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  1. I bought the 2 units I have/had from Pioneer Gun Works. I fitted one to the 357 mag and the instillation went fine without any problems. The rifle runs as good as it did from the Miroku factory, which was flawless. I've had more than a few "other 73's" and Didn't like what they had to offer. The Miroku engineers designed their links so as to control headspace after the rifle is made. The links have numbers stamped on them reflecting the length. Where the problems occur is the machine tolerance from Miroku are so tight that you need to have your parts perfect or they won't work with the mating parts. The Miroku quality is legendary and rightfully so. No soft steel parts, fit and finish is superb. I have one SS'ed and one factory. They are both great rifles. Any future Winchester 73's will be shot as received from the factory.
  2. I bought 2 kits when they were available. I installed one in a Win 1873 in 357 mag. First, I was told beforehand that the new 1873's were short stroked from the factory, I still ordered the kits. Upon comparing the 2 rifles I found I had gained very little. I later sold the other kit and never looked back. I can take a side by side picture of both rifles if needed.
  3. Does that make it a M1 Winchester rather than a M1 Garand.
  4. Like Brand New, Kirkpatrick Santa Fe 1860, 34 inch, Ruger Vaquero 7 1/2" with 44/45 loops. List price is $360. will sell for $275 shipped to lower 48. Will sell holster only, or trade for a suitable 45 acp auto wild bunch holster
  5. How fast can you hit a target thats too big to miss? Why do we have sights on the firearms? Most poor people can tell you why they're not rich. If my dog bites you, I'll explain to you why its your fault.
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