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  1. I know vegetarians who don't complain about others eating meat at all. More vegans have that problem. I don't eat meat or dairy during Lent. I'm missing it already, but I always do and I'll be eating lamb at the end. I knew one vegan who was very consistent and did not use leather goods. And chickens don't have fur. I don't care what other people eat or don't, pretty much.
  2. It is not the same as before by a long shot. "Before" you'd see something of every caliber (at least in a big store). Most rifle calibers from 30-30 to .300 Win Mag, etc. Almost all revolver calibers. All semi-auto pistol calibers. Now at Bass and others hereabouts, we see most rifle calibers (though I've seen no 30-30 and little 30-06), lots of pistol cals (including tons of .40 S&W of all things), but virtually no revolver ammo at all, except .38 spl now and then. "Before" if you wanted some type of ammo you went down to the store and bought it. We're a long way from that still, it seems.
  3. As I recall from reading Lansing's "Endurance" (long ago) the whole process went on a long time and they were able to offload the cargo and supplies. One of the things that led ultimately to everybody surviving after many another intervening vicissitude.
  4. The ship was gradually crushed in the ice and I expect damage to the masts resulted from that process.
  5. Been thru it all. Wife was cookie chairman some years with our girls. They are now in their early 50s. One daughter years back was chairman for her daughters' troop. I took my girls to work to sell cookies to my partners, and then my granddaughters. They all did the same with theirs. We all bought a lot of each others' kids cookies. I buy a few still.
  6. Remember switch blades and zip guns and the scourge of juvenile delinquency?
  7. What's with .40 S&W? Bass yesterday had hundreds of boxes from 4 or 5 manufactures. a Still no revolver ammo: .38, .357, .44 of any kind .45: nada. Tons of rifle ammo. I saw much more revolver ammo at the height of the shortage than I've seen since the 'end'....
  8. According to a post 5 up from yours, it was Socrates. Edit:Looks like Injun and I hit the button at the same time....
  9. I didn't see the story, but it sounds like it was about the Ukranian authorities handing out firearms to civilians. Why should it have been about something else?
  10. But there are, of course, other issues: NRA Escapes ‘Corporate Death Penalty,’ But Judge Calls New York Attorney General’s Allegations ‘Grim’ if Proven (msn.com)
  11. Trial judge rejects NY attorney general's attempt to dissolve the NRA in her litigation against the group. NRA cannot be dissolved by New York attorney general, judge rules (msn.com)
  12. I nominate you as Pontifex Maximus. Your pontifications have a quality superior to most. Possibly because inspired by the highest quality of spirits.
  13. I was thinking Perth Amboy because back then Perth, Oz didn't use cents, and neither did the original Perth in Scotland.
  14. I wonder what the percentage of those are-- and how 'young'.... We probably won't know because the young aren't in the habit of shaking their canes and their wattles as they deplore the state of the world nowadays. So they seldom post.
  15. I'm a religious person and I thought it was very funny. The whole point of it was precisely that it wasn't in bad taste, unless the monitors were to remove the post. It was-- get this-- a joke, and a funny one. I went looking for it to copy to post it on another forum, but, alas it was gone...
  16. "Feels" did have a different meaning back when...
  17. I think it was his best role, except maybe in his last. Wayne got caught in his own iconic image-- why shouldn't a good actor play a drunkard, especially one like Rooster Cogburn? Lot's of people project their own images on actors, then and now. But so much else about the movie was bad. Kim Darby as Mattie Ross was the worst casting decision in all of film, or close. Glen Campbell wasn't good, but that didn't matter so much. And I can't get past the silly happy ending. What's with that? Did JW require it? Was it the times? A mystery to me...
  18. Never had until age 73, then once so far in big toe and then in little finger. Very painful. Don't like it. I'm 74 now. Hoping it doesn't repeat....
  19. One of the things that Tabasco is great for is what my daddy used to call 'brightening' what it's added to. That is, if you're cooking a pot of stew, or soup, or your homemade spaghetti sauce, or such, put in just a couple of dashes of Tabasco. You won't taste the heat, but it will improve the dish. Like just the right amount of salt in such pots, or in oatmeal, or such. It works. When I'm barbequing salmon on the Weber, I use hickory or alder chips. But as to the fish itself, I smear some olive oil, and one dash of Tabasco, and spread it around. Again, it brightens the flavor without actually showing the heat. When it's heat you want, of course you can add it to anything. But it is very versatile as a cooking adjunct.
  20. Sounds great. But rosemary is for pork and lamb in my view, not for beef.
  21. I like Tabasco, and I like Franks. I'm a creature of habit.
  22. Certainly an untenable position if they wanted to continue to conquer and occupy China, and expand into the countries of the southern Pacific.
  23. It's a strange movie in many ways (Red River). I watched for the first time in years a few months ago. Overall I still like it but Wayne's part is way overplayed. He becomes a monomaniac to the point he organizes a band to take down and kill his former friends, for the 'crime' of being right. Then after a friendly fistfight, a few punches and rolling around on the ground, all is well and forgiven and the ending is happy. Very weird wrap-up, I thought.
  24. My biggest complaint and pettest peeve about the SASS Wire and Saloon is the editorial function which boldly announces that you have edited your post. Mostly you've just corrected the typos; sometimes smoothed the expression, all in the first 30 seconds or so after posting. I've never been on another site that does this. It annoys me. Other than that, no complaints.
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