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  1. Likewise. Same with all family and friends. Several got Omicron months after vaccination, with minimal symptoms.
  2. Frederick Tudor was the New England 'ice king' in the pre-civil war period. He and others sold ice all over the world; harvested it from lakes in New England winters. They perfected storing and insulating it. Look him up; very interesting bit of American history.
  3. I think that's already the situation. It doesn't help, because there are very few people who want to hunt pythons in swamps. Then go back for more. I think they have bounties, but some folks will know the answer to that.
  4. Yes, I remember grandma's ice chest, and her wood stove and hand pump at the sink. She always wore an apron with flour dusted on it, and she carried a rolling pin. Her gray hair was in a bun. There was always a hot apple pie cooling on the sill. The screen door screeched and banged and we ran around in hand-me-downs and bare feet. Kids these days--- we had to learn to start a car with a crank, and they don't even have to turn a key; they just get the fob close to the console.
  5. Seems to me it's not a question of .9mm now being a lot more popular than revolvers, etc. Whatever the case may be, there are innumerable revolvers out there and before the 'shortage', revolver ammo was always on the shelves. Now it's not (other than .38 spl and you have to scrounge for that). Strange, to me anyway... Hopefully they'll get around to it soon.
  6. I don't know-- there are millions of .38 spl revolvers out there. But mostly .38 spl ammo has shown up. .357-- not so. I admit I know little about .40 S&W's popularity, though I never thought it was all that high. So I've been surprised by the massive amounts of it from several manufacturers at my local Bass. On the other hand-- it stays there. Whether not selling, or continually replenished- I don't know. Just seems odd....
  7. With Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California we got a lot of Mexico.
  8. A unique take on Lend-Lease, which may have saved Britain and certainly helped win the War.
  9. Personally I'm well supplied in all my calibers because I was always in the habit of buying a box or two when I saw a good price over the years and so my inventory is still very good this far into the shortage. The fact remains that they are making a lot of things in line before standard revolver calibers. .357s and .44s are hardly arcane, rare firearms, after all.
  10. True, I suppose, but there were a lot of generations of those uptight old guys, and most of them were young in their time....Why have the 'traditional' designs lasted for well over a century?
  11. I'm in the same fix. I saw more revolver ammo from time to time at the height of the shortage than I've seen since. The only exception is some .38spl. Obviously 9mm, .380, and .45 acp are 'big', but .40 S&W? Yesterday Bass had mountains of .40 from many manufacturers; they have had it for weeks. Not exactly an orphan cartridge-- but hundreds of boxes and no .357 or .44 spl or mag? There were 3 boxes of .38spl. It's weird. Tons of rifle ammo now; .223 of course, but much .308 and .270; many brands. But the oldies? Very little 30-06. And I haven't seen .30-30 for well over a year. I figure when they finally favor us with .357 and .44 mag it will be through the roof, price wise....
  12. Time will tell. No real reason to believe that it won't go on for a long time. Withdraw, regroup, get it together; come back. I'm not too optimistic, myself.
  13. Speaking of "vintage", the latest American Rifleman features in "This Old Gun", an Uberti replica of a Sharps 4-barrel derringer. Suggests a pretty good price. First time I've seen a replica listed there...
  14. Another thing that passes with time is that sense of being in the center of events, so to speak. When you're in your prime, broadly 35-55, you think what you and your peers are doing is of paramount importance; if you are active in your community, you're on boards and committees and in the thick of things, likewise in your occupation or profession. Then very gradually, you move to the sidelines. Another generation has the same feeling, as did the ones before. You watch them with a smile from the edges of the room, as you were watched by the old-timers back then....
  15. We had 3 kids by 22 and two more by 28, so one payoff has been in grandkids. We had 6 of those by age 50; 12 total now. We're 74 and just had our first great-grand; with two more on the way. It's strange to consider that you have a daughter who's a grandma! Of our 12 grandkids, seven are in their twenties; three married. It's amazing when even your grandchildren become adults....
  16. Cal, for sure. I was at Cal in the late '60s and was a fraternity boy. Still have many friends from then. One way we've come up with to stay in touch is to go to a Cal rugby game in March. First time in three years we've been able to do it again. I decided to make it a road trip this year. Cal has been a Rugby powerhouse for over a century and still is. They have a beautiful field above Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. I played club Rugby in the '70s and '80s; never at the Cal level, though. Old Town Eureka was very interesting. Quite a history there. I came back up the Oregon coast, hence heading over to Eureka on the way.
  17. I wanted to have this discussion because I wanted to know the laws of a particular state so that I did not run afoul of them and perhaps suffer inconvenience or worse consequences. Why else? I can now report that I drove down to the Bay area for a Cal rugby game with old (in more than one way..) fraternity brothers, and returned, leaving the State of California yesterday. Cal beat St. Mary's 31-24. Last game of the regular season; both teams were undefeated going in. I spent Sunday night in Eureka, on the north coast of California. Had never been there. A very interesting place. The pistola sat safely sans difficulty in its locked case in the back....
  18. It's worth pointing out that not all "Blue states" are the same. Mine is very blue. But it has "shall issue" carry licensing without any requirement but negative background check. We have state pre-emption, too. On the other hand, after years of calm, we have a contrary tendency growing.
  19. Thanks, guys. Covers it well and I'm good. And Rip, that's why I said in my post that I'm interested in the rules, not comments on the rules. But I knew there'd be some.....
  20. I'm headed on a road trip that will take me to see some old frat brothers at Cal. I can carry in Washington and Oregon, of course not in California. Since I will meander back through Oregon and Washington, if possible I'd like to bring my carry revolver along. I have a minivan, so no separate trunk. I have two glove compartments, one lockable. I of course will comply with all requirements, and my main purpose is simply to have it handy before California and after. I'm just interesting in the rules, not comments on the rules!
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