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  1. Do these bays have bearms between them? If they are open is the back line berm the same for all bays? What is the logic of this requirement? Fordyce
  2. Nothing new under the sun- I load my Remington NMA in a stand and use the push button flask but sort of like the Patterson I load 5 chambers but unlike the OP video I don't turn the cylinder, 4 chambers are open and filled and one down the barrel and done with the flask, it is a muzzle loader :-) Fordyce
  3. No one pointed out the advantage: you can forge an octagonal barrel with a hammer and finish it with a file no need for a lathe! Fordyce
  4. I used the MEC Jr. with the red wad fingers for a long time and they required regular replacement. I now run the MEC Sizemaster with the black black fingers and they never require replacement. Do the above. Fordyce
  5. B E


    I am working up a BAMM F N  Mauser 98 Columbian 30/06 and tried some stripper clips but they must not be 98 specific.  They fit 5 rounds and seem correct on width of the slot.  When I try to load the clip can go down in the magazine and the nose of the bullets can hang on the feed ramp.  Any Ideas?


    What is the target distances you shoot in your matches?

    Thanks Fordyce

    1. Baltimore Ed

      Baltimore Ed

      I’m afraid that I can’t help you with your mauser, I’ve never owned one. My BAMM rifles are either krags or ‘03 Springfields. Our range is pretty wide but only about 50 yds deep. I wish we used smaller targets than what the match director chooses. It would separate the men from the boys. Good luck on your rifle but you might have to think outside the box to get something to work with your case being a .30-06 and the rifle’s stripper guides being for a mauser caliber. 

    2. Fordyce Beals

      Fordyce Beals


      Thank you and Krags were the first rifle i ever shot 60 years ago!



  6. MB Fields

    Found something else.


    Fordyce Beals

    SASS # 73338

    AKA Jon Powers

  7. spf?  I am interested if still for sale.  It would be much more economical for me if they were shipped in two shipments then to FFL in my home state of CA



    1. Cheatin' Chamberlin

      Cheatin' Chamberlin


      Sold Pending Funds. 



    2. Fordyce Beals
  8. Fordyce Beals


    I don't see the "recommendation" as an absolute. I read the WTC's on the wire and print out and note the yearly changes in yellow in the three handbooks. My RO pins predate the ones with a year date on them. Condemn me if you will. Fordyce
  9. Yes this is what I did. I just fill one tube and load 100 then refill. Hand pecking 10 tubes full at a time would not be my idea of fun. Fordyce
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