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  1. I haven't seen a centerfire rifle deal from Big 5 in a long time. They do often have good shotgun and .22 deals. Or at least they did; I stopped seeing their frequent newspaper insert ads during Covid, and a couple of ammo searches over the last year showed me pretty bare long guns shelves. I wonder where they're at with firearms now. A couple or three years after the 1894 they had Mossberg 474 .30-30s at a low sale price and I bought one. It has given good service, too. I've bought two Ruger 10/22s at their very good low-price sales. I'm sure their policy has remained
  2. I occasionally give a fiver to a beggar. I make a quick decision about the person, that he may need it for food. If I think so, I give him the five and don't worry about whether I'm right or wrong. Err on the side of charity. I make it 5 because it's enough to buy something to eat, but not enough by itself for drugs. Twice I've actually seen the person head into a fast food place with the fiver. To me it's a Matthew 25 thing. Not that I do it a lot....
  3. They can if they let you know ahead of time and the time is near when many won't accept cash. Currency is legal tender for all debts, but they don't have to let you get into debt to them.
  4. I've twice encountered a version of the scam Whiskey Business reports. It's different than the 'gas can/stranded' approach. A guy in a very nice car and dressed in good business attire rolled his window down as I was walking by. He apologetically told me that he was headed back to Seattle (30 miles), but he'd forgotten his wallet and he was close to being out of gas. Could I give him ten bucks? Sure, and I did. He thanked me and said he'd 'pay it forward'. I knew such things could happen and I thought no more about it. Just two weeks later, I was in the Costco par
  5. Why would you call the cops on an ordinary (non-abusive etc) beggar?
  6. Exactly, they were made by Marlin in 'hardwood' (maybe Sycamore), made for Big 5, which, I assume was part of special low-cost volume orders from Big 5. The wood is nicely stained and is fine. Plain, non checkered. Your post reminds me that back then, 15 years ago now, there was some annoyance here by some pards that Big 5 would not ship. Big 5 was in 10 Western states, but wouldn't sell outside of in-store customers. But this was part of the reason the rifles had such a good price; very low administrative costs. You went in, you bought the rifle, no options or upgrades, etc.
  7. Whatever it is, it doesn't have 'futuristic lines'..... manurhin 73 - Bing images
  8. My interest in the Manurhin is recent and may be short-lived. But the history is most interesting, as any web search will disclose. The inspiration for the revolver was, in fact, American revolvers, which influenced the decision of the French forces to develop a reliable service revolver in the 1970s, when the direction everywhere was toward semi-autos. They originally used Smith&Wessons, which, despite their high quality, did not stand up to their requirments. So they built an even better revolver. There seems to have been an unusual commitment to a totally reliab
  9. Love my Marlin 1894 in .44 mag bought for $325 in 2005 from Big 5 in one of those rifle specials they used to have. Flawless over the years.
  10. This may overstate the situation. In my case, I find the revolver and its background interesting, and while I wouldn't buy one, I can understand why one would if he could afford it as a luxury. Sort of like shotguns after, say, a couple grand. I also thought the idea that a revolver was developed as a combat firearm by a vaunted secret service in the contemporary period was itself of note. True enough. But the 73 is pretty much a standard/iconic sort of DA revolver in appearance. If it's ugly, so are a lot of Smiths and Colts.
  11. Well, clearly it's not ugly; the one Cat Brules posted a photo of certainly is, though. Perhaps less overpriced than there being little reason for anybody to pay the price. But it's interesting, as is its history. One of the things I found interesting from the Thunder Ranch youtube vid was that they got great groups in double-action, significantly better than single-action.
  12. This is the one they're advertising: Manurhin MR73 Sport (beretta.com)
  13. The 'algorithm' has brought up several vids within the last few days of Manurhin revolvers; Beretta USA is announcing within the last week or so that they will be selling the Manurhin 73 .357 mag in the US. A Thunder Ranch video also just popped up on my screen extolling the revolver in previously unheard-of terms. A beautious French revolver indeed. Base price around $3,000. Any pards have knowledge about these?
  14. My first real wage-earning job in 1966 was $1.35 per hour, which as I recall was the minimum wage. So the M1 would have been about a week-and-a-half's pay....
  15. I used too. As I got old, I found I didn't very often any more. Just go with the flow.
  16. Walked into my local Starbucks a half hour ago. Sign on the door: "If you have been fully vaccinated, wearing a mask in store is optional". So I didn't wear the mask.
  17. I got a Salk shot then a few years later they gave us a Sabin on a sugar cube. We never had the smallpox/polio single-shot. Hadn't heard of that.
  18. He died on his birthday today? Sure about that?
  19. To me, it's not a controversy. If you don't want to get vaccinated, you won't. I did without a second thought. My assesment of the hardshell geezers here at SASS that most did, too. To me, it was polio, smallpox, Covid, whatever. Just a vaccine. If it's an 'experiment', it's one that has been administered to hundreds of millions, successfully. So it's not an experiment anymore. We're booking a river cruise in a far land for next year. One couple is excited to come along. It'd be great group. She said last night, they'll probably make us get vaccinated. No problem, says
  20. I see that as rubbish. Just got back from one of our favorite restaurants; the place has been packed to the gills with us vaccinated geezers. We went down to the Central Cal coast for a week last week. People are on the move; the plane near full down, full back. The hotels report that business is booming right along with vaccination rates. My own observation from our wide-flung cohort is that from the point of view of the vaccinated, the thing is over. That's how I feel about it. I don't buy those claimed stats one bit.
  21. If the value of the IRA goes down, the required minimum distributions will go down and, of course, the taxes I had to look up 'C19 crash', and see it means Covid 'crash' a year ago. I'd forgotten all about it, because the gains since not only erased it, but buried it. It hardly caused a blip to our distributions. Many many moons ago, when these plans were introduced in the 1970s, there was talk that one's tax rates would be lower in retirement when one made withdrawls. But in fact, with all sources of income taken into account, with long-term IRAs that may not be the c
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