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  1. Seems there are no available parts for the Winchester 1873 according to some, while others have ordered and received all the parts they need. So, somewhere in there is the truth. Unfortunately, the only real way to know is call Winchester and ask them. As far as I know most people shooting Winchesters are not needing parts.
  2. How do you know they don't have the replacement parts? Because someone said it? Call Winchester yourself. If they are short on parts its not because they break often its because they don't. If they don't have the part how long is the wait to get it? I've have and have had both and there is no comparison, hands down the Winchester is of better quality inside and out. Its a Ford Chevy and Ram thing, whatever you own you are loyal to. The only reason aftermarket manufacturers make parts for Uberti is plain and simple, we need better parts than Uberti makes or is able to make. One other thing, the Winchester comes from the factory short stroked, almost as short as allowed by SASS rules. Miroku has re-engineered some of the weaker parts to make the rifle bullet proof. Uberti is still using the same old designs from the 1800's. Soft pins and low quality springs are a thing of the past with Miroku guns.
  3. Check the depriming pin for a round point. When they get sharp they will do that.
  4. It appears that Winchester has 4 different links available for their 73's I'm not real sure what the length difference is between them, I guess I could measure the ones I have which are stamped "with 2 stars and 4 stars" If I remember right the 4 stars were longer than the 2 but not much maybe .003" The lockup is perfect from Winchester. They could have just made the links that were a little sloppy and one size fits all.
  5. I installed the SS kit in my 73 38/357 without a problem. I also installed the kit in my 45 Colt just to see if it would work and it did. I removed the 45 kit so I could play with 2 Winchesters one with and one without the kit. Bottom line, it may have a lot to do with who is installing what kit in what gun. My take on the kits is they are a little tight and that is a good thing, it allows me to fit the parts, not some sloppy dropin that feels almost warn out from the get go.
  6. I have 2 Winchesters, one is short stroked and the other is not. There's not a great deal of difference in them. The Winchester comes from the factory with a very short stroke and is good to go right out of the box. Little to no machine marks on the rifle anywhere unlike the Uberti that is rough to say the least. The round barrels swing much better than the ones with the flats, something to do with wind resistance and a sail effect of the flat spots when being moved fast. Actually its more to do with how long the barrel is. PS: parts are not hard to get and the spec's are not changing. The short stroke kits are drying up mostly because Winchesters are short out of the box and a little shorter just ain't worth the bucks.
  7. Because copper corrodes, so use them or loose them.
  8. Winchester first, Winchester second and no third.
  9. U.S. Repeating Arms Co., 3005 Arnold Tenbrook Road, Arnold, Missouri 63010-9406. Specify catalog number and part name. Specify model and serial number. Specify caliber or gauge. Specify type (Skeet, Trap, Duck, Field, Target, etc.) Specify grade (Pigeon, DeLuxe, Custom, etc.) Your best bet is a service center like this one, I know the owner and he is 100% reliable. Southland Gun Works 1228 Harry Byrd Hwy Darlington SC, 29532 ph 843-393-6291
  10. I see a couple things here that could be addressed. First the parts availability, then the quality of the rifle. Uberti 1873 rifles have a great gunsmith following plus unlimited aftermarket parts. That begs the question why. Winchester does not have a gunsmith following nor does it have much in the way of aftermarket parts availability. Uberti factory parts are less than desirable as evidenced by the shear number of aftermarket parts. The fit and finish on these rifles is lacking as compared to most sporting rifles made today. Yet they have a following. Why? Because they have been around a long time and the gunsmiths like them. The base rifle can be used to build a fine cowboy competition rifle from all it takes is money. Winchester may not be as true to the original design as the Uberti but then everything can be improved upon. I haven't heard of any first hand complaints of Winchester parts shortage. The rifle is current production so why would there be a shortage, I do know the 38/357 is in short supply, could be because they are selling well. I having owned all of them and believe the Winchester is of much better quality both in fit, finish and materials used to produce the rifle. The coming years will sort out what people think of the rifles.
  11. Anytime you are playing a game you are always looking for some sort of an advantage. Cowboy action rifles are all pretty good out of the box, not to say that everyone is but most are. However we all think the other guy has a better gun than we do thats the only reason their times are better than ours so off to the gunsmith we go. Mr Stevens made a video of himself shooting a box stock Winchester 73, very few shooters could beat his time with their "smooth as glass wonder gun". Before you deside, time yourself with your stock 73, load and cycle 10 dummy rounds thru your stock rifle, do it 100 times. Take a close look at the times from #1 to 100 and you will see some improvement. Now send it with a blank check to "billy makes them purr" for the treatment. When you finally get it back do the exercise again and study the results of both tests. So what do we really need? Maybe practice makes perfect is the way to go. But then how an I going to brag about my wonder gun?
  12. Great, I do see the drop down menu now.
  13. I talked to Joe earlier this week he has a few 38/357 kits no 45. They are not going to continue making the kits. I bought the last 45 kit they had.
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