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  1. I have the H&R Trapdoor Officer's Model replica. My load is 65 grains of 2f behind the 405 grain Lee hollowbase bullet (I cast my own) lubed with 50/50 crisco and beeswax. Roughly 25 years ago I used that load to harvest my first deer.
  2. I haven't done much black powder cowboy, but as a teen I shot in muzzleloader competition. The cleanup was always hot soapy water, followed by hot not soapy water, dry thoroughly and lube with a non-petrochemical lubricant. I assume this will work just as well with cartridge guns -- but I don't speak from a lot of experience and I bow to the advice you receive elsewhere in the thread.
  3. I'd want to consult the reference books but that's hugely over-priced unless it's identifiably rare in some way. I own only one Parker, a 16-gauge field grade I acquired "by accident" at Rock Island Auction Co., about two years ago. I've always been a fan of L.C. Smith shotguns, but I'd never owned one, and there was a nice 16-gauge Smith being offered as an auction lot with the Parker. Both had been refinished at some point by someone who was over-generous with the buffing wheel, and then hot-reblued. Serviceable enough shotguns, but they don't look like much. I got the pair for $650, and figured I could sell the Parker -- until I touched it. It's simply the nicest handling little upland gun I've ever owned. The L.C. Smith, which is nice, is a club by comparison. But I have $325 in my Parker, not $8000.
  4. My brother has one in .45 he had customized about 20 years ago, and loves it. I think that the barrel might be marginally heavier than a plain round barrel, but it looks cool and it probably damps recoil a bit.
  5. That is super cool. I have a pair of 1860 Army's with conversion cylinders, but not a "built that way" conversion like this. I like the idea of using Scholfield to duplicate the original ballistics. I'm planning something similar with C46S cartridges in the 1860s.
  6. Pretty cool builds, IMHO. I once new a fellow who had a pair of OMVs, but it was before Ruger had introduced the Vaquero. They were in 38-40. His wife had them built for him -- a gunsmith converted them from 357 to 38-40, rechambering and rebarreling, and welded up the top straps to make a "Colt style" groove rear sight (oddly, I don't remember how they did the front sights on them). I thought the build on those was cool, too (but really, more than that, I thought "where can I find a woman like that ). Someone spent quite a bit of time and effort converting these New Frontiers to .38-40, is my guess.
  7. In 2000 I shot a stage in Fayette Mo where you engaged targets around a large pond from the deck of a moving pontoon boat. I think that was about the most fun I've had on a single stage. You shot it as a team, with you and your partner trying to clear all the targets. What a blast.
  8. I think "Tombstone" is a better Hollywood movie. "Wyatt Earp" is a better historical representation. I like both films.
  9. I had one, let it lapse, and plan to renew it. It gets you access to some cool firearms, and makes it more convenient to get them.
  10. Ms. Ruby -- thank you so much for the prompt response.
  11. Is there an email or some way other than calling to get in touch with SASS membership services? In the past I've called, but I'm in Germany and the time difference doesn't work out for me. I'm wanting to upgrade to life membership, which I should have done several years back. This is definitely not a complaint. Love SASS and it's a great organization -- I'm proud to be a member. I'm just a bit stuck.
  12. I just found out I can access Ebay if I change browsers. I think those are the grips I read about. I'd buy a pair, as an experiment, but the guns are in the U.S. and I'm in Germany, it'll have to wait until next year.
  13. That may be it. My PC here in the office won't let me access e-bay, so I'll have to check at home. I appreciate the help.
  14. I have real Colts I'd like to fit out with real ivory, but real ivory has become a pain in the backside to acquire and own. Thirty years ago you could get read-made paper-micarta grips in an ivory color -- I have a pair on a Ruger Super Blackhawk. Not to hijack the thread, but does anyone know where those are available? I'm told there is an even higher-quality ivory substitute available now, but I don't know it's name and I don't know where to buy it. Any and all advice cheerfully accepted, here or via private message. And I didn't see a single set of ugly grips on this thread -- y'all have some beautiful sixguns.
  15. In 2000, I shot in a three-day match in Branson that was connected to the 2000 Missouri State Games (Olympics). It was a fabulous shoot. If this is the same club, I wish I could shoot in this match. If this is NOT the same club, I wish I could shoot in this match. I'm in Germany now, but hopefully in '23 my poor eyesight and slow hands will be back in the game.
  16. Not yet, but there is an active club a couple of hours drive from where I am, and I hope to get to them once the weather improves next spring.

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