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  1. This to me is the whole problem with all social media. People sound off and rant to tens or hundreds or more people, whereas in former times the rant would be confined to your kitchen or over the back fence. People would blow off steam, as they always have, but the circle of 'destruction' was very limited. The farthest one could broadcast one's opinions, sound or goofy, was a letter to the editor, and you had to put your name to that, and even then it wouldn't be published if it was out of bounds. You might complain about your brother to your wife, but you wouldn't blow everything
  2. My dad was a serious SCUBA diver in the early days of the sport on Puget Sound. He took me snorkeling once in a wetsuit in the Tacoma Narrows to see if I'd like to dive. Wetsuit or not, that water is....cold, cold. A couple of my brothers took to the sport, but not me...
  3. There is no civil right to use social media if those private platforms don't allow it. There is a civil right, though, to buy a mimeograph machine and a bunch of stamps. Or to set up your own computer network. Nobody can stop you from talking. But nobody owes you a megaphone. Buy your own megaphone.
  4. It sounds as if it may be wise for users of Parler not to advocate violence. This is the stated reason by Apple and Google. As to that, I don't know, because I never look at social media anyway.
  5. I always wondered where Bigfoots put their bones when they died in the woods.
  6. I like every kind of seafood, except sea urchin and sea cucumber.
  7. One of the best ways of getting along with family or friends is to not care to, or try to, win arguments. And to not view them as opponents. We tend to pay too much attention to what people think, or the ideas they express, as opposed to their deeds and general conduct. Being in a deep blue state, I have lots of friends down the years who have views to the left of mine. I have no difficulty remaining friends. I feel free to state my views once in awhile when called to, but I never try to argue or to convince them. You'd be surprised how often such an approach actually b
  8. Now that's a good question. I used to buy them often. Haven't seen any for a long time, but haven't looked.
  9. I have a sister and four brothers. My wife and I have 5 kids, all now middle-aged, and 12 grandchildren, most of them grown up. We've never had an estrangement or even a big argument. Politically, we all seem to be more or less similar; mostly Republicans, a couple Dems, but nobody radical. We've certainly never had a fight over Trump; some like him, some don't. We all live in the area and we definitely do not have any family social media at all. It's actually possible to live in relative harmony like this. I don't know the secret; but one does not press any advantage s
  10. No, the FB and Twitter rules won't affect anybody but them. I'm not on either. I'm not affected by their policies. Many confuse what happens on social media with reality outside their screens. I've actually actually heard more than once from FB users that certain things were going to happen because of what they had read on FB. Can you imagine that?
  11. I was at the range this very afternoon, and shot a variety of handguns. Hadn't shot my Ruger Mk. III .22 for quite awhile. Just nicked the knuckle of my left thumb. Just a tiny little nick, though! It did bleed....but, as always, I had a lot of bandaids in the range bag, so I was OK. Don't ask me about the times I've 'nicked' myself with staples putting up a new target....
  12. They affect the lives of millions of people who sign up for their services and agree to their terms. Period. Why sign up if you don't like what they do? They aren't public utilities in any sense. They don't provide a single thing that people can't live without. Mainly they are a conduit for political rants, attaboys and mutual backpats, and endless sentimental kiddy, doggy, and kitty glop. As for me, I prefer a few websites, like this one, where I can post my sage insights and opinions, then read them again and check for reactions and quotes to make sure I
  13. I don't care what Facebook and Twitter do. Why complain about what these private social media companies do? The overall result of social media is pernicious, in myriad ways. People who complain about their restrictions (they are private companies, after all) are complaining that they can't promulgate their own nonsense, or hear the endless nonsense of others. If someone has something important to say, get a mimeograph machine and a bunch of postage stamps. Just like it used to be. Just because you, or I, have a keyboard and an internet connection doesn't mea
  14. Right, I think. The 'perp walk' was an NYPD tradition and term.
  15. But the latest one wasn't 'automatic'. Here's hoping it's permanent.
  16. He's not 'considered' a civilian. He is a civilian.
  17. You definitely don't need a ferry to get to the Olympic Peninsula whence you are coming! It's a peninsula, not an island....
  18. Certain regular poster kicked off FB and Twitter, at least for the time being.
  19. As said, he's not in the military.
  20. Those are all great places, but they ain't on the Olympic Peninsula! I could recommend some good Tacoma spots if we're expanding the search....
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