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  1. This is all a non-sequitur. One, it took longer than 5 months. Two, more national and international resources, by far, were marshalled to the task than in any former case. Three, they didn't produce 'right after'. They were ramping up production as soon as the results looked good. Of course, it could all be a vast international mind-control conspiracy! Come to think of it-- I got the first shot, and now I'm writing this.....
  2. The summary hanging of the outlaws is what they often did back then. The outlaws committed murder back then. We don't like murder but we watch the movie. We don't like rough justice anymore, but that doesn't mean we don't watch the movie. If it in fact happened with men like that, then it can be depicted. It's like a war movie. Because very bad things happen in war and a movie depicts them is not much of a reason to not watch war movies. If the violence in a movie is, in itself, an obstacle to some watchers, that's a different thing. But any Western is going to involve violence.
  3. We got the first Moderna shot a couple of weeks ago. No reaction whatever. My wife's only reaction was a sore arm for 2 days. All reports say a reaction after the second shot is common and is because the immune response from the 1st shot is working. The 2nd boosts it and results in the 95% expected immunity at about a week thereafter. First shot after 2 weeks confers some degree of immunity; perhaps 50%.
  4. Everybody now has a keyboard and a portal to the internet. Therefore anybody of hundreds of millions can try to propagate their aberrant thoughts. Then somebody takes them seriously, if only to deplore them, with the result that the nonsense gets propagated to innumerable places, including websites like this. Which is what they are looking for in the first place. The best response is to never pass this stuff along in the first place.
  5. I pocket carry a Ruger LCR with .38spl +P in town; usally a Charter Arms Bulldog .44spl in the woods, but sometimes also in town.
  6. A very quick and superficial online search indicates that only California requires a background check on ammo purchases, though NY also has such a law that has never been implemented. There have been and are ongoing efforts in many states, though, to require such checks.
  7. True enough probably. I don't even try on the weekends. I'm retired and there is a Bass in my town, so for me it's easy. Also, for me it's no pressure because I have a lot in supply and am just checking in to keep the inventory from depletion. If I don't find any, no worries. But they are making it. Yesterday was the first time I got there and there was a line and ultimately a small crowd. I believe they put up a sign on the floor that some was coming out.
  8. Is there an ammo background check anywhere besides California? Just curious. That would be annoying in the extreme...
  9. I dropped by Bass Pro around 2 pm today on one of my occassional 'fishing expeditions' to see if they had ammo. My timing was good, as there was a line of about 15 people waiting for some ammo to be rolled out per what they'd been told at the store. Waited about 15 minutes and they brought out one of those steel roller shelves with handgun ammo. They had good quantities of 45 acp, 9 mm, 38 spl, 357 mag, 40 s&w, and .22lr (those in 325 boxes). There were a couple of other calibers, too. By 'good quantities' I mean enough for the 25 people or so who had gathered, anyw
  10. I answered the question by buying a 40-year-old daughter a Mossy 500 when she bought a house in a new town and was living alone, several years back.
  11. You make a grown man cry... Rolling Stones-start me up - YouTube
  12. Or you can buy the 12'x20' Cabelas Alaknak, with wood stove. Probably excess to your needs, though! We've Winter camped with one of these for 15 years with kids and grandkids; we XC ski out the front door. Two bunk cots and a few more cots and we sleep 8. Warm and cozy all the time!
  13. The best thing that ever happens to the firearms industry is the perceived 'hostility' of national administrations. In the wake of the 2016 election, there was a 'Trump slump' in the industry, as folks lost their cyclical fear of firearms restrictions. Then with Covid, civil unrest, and political worries, in 2020 the biggest buying spree ever started. With the Biden election, the demand will only continue and increase. When I think about it, my guess is that without organized anti-gun political movements in the last 50 years, there would probably have been
  14. If I have an established factory, working at full capacity because of high demand, then the decision to expand facilities is purely a personal one based upon my ambitions, my assessment of the costs and risks, how the future looks, etc. Beyond that it has nothing to do with what other people would like to see me do. If somebody says, why don't you build another factory to satisfy my wishes?, ...that would be low on my list....
  15. We did a lot of travel around the mountain West for several years using Forest Service campgrounds. They range from large to small and they are all over the place. You can get easy-set up Coleman 5-6 person tents for very little; $100 range. Nowaday, when I tent camp, maybe once or twice a year, I always use a cot. Two cots (standard size, not large) will fit into such a tent, and make for comfortable sleep and rising; necessary now!
  16. Political parties are private combinations organized to seek election to offices of state established by the Constitution. As Ronald Sime once said, "All political parties are in some sense conspiracies against the Commonwealth."
  17. Well, if Costner can have all ten rounds or so in his Open Range revolvers, Willis' 1911s can shoot out of battery.... I'll have to watch this one. Hadn't heard of it before.
  18. If you lived in England, you would see many limes, which never bear fruit...
  19. Since it's never political here, let's keep it on a psychological basis and say she's nuts.
  20. Good question. After all, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
  21. I don't particularly like it, but every time there is a website change, here or elsewhere, you get used to it within a few days. I suppose it will be like that...
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