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  1. My only CZ is a Model 457 Lux .22 lr. It is a beautiful rifle, accurate, and top quality all 'round. Fine firearms have been an international business for centuries, and the Czechs have always been among those at the top.
  2. No. The second shot is exactly the same vaccine as the first. It's two shots of the very same thing. The first shot after a couple of weeks confers some immunity. Some say 50%, some more. The second shot is in effect a booster and raises the efficacy to the 95% + or -.
  3. Man oh man. Our wedding present from my wife's folks in 1967 was a 1963 Bug. Think it cost them $600, which wasn't chopped liver then. It was fun to drive. You did have to remember to put in gas after you kicked over to the reserve tank. When it conked out, you just jumped out the door, pushed it a little, and hopped back in for an easy jump start. Indeed, I did that in the middle of the night on the way to the hospital while my wife was in labor with our first child. But it broke down a lot. When you'd scraped 300 bucks into the savings account, suddenly Dieter und Han
  4. Maybe, inasmuch as he is still alive. And he helped put George W. Bush into the White House, after all....
  5. We got the second shot (Moderna) yesterday. I had no reaction at all to the first. A few hours after the second, I had some generalized achiness, that feeling like the flu is coming on. No fever. It lasted a few hours. So, a mild but definite reaction. All sources say that this indicates immune response from the first shot. My wife had very sore arm from both injections, nothing else. I never had any arm soreness.
  6. Lewis wrote of his wife himself in "A Grief Observed". I re-read many of his works from time to time. No matter how strong your faith, he never fails to strengthen it further.
  7. I was born in 1948. We had the drills, but very rarely. But we had the air-raid siren going off at 2 pm Wednesday for decades. I don't really remember when they stopped. Sometime in the '70s, probably. I do remember as a young kid that if I heard a prolonged siren somewhere and it wasn't 2 pm Wednesday, I'd worry a bit about it.
  8. There's not too much history for internet forums. The rule here is no politics. I've had a couple removed over the years; no problem. Many of us have over time. It's hard sometimes to resist the temptation. Often such a post is not really very political, but somebody is usually there to make it so pretty quick. Threads that are 'low-key' political will often survive quite awhile. Sometimes the mods will lock the thread but keep it up at the point before it went bad. The rule is a good one. Unrestrained political posts and threads always turn bad, because there are alway
  9. I don't get worried about bills at the stage they are introduced by representatives. Otherwise I'd never do anything but worry.
  10. A play on Spaghetti Westerns, I think.
  11. Any Jack Lemmon comedy is a good choice. To me, Lemmon reached the peak of 'everyman' romantic comedies. The Apartment. Good Neighbor Sam. Under the Yum Yum Tree. Of course "Some Like it Hot", one of the greatest comedies of all time. Many more. I watched The Taking of Pelham One Two Three last night, the 1974 version with Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam. A good '70s thriller.
  12. Bought a box of 325 count Federal .22 lr for $22.99 last week at Bass. Was happy, though a little pricy since the last box I bought there a few weeks ago was 500 rounds at that price. That Aquila stuff must be special!
  13. Just watched it three nights ago; first time in a few years. A great one!
  14. A small gun store here that has had plenty of ammo throughout at high prices has lots of .38spl at $75-100 per box of 50. Similar with .357 mag, .45 Colt, and so on. I bought a box of .44 Russian at $37. Those and 44.40 they haven't raised prices on. I'll pass on the rest. Between my supplies and buys at Bass from time to time, I don't need it.
  15. Watched "Cactus Flower" two nights ago; Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Goldie Hawn-- her first movie and she won an Academy Award award for it. Hadn't seen it since it came out in 1969. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time! It fits your bill.
  16. I think we are talking about two separate things. I'm not talking about maintaining anonymity; rather about asserting it in the first place.
  17. I don't do social media as the term is usually used. I only regularly go to three 'subject matter' websites, SASS being one, which are monitored by the site owners. Monitored sites (those, like this one, that have strong owners and monitors) keep control over the pernicious tendencies of people who are unconstrained by reason and courtesy by reason of their anonymity. While many disagree, my own view is that anonymity is the curse of the internet. In pre-internet times, folks were constrained by community standards of proper conduct; 'privacy' never encompassed identity
  18. Having a current US Passport is the easiest way to get a Real ID. These days, getting a passport, even if you aren't planning overseas travel, is a good idea. For us northern border staters, it's required to get into Canada and return, unlike how it was for generations. Another worthy point about Real ID these day is that you have to be a US citizen or a documented immigrant not in violation of the immigration laws to receive one.
  19. Real ID isn't news, it's been here for years. The various state exemption extensions have gradually been eliminated. We got ours about 3 years ago.
  20. Pot, or marijuana, in my case. "Grass" was widely used when "groovy" was; a long time ago. Reefer I always thought of as an ancient name for a joint; i.e., a marijuana cigarette (to those whom claim ignorance of these matters). As for the smell, it is so distinctive as to make it hard to think that someone by now has never sensed it...
  21. And when the 40-year-olds get it, they'll also die of old age first....
  22. Gil Westrum (Randolph Scott): "What is it you want, Steve?" Steve Judd (Joel McCrea): "All I want is to enter my house justified." Ride the High Country
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