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  1. Well lets see, is that a way of telling me they are priced too high? Or could it be the buckle looks like gold? I'm betting you were just being a nice guy and bumping my ad to the top.
  2. Pretty much an entry level setup. Holsters are for sass vaqueros and other pistols of that size. The belt is for 357 ammo and is 32 to 36" $175.00 shipped
  3. As you probably know the Pioneer short stroke kits are no longer made. The last I heard they were running $400. plus, when you can find one.
  4. The Pistols are sold. What size belt do you need? I have a couple
  5. Sorry, I'm only interested in gold, silver, paper money. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I changed the ad to reflect it has a 20 inch barrel.
  7. Like new in the box. Winchester 1873 (Miroku) Short Rifle 20 inch barrel. 357 mag. This rifle has a Pioneer short stroke kit installed. all factory parts included. Kirkpatrick butt stock cover. Oversize Pioneer front sight, lever wrapped. This rifle is ready to go, but it has never been shot in a match, just played with a bit. $1375 shipped.
  8. SOLD Stoeger Supreme Coach Gun. 12 Ga, 20" barrels, Stainless steel receiver, blued barrels. model 31483 Action has been Slicked up. Has Kirkpatrick leather butt stock cover. Never used in a match. $495 shipped
  9. SPF 1897 IAC Trench Gun, This shotgun is in like new condition, It has been worked over by Coyote Cap and has his serial number on it. $895.00 plus 40.00 shipping to the 48.
  10. SOLD Like new Ruger SASS 4-5/8" 2 sets of grips $1400.00 shipped
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