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  1. I wager $20, payable to my favorite tavern (when it re-opens, if it survives), that a certain major Twitter user will have his account terminated on or shortly after Jan. 20.
  2. I'm a member. First time shooting a friend's scoped 30.06 long ago. I'd been a long time shotgunner, but had only shot rifles a few times at the range then, and not a scoped one before. He forgot to tell me not to put my eye up to the 'eyepiece'.... Bled like the devil, and still have a very faint curved short scar.
  3. I'm having none of the troubles 40 describes in shopping around here, at all.
  4. I also like the guy who mysteriously appears before the camera, and who seem to have the best possible piece of desert property to wander about in and shoot...
  5. Why go out to dinner when you can eat at home? Why go to church if you can watch a service on television? Why get on an airplane if you can watch the documentary? Why go to a concert, symphonic or otherwise, if you can listen to music at home? I find that, even after over 53 years, my wife likes to be taken out to a dinner and a movie now and then. And I like it, too.
  6. Not just you. Though the 1894 Marlin in .44 Mag has its other uses, when you already have one.
  7. I will confess that, long ago, when I first shot a scoped rifle (I hadn't grown up with them), I cut a nice half-moon slice above my eye. Bled like the devil. But at least I had shouldered the gun......
  8. Facebook I understand, though I've not had an account. Twitter is something else. In the first place, as a 72-year old patriarch, I coudn't belong to something called Twitter, or send anything called a 'tweet'..... Why didn't they call it "Messenger", and have "messages"? -
  9. Facebok is powerful, because a lot of people have voluntarily signed up for it. It's always been private and proprietary. It is useful, but it is by no means indispensible.
  10. I well-remember the old double-hose Aqua-Lungs. My dad and mom were early SCUBA divers on Puget Sound, back in the mid-late 1950s. They made their wetsuits at the kitchen table, cutting out neoprene patterns and gluing the seams. Back in those days, you'd often gather a crowd when you were diving; it was still a rarity. We kids ate octopus, cabazon, and lingcod regularly back then.
  11. We like. going to the movies. It's 'going out'. I don't want to eat at home always, and I don't want to watch movies at home always.
  12. Here's one at the range. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital) - YouTube (Note; Bosstown Dynamics)
  13. ".... For loan oft loses both itself and friend.” Exactly describes the situation.
  14. Like 40 says; WWII would have been before regulated compressed-air systems. I believe Cousteau's Aqua-Lung was the first.
  15. Those Keystone youth .22s are neat little rifles. Long-term loan like that can be problematical. He should have presented you with a new rifle, having neglected yours. They are very reasonably priced. Great report on the cleaning job, though! I know the feeling....
  16. Good luck. I'm fully retired but do keep my law license active on general principles. I have no office infrastructure, no staff, no trust account, and no malpractice insurance, and thus no temptation at all to practice or give legal advice to anybody! But when I write a cranky letter to one representative or councilmember or another, I can say "Attorney at Law", so maybe they'll read it. Maybe....
  17. Not too scary if your Social Security check is direct deposited, or if your tax refunds are. That's how they know-- you told them.
  18. Without looking anything, I'm dubious that he would have spoken Greek in the circumstances.
  19. Good to hear. Wish folks would confirm that kind of info before they pass it on to thousands. "News of my death has been greatly exaggerated", as Mark Twain said...
  20. Yeah, it's USOG. He does wander a bit. But the rifles he has are something else.
  21. That must have been my issue. My OMV .45 broke its transfer bar after a few hundred rounds and virtually no dry firing. This was about 14 or 15 years ago. They fixed it pronto and no problems since.
  22. All the handwashing, sanitizing, and other stuff has made for a season with very little flu, at least. And you never hear anyone cough out there anymore. They don't dare.... Reminds me of a Seattle Symphony concert I was at about 40 years ago. There was a very Germanic conductor. During the first movement of the piece, there was a lot of audience coughing; it was midwinter. He put down the baton, stopped the orchestra in mid-note, and turned to the audience and ordered: "No coughing!" There wasn't a cough to be heard the rest of the night.
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