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  1. But she appeared to have no idea who or what she was shooting at. Another discussion going here. See "mag dump because of acorn"
  2. What would be wrong with putting them into the garbage, where they end up deep in the landfill? I would have thought of that before the idea of flushing them. Flushing seems non-obvious to me....
  3. My youngest granddaughters are making 20 bucks per hour to babysit. Things have changed a lot since we last hired babysitters.
  4. Fingerprints and DNA are very useful evidence in many cases. I was collaterally involved, after the fact, in one case where a man spent 15 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. He always maintained his innocence; refusing 'sex offender' counselling that would have required he admit the crime, and which would have led to earlier release.He was eventually exonerated by DNA, both by defense and State testing (the rape kit had been preserved). He'd been convicted on 'hair comparison' evidence, which, under the particular circumstances, amounted to junk science. The original prosecutors, police, and the original State forensic 'expert' would not accept that they had been wrong, though they could do nothing about it. Turns out that denial is not uncommon in such cases.... Then, ten years after the man's release, the State got an exact DNA hit on a guy who had a low-level record, but had never had DNA test before.. He confessed to the old crime. Interestingly, he looked a lot like the guy who'd been convicted. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations on the original crime had expired.
  5. What is the distinction between a detached piece on the ground and one still attached, memento-gathering-wise?
  6. Well, it's an alternative use if the usual material is unavailable.
  7. Yes, and in civil trials, too. I have experienced some very limited exceptions in civil trials...
  8. A tactical lever-action is a contradiction in terms. Or an oxymoron maybe.
  9. Emus are benign, but Cassowaries do kill folks now and then....
  10. You don't need to do anything, as far as I know. Just keep posting as always. Nothing will change.
  11. We had a malfunction in our 'land line' a couple of years ago. Turned out that a wireless relay in the system a few blocks away was at fault. Wireless land line...
  12. We keep a land line. Note: they aren't entirely....land lines.
  13. Latest testimony from LaPierre bizarre and disheartening: NRA Questions Wayne LaPierre’s Spending During NYC Corruption Trial - The New York Times (nytimes.com) [this may have a paywall for some, but it will be in general news sources soon.] Basically he agrees that his spending was excessive and unjustified, and against NRA 'policy'. Many things; the only one new to me were the $10,000 hairdresser appointments for his wife. Too pathetic for words; especially how long the members put up with him.
  14. Why is dark good? I really can't grasp it. Old fashioned, no doubt. Like being glad if your kid or grandkid was Goth.....
  15. I actually talked to the clerk about why they no longer carried the magazines. When he told me that the governor and the legislature were to blame, I realized we were talking about different things. Bass used to carry numerous firearms magazines (publications) in several cases near the checkout stands. Then, one day, they were all replaced by beef jerky and such. Never could get an explanation. Print stuff not selling anymore, I suppose...
  16. My main exercise for years was carrying a heavy pack up 12 blocks of steep city hills. I only counted the uphills. I liked 12 because I could divide the thing into one sixth, one fourth, one third, one half, two-thirds, three-quarters, five-sixths, and-- done. Made it go faster somehow. Couldn't do that with 10 blocks....
  17. Bass Pro several months ago stopped carrying Guns, Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, and in fact all of the gun magazines. Does this Warehouse have a good selection?
  18. You go first, and concentrate on the kids. Somebody else can take the women.
  19. Needless to say, the current Amercian Rifleman has the usual Chicken Little articles from LaPierre and others, as always. How amazing would it be if the official publications of the NRA would have candid and informative articles about the actual state of affairs of the organization!
  20. A 76-member board of directors is a joke. Especially where they have exercised no oversight for years over the executive. They long ago abandoned their legal responsibilities as directors. When LaPierre filed bankruptcy on behalf of the NRA in Tennessee, the board of directors knew nothing about it. This is, to say the least, unheard of in any normal organization. The bankruptcy judge laughed him out of court; NRA wasn't bankrupt, he was trying to stall the New York procedings. No doubt there's going to be a lot of corporate infighting to get the NRA back on track. No way around it.
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