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  1. It's ok to call a revolver a pistol.....Browning said so.
  2. Not exactly. They won't let you get on the airplane in the first place without one on an international flight, and if they did, the destination country won't let you in.
  3. We have plenty here, a city of 200,000, though some have been closed over the last couple of years. (They've always been blue, not blue and red.) Most have been reworked here to keep out anything but letters, so the drive-ups are rare and the 'regulars' have restricted opening. All because of increased mail theft.
  4. The things you learn here in the Saloon: if you never leave the country, you don't need a passport!
  5. I've been to France several times, the first 40 years ago, and found this to be untrue each time.
  6. My Norwegian and Swedish friends own lots of rifles. They can own handguns, but they are more regulated. Scandinavian countries have a major hunting culture and so firearms are commonplace, as are organized shooting competitions. The use suppressors on their rifles when hunting. Required some places, strongly encouraged by custom other places. Considered a matter of courtesy while hunting to keep the noise down for the citizenry. On the other hand, if you own a suppressor in Belgium, it's straight to jail....
  7. I've had one for decades. Canada is close by. And we go to other places now and then.
  8. A little research can go a long ways. Most European countries permit firearms, but levels of restrictions vary. As one example, I know Norwegians who own lots of guns. Shooting competitions there are a national sport, with hundreds and thousands attending matches. Lots of kids and youth categories. Way bigger deal than anything here. There are usually licensing regulations. I once took a grandson's French exchange student along with the grandson to the range. The 17-year-old French kid was very familiar with rifles, and had done a lot of shooting and hunting back home.
  9. I was 14 and at the Tolmie Peak ranger station in Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park with my Scout troop when we heard Marilyn Monroe had died.
  10. Rated a NYTimes obituary: Larry Collins, Rockabilly Guitar Prodigy, Is Dead at 79 - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  11. I've changed a lot of tires but I won't do it anymore. Haven't for years. Then, the minivan I have now has run-flat tires and no spare.
  12. Has died recently at 79. Sister Lorrie died a few years back. They were something else back in the day.
  13. How much? would be my reply. 'Some' doesn't mean any amount in particular.
  14. Bringing Up Father Katzenjammer Kids Phantom
  15. A Princess of Mars and the ensuing Barsoom books.
  16. I learned to drive on my mom's 1950 Chevy, which was automatic transmission. The '56 Merc we had was also automatic. They have been around for a long time. I learned stick with a '63 VW bug, and 3-on-the-tree with a '64 Chevy Nova.
  17. Had a touch of the Irish a few minutes back....
  18. Pretty much true in Hitler's time, too. But..... Kind of an odd juxtaposition. Doubt the Israelis plan to fight the Russian army...
  19. Of course, but it costs manufacturers nothing to print it somewhere on the package along with everything else. So it will be found on things such as those glasses that have no relation to the 'purpose'.
  20. If one wants to know what the Civil War was about, one should read nothing but that which was written during the war and in the years immediately before it. Particularly by Southern figures, but Northern as well. And then draw their own conclusions. Everything written since is one form or another of rationalization and special pleading. As ever, primary sources are the best.
  21. Now we need resignations of many of these lackey board members who long ago abandoned their responsibilities as board members in deference to LaPierre.
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