sure did not taste like I remember them in the 1950s.




    Mountain Bars still made by Brown&Haley, the original maker. Their main candy is Almond Roca.

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  8. I think the 'environmentalists' generally extol our indigenous brethren for their stewardship of their traditional lands. That's going to cause them a little trouble complaining about the tribal police on their own territory!

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  9. 6 hours ago, WOLFY said:

    I enjoy shooting my old bulldog so much that I got a SS Charter Arms 44 with the shrouded hammer to carry here in Tx.  

    What’s slowed that plan is the lack of ammo on the LGS shelves.


    .44 special has never been easy to find. I'm seeing none on the shelves right now, though most revolver calibers are finally back.


    They were scarce even before the shortages. In my own case, I lucked into a small LGS that had a lot of .44 spl about 4 years back. I'd buy a couple boxes at a time, in accordance with my philosophy of leaving some for others. Then I'd go back and they were still there and I'd buy some more. I asked the guy if anybody else bought  them and he said "you and one other guy". I kept buying then one day somebody had bought the rest of the pile. By then, I'd had enough to last me for a long time.


    I've always been mystified about the scarcity of .44 special. A lot of .44 mags out there, with plenty of users who'd be happy to shoot special. You'd think it might be like .357 mag/.38 spl, both plentiful (usually), but it's not.


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  10. 5 hours ago, bgavin said:

    I don't think we are allowed to own in CA, a Charter Arms or Bond Arms derringer-type in 44 mag (or anything similar), but it would be interesting to see how it fares with 44 Russian.


    I'm curious about that. Is a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 spl not legal in Cal? It's not a derringer; it's a straightforward DA revolver that's been around for decades.

  11. Some of us watch a lot of movies and other entertainment, but, what the heck, we don't need it.  A lot of time spent on what we say we don't need....

  12. There's a centuries-old saying: "comparisons are odious". Essentially it means that they are meaningless.


    Take the comparison of Wayne and Jimmy Stewart that started this thread. We only know of these two men because they were movie stars; in lots of 'major motion pictures' of their time. Nobody would have ever compared them otherwise, because nobody would have heard of them.


    The only real comparison, then, if any, is as actors. Each has strengths and weaknesses. You wouldn't even compare them even then, had they not both been prominent in Westerns.


    To compare their personal characters and conduct outside of movies makes no sense at all. 

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  13. l watched TV westerns as a kid, but few Western movies until I got interested in them when I joined SASS in my early 50s. 


    I had few preconceptions about John Wayne. I didn't extol him as some did. What I'd seen led me to think of his acting as somewhat wooden, or stiff-necked as you say.


    I then watched a lot of his movies. I came to believe that his stardom was well-earned. He was the heart of some great Westerns. Even his shortcomings, so to speak, added to his appeal in many ways. Laconic, steadfast, honorable.


    All of the 'post-facto" criticisms you raise are both exaggerated, and,  more to the point, irrelevant. 

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