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  1. Nobody says they can't 'leave'. There's no analogy with the 'antebellum South'.
  2. Just for information, don't know what it might have to do with this weird movie, but JoJo Lapin (Lapin being French for rabbit) is the character in a hugely popular (for generations) series of children's books in France, translations of Enid Blyton's Br'er Rabbit books.
  3. "I'll give you something to cry about." "Hell's bells." "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone." What time is it? "Half-past kissin' time, time to kiss again." "I'll be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail." After a great Sunday or holiday dinner: "I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight?"
  4. Rugby is generally referred to as Rugby or Rugby Football; usually the former colloquially, though a club may have a full name such as Springfield Rugby Football Club or some such.
  5. Sickening. Criminal unconnected to WM chooses a Walmart as the scene of his crime, uses a rifle not bought at Walmart and of a type not sold there for years, so they stop handgun ammo sales? Say what?
  6. Math through Geometry, Algebra III, and Trig was fun and easy. Algebra IV and V and Calculus and Analytic Geometry were hard. I had A's through Trig; C's ever after.
  7. Should be pointed out for info sake that I-1639 bans no gun types, but sets up a 10-day wait requirement for all semi-auto rifles, plus a training requirement that can be done online in minutes. All semi-auto rifles are defined as semi-auto assault rifles, so the 10-day wait goes for your Ruger 10/22 also...
  8. Chinese army wins in any event.
  9. I think Big 5 will keep at it. They stopped handgun sales many years ago. Big 5 is a big chain in the Western states but has 'small box' stores. They have good gun sales service and I've bought several rifles and shotguns there in the last few years, two as recently as 7 months ago. They still advertise heavily every week with big newspaper inserts, and they always still prominently feature guns and ammo in those ads.. They have very good sale prices on firearms. I hope they keep at it, anyhow.
  10. It was great, I was born in 1948, but all the same I get tired of these cornpone of yesteryear things. Probably because we've heard so many of them the last few years.
  11. Excellent. I watched the whole thing. I had the luck and honor 17 years ago to be able to correspond with, then meet and talk for many hours with, a Spitfire ace who fought in the Battle of Britain, and in numerous other actions. He was shot down twice later in the war in German-held territory, and evaded capture both times. These were great young men.
  12. I don't care what he says. As long as Walmart still sells guns and ammo. I had only been in Walmart a handful of times. Two months ago, I was going to the range and realized I'd forgotten my safety glasses. WM store was a quarter mile from the range; I dropped by for another set of safety specs. For the first time, I saw their ammo prices. I wouldn't shop there to save a few bucks, but their prices on ammo were way, way cheaper than what I'd seen. I've been there for ammo a couple times now. For one example, boxes of .44 mag were 10 bucks cheaper there than everywhere else.
  13. Like Forty have never lived under one and never would.
  14. Exactly. It's Real ID. It's been coming for a long time, and as CR says, states have received many extensions. On the one hand it's regrettable, on the other only citizens can get it, important in an era where some states are issuing DLs to non-citizens right and left. You'll need it to fly, so that's that. If you have a passport, it's easy. Might as well get a passport anyway if you don't have one. Never needed one for Canada before; now you do.
  15. Let me add a big recommendation for Ian Toll's recent two books about the war in the Pacific, with the third to be published in 2020. 'Pacific Crucible' is volume 1, Pearl Harbor through Midway, 'The Conquering Tide' through the Marianas campaign is volume 2. In many ways Toll's books are the Pacific war equivalent of Atkinson's trilogy about the war in Europe. They are extremely well written. Toll points out that there hasn't been a real overall comprehensive history devoted to the Pacific war in several decades. While of course lots has been written about the Pacific, it still has usually taken something of a back seat to Europe. These books really fill the gap. As with other contemporary historians of the War, Toll too has the advantage that now 'all of the books are open' as far as archives are concerned. Toll also makes very heavy use of diaries and memoirs of soldiers and sailors who fought in the campaigns. While there are several first-person accounts that have been republished in recent years, Toll points out that there is an enormous amount of 'memoir' material, much of it by men who wrote very well and deeply which has never before seen publication. He uses a lot of this invaluable material. (This plugs right into what Forty Rod says....)
  16. I read Atkinson's An Army at Dawn several years ago when it first was published. Then a year or so back, I read the whole trilogy. It is indeed outstanding. I definitely second Bob's recommendation. As for Max Hastings, mentioned by Major Crimes, his one-volume history of WWII "Inferno" is really good. There are now some very good (thick) one-volume histories of WWII out in the last few years, all of which have the advantage of the availability now of all archives, including huge amounts of Soviet archives. Norman Davies' 'No Simple Victory' is another excellent recent one-volume job.
  17. Likewise here with 3 girls and 2 boys. And I have grown grandsons the same. It isn't necessary. My dad, with 5 boys, did a little bit of it, but very little. I think I got it mildly twice. Back then, I think that they thought they needed to. But the heart wasn't in it. I skated! My ma did wield the wooden spoon now and again. We'd chuckle at her efforts but respectfully say ouch.
  18. I believe in eternal vigilance but keep in mind the example of the Canadian long-gun registry. In Canada gun ownership is expressly a 'privilege', not a right. And Canadians are well-known as a law abiding people. And the population of Canada is about 10% that of the United States. Notwithstanding all of that, when the last liberal government before the Harper government not many years back passed draconian legislation mandating the registration of all long guns in Canada, the whole thing failed utterly, largely because of hugely ballooning expense, and widespread active non-compliance. The whole thing just collapsed, and the legislation was repealed.
  19. That's already the law in Washington State, as of this July. We have an initiative, passed by the voters, that defines 'semiautomatic assault rifle' as any semiautomatic rifle. Get ready for that in your state. And until this, Washington, despite its liberal politics, had very good gun laws. There is now a ten-day waiting period for such rifles. I basically agree with Alpo. Personally, I dislike ARs, and wouldn't own one. I don't think this is a particularly uncommon attitude among a lot of long-time serious gun owners, and strong 2nd Amendment supporters. Nonetheless, I bought three semi-autos before our law went into effect, out of political spite, so to speak. Two Ruger 10/22s, and a Browning BAR in .300 Win Mag, a really beautiful rifle with a mag capacity of (gasp)….three. I'm enjoying getting to know that gun! But here's something really important: There is a short interview in the latest Guns magazine of Alan Gottlieb, the longtime president of the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee to Keep and Bear Arms. They pay close attention to election statistics. He says that voter turnout among gun owners is slightly less than the turnout of all voters. And we know how low that is. This is a dismaying statistic. Every gun owner must always- always- vote. In this state of 6 million, there are 600,000 concealed pistol license holders. If all of them voted (and there are many times that number of gun owners), then no gun control legislation could ever pass. But they don't all vote, nor do gun owners in general.
  20. Our second daughter was born that year! We now have two over fifty, and three others not far behind. Sobering.....
  21. I carry a Ken Onion designed CRKT Homefront one of my brothers gave me. A real nice knife.
  22. We have those kiosks, but they also take coins and I never use a credit card in them.
  23. We ate our pork and beans cold from the can, but ma always heated up the ice cream. I still do it that way-- when you're raised up that way, it seems normal. By the time you find out it's not, it's too late.
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