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  1. That's the thing about Hallowe'en-- they aren't out of place.
  2. We typically get 200-300 trick-or-treaters. We have an old neighborhood street that is tree-lined and has old-style street lights. I once heard a kid trick-or-treating a few years back exclaiming that 'it looks like a movie'. So they come from all over. I'm with all of those that happily give out candy to those with costumes; and all of them do. It's fun all around. I usually wear SASS/CAS outfits, which often causes comment. We're an orange pumpkin place.
  3. Funerals (or 'celebrations of life') are getting weirder and weirder this days; and later and later, too....
  4. Fact is, those things are all a waste. But we've gotten so used to waste, unlike our grandparents for instance, that we hardly recognize it anymore. I've noticed in recent years more and more hotels have been moving toward shampoo and wash dispensers anyway. A good trend in my opinion.
  5. I bought a great Alaknak 10' x 20' outfitter's tent from Cabelas 11 years ago with a son-in-law and we have used that thing on XC ski trips with kids and grandkids every year; one of our favorite activities. The tent has been great in every respect. Other than that, I never liked Cabelas. I wondered whether their theatrical marketing model could last long-term. The one hereabouts is 20+ miles away. Bass Pro opened nearby before the merger. I buy on-sale ammo there now and then. I bought a Browning BAR (as they call it) in .300 Win mag there a few months back and was well-treated. Otherwise, I don't go there for firearms. But I like their clothes, their Red Head brand, and have bought many shirts there in recent months.
  6. As Dorothy Parker said, you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think.....
  7. Nothing wrong with Big 5. I bought a Marlin 1894 in .44 mag there for $325 not long after I joined SASS. I bought one of my daughters a Mossberg shotgun there a few years back. Just this last year I bought two Ruger 10/22s at Big 5. I've often bought on-sale ammo there. Big 5 advertises regularly with newspaper insert ads. They prominently feature firearms in their ads, and they have very good sales on guns on a regular basis. They have great shoe prices and lots of sporting goods. One of the things I like about them is that they are a well-priced chain of stores that are not "big box" stores. Little box, you might say....
  8. Here is his fine obit in today's NYTmes. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Battle of the Bulge at age 19. He also won the Silver Star and the Bronze Star in other actions. Dead at age 94-- even the very youngest then are now very old if alive..... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/09/us/francis-currey-dead.html
  9. Bay leaves have that shape, but it could be any number of species. Can they tell you?
  10. It was a huge best-seller way back then and it gave rise to the Ma and Pa Kettle movies. I had never read it until about 15 years ago when we had a taped copy that we listened to on a long road trip. I liked it quite a bit; in that setting, at least, it was good. I remember it made the long drive go by fast. A lot of folks must have liked it; it's not a forgotten book by any means after all these decades, though I suppose it's seldom read anymore compared to some.
  11. Why do they ask? I haven't been stopped too often over the years but I've never been asked if I have a gun in the car or on my person and I've never volunteered if I do. (I'm talking about simple infraction stops.) Do some states require that? , I had a conversation with a State Patrol veteran training trooper on the subject a few years back on a visit to the WSP academy. He said they stopped asking this many years before. It caused a lot more trouble than it was worth, with some young troopers shouting "gun, gun" and etc. now and then, or otherwise complicating matters. He said that on reflection, they realized there was no point to it under such circumstances.
  12. I have no problem with what the judge did. It was great moment of humanity. Of course, like the protesters, there are always dissenters and folks who pick out ‘problems’ of what people do - even in acts of compassion and grace. God bless all involved. What the brother did was great. What the judge did represents the triumph of sentimentality over discipline; but that's the contemporary world, alas. Both impartiality and the appearance of impartiality are essential to judges. There are always winners and losers in a courtroom; but it's important to everyone involved that they perceive they had a totally fair and impartial judge. Same going forward to the next case and the next....
  13. Before or during the trial, she could have been removed from the bench, at least in this State. After the trial, in the courtroom- she should at least be formally rebuked, if they have the equivalent to our state's Judicial Conduct Commission down there. I think the harm in a judge embracing a defendant just convicted of murder and sentenced by a jury to 10 years in prison is obvious. The same would be true no matter who the party or what the outcome of the trial was. It doesn't matter what one thinks of a particular case or circumstances. Indeed, that's the whole point. I will have to say, it's a first for me! There are many tragic or sympathetic things that happen in a courtroom. That's just how it is.
  14. I agree with all but the judge hugging the defendant. I practiced in the courtroom for 44 years. No judge should do this, whatever the circumstances.
  15. Many good suggestions. I'll also look at magazine-fed bolt-actions as I reflect on it-- a lot more options, as pointed out by some here. The idea of the one-shot Ruger 10/22 magazine is interesting, but I am going to go with a bolt-action in any event, because I think it best on an introductory rifle.
  16. This 13-year-old is already a six-footer and seems to be growing about an inch per week! So a full-size rifle is the thing. I have 10/22s but diplomatic introduction, so to speak, for various reasons made me think of single-shots. I have older grandkids who are shooters; this is a younger cohort starting up.
  17. Who is still making a good single-shot bolt-action .22 rifle? The question came up in a discussion with a young grandson and I'd like to follow it up. Thanks for any help.
  18. My wife is a cold cereal and oatmeal eater; she makes her own. I usually eat eggs. I poach them in one of those pans with the rack and the ramekins, fast, easy, and perfect every time. I like oatmeal to a degree and eat it once or twice a week. I add some buckwheat groats that I've pre-cooked and keep in the fridge-- makes it less bland.
  19. I recognize most of the internet long time standards: LOL, IMHO, IIRC, etc. but I can never bring myself to use them myself. They always seem barbarous to me. Like a lot of folks in my cohort (early baby-boomers), I was introduced to the internet on an office computer in 1999-2000. I was 51 or so and pretty much fully-formed. I write out all of those expressions if I use them. But then, I use a personal computer. I don't have a smart phone. Even with the painstaking texting on a flip phone, I still use proper punctuation and capitalization and-- words: 'see you' not C U. Keeps my texts short.
  20. As bgavin said, Calaveras Big Tree State park, on Hwy 49 near Arnold, Ca. Not only giant Sequoias, but very large Incense Cedars, too.
  21. Depends on how 'high end' you're talking about, and if you are a favored customer. The wine-tasting business is a ritual. If your basis for 'rejecting' it is just 'taste' and the wine is not bad, you pay for it. I haven't seen anybody 'send a bottle back' for years.
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