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  1. Then this is the game for you if you want just a little competition every once in a while. But most of the time, you can just shoot for fun and shoot bull.... the rest of the time. Most of the rest of us do! good luck, GJ
  2. I would recommend NOT using plastic shopping bags for a packing filler!!!! They are not worth a darn as padding material, as they move around and collapse to minimal thickness with the slightest pressure. A fellow shipped me a nice Mil Surp rifle, all that he used for padding was a double handful of plastic bags. Needless to say, the Post Office was DEE-LIGHTED to bust the stock and ruin the sights on the gun. And yes, I had warned the feller that he had better pack securely! He got to "eat" the entire value of that one. And the peanuts are worthless for a heav
  3. Haven't switched, don't plan to since I cast and lube my own cheaper than any vendor sells. Quite satisfied with lube the way it was done back then. Good luck, GJ
  4. SJS -

    Here's one I loaded for several years for ex.  She liked it and won with it.


    WAA12L (gray) wad

    7/8 ounce shot

    14.0 to 18.0 gr Clays  (the whole range worked for me, just put a little more pressure on wad with more powder, just wad touching powder with the low end)

    Any primer, but I use Cheddites or Win 209s almost always


    Good luck, GJ


  5. Griz -


    Hope you and Rose are fine.  Wanted to ask if you still had your band together and might want to do a gig at the NM state championship next Septermber 22 (2018).


    Garrison Joe - PM me or email at drcoles@flash.net 



    1. Grizzly Adams 3674

      Grizzly Adams 3674

      Still have the band, and would love to do the NM Championship gig.  Let me check with the others and make sure we have no conflicts, and I will get back to you.



  6. If the new configuration for the software is set to Status Updates (by default) then that is the WRONG setting. Pick the one that most folks would want as the normal search- I would guess it would be All Content. I searched directly from the (simple) search box and did not use the Advanced Search screen which is where a user can see (and change) the focus and the content of the search. Since the same simple search box then worked the next day, I believe I encountered something different that what you are describing. Good luck,GJ
  7. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/dept/reloading/primers/large-pistol Something I've not seen for quite a while - standard Fed LP primers on-line and in stock (at least last 2 days). The LP Mags have been available, but not these standard load primers. Good luck, GJ
  8. As well as power factor, there are muzzle velocity limits for rifle and handgun loads. Found in the shooter's handbook. As your question kind of implies, monthly matches usually will just use eyeballs and ears for guessing if your loads are acceptable. Sanctioned state and above matches should have a chronograph and scale available, because it is possible there will be times where loads need to be measured, not just "guesstimated" to be legal. We don't have a lot of problems with this now that several major matches got serious about measuring suspected loads several years ago - the
  9. Nope, the usual suspects for Casting accessories no longer list it. If I remember right, Midway was where I got the can, ten years ago, that I hardly used because I found it was a very nasty sticky messy flux that did not do a good job. I would suggest that it is no longer being sold because it was never that good in the first place. I recommend one or more of the following VERY CHEAP fluxes: 1. Wood chips and shavings. My planer makes lots of pine chips quickly from old 2x4's 2. Paraffin wax or better yet, beeswax candle shavings. 3. 2 cycle motor (fuel-mix) oil. Some of
  10. Yes, it is a known problem that some lots of at least Winchester 209 and Federal 209A shotshell primers have deep set primers inside the battery cup of the primer assembly. And then (mostly) double barrel shotguns have problems hitting the primer cup hard enough with the firing pins. I've had both Win 209s and Fed 209As fail to get good hits in my TTN hammered double gun (well known for not having a lot of FP protrusion) Here's a page that shows most of the parts of shotshell primers, with labels. The dark gray section around the primer is the "battery cup". It's made of steel (magn
  11. Most shooters DON'T do this particular modification on their own. They let one of our good gunsmiths do it. It usually involves changing the cocking points for both hammers to be a little more in the open position, so the gun hangs open after cocking instead of the cocking springs pushing the gun slightly closed. This sometimes also means the hinge has to be "retimed" to prevent the gun from tearing up the hinge and forearm hangers. It's not just a drop-in part or one single simple "grind this spot right here" operation. Send the gun off to Goatneck Clem (above) Johnny Meadows Jar
  12. Yep! No need to leave a credit card stuck in a primer tray, either, and not remember that until you get to the LGS! Good luck, GJ
  13. Telling folks the belt size would probably enhance your possibilities for a sale....often it's stamped on inside of belt near buckle. Good luck, GJ
  14. Well, you can get away with that practice in a straight-walled rifle case like 45-70. Doing that in 38-55 or other more pronounced-shoulder cartridge can quickly ring the chamber or cause high pressures (trying to blow a cereal plug through the constriction and down the barrel in addition to the bullet itself). Be aware that none of the powder manufacturers recommend an over-powder card or ANY type of filler or powder positioning puffs any more with smokeless powders! Too many guns damaged. If an unwadded charge of Unique doesn't work well, then you are MUCH better off going to a la
  15. Still quite satisfied with Hornady One Shot for cowboy loading. For rifle cases, good old case lube on an ink pad. Good luck, GJ
  16. WRONG! Not applicable when a different gun type is what causes the split. It is true when movement to a new position causes the "split" - but then, that is not a split by the definition below, either. Here's the applicable definition: Shooter's Handbook, Page 23 When shooter goes to any other gun but another revolver, the first revolver string ends! Either holster by stage convention, or override the need to holster with instructions in the stage description. It's really pretty simple to do EITHER and avoid arguments at the match. Good luck, GJ
  17. Are two pieces of string separated by a wall one string or two? Sure it's two strings. Write it into the stage if you want to override standard stage conventions and NOT require immediate re-holstering of revolver after the first five shots for anyone but GF style. Or make it real simple and REQUIRE restaging revolvers back on the table! Collect them after the stage is done. Good luck, GJ
  18. A small but fairly aggressive grit carborundum stone would be my first choice - a sliver that can be hand-worked back and forth with careful strokes. Could even be roughed in with a small diamond coated bit in an angle-head die grinder, then finished to square corners with the stone. Pulling the barrel would make it so much easier, however. Then you just run an end-mill down the slot. EDM machining would be the high-end, very accurate approach. If you had a buddy in high-tech metal shop. Good luck, GJ
  19. Leather stays loose rolled in my plastic "packer" boxes with the rest of the gear needed for Cowboy or Wild Bunch. Labeled Box for each so I don't take the right box to the wrong match. All the stuff I need makes it to a match - nothing left hanging on the wall 30 or 300 miles away from the match. But then again, perhaps your rememberer is sharper than mine. Good luck, GJ
  20. To reinforce what DS stated, because you are getting into a gray area with your stage where the rules could get argued either way, your stae description had better make it clear which way you are going to allow shooters to run the guns. It sounds like your design intent here is to split the pistols with shotgun following each of 5 revolver shots. A GF can accomplish that either by double duelist (and either by drawing one gun at a time, or drawing two and shooting only one, staging, and picking up one or both but only firing the second pistol duelist). So, state the SEQUENCE of guns cle
  21. Ummm, probably not cores. Cores usually don't get lubed and knurled, as far as I understand bullet swaging processes. Perhaps some experiment where standard .38 bullets were run through a sizer die for some reason? In any case, melt 'em. Good luck, GJ
  22. PPU ammo is very nice quality. And no longer made under communist management. And makes reasonable empty brass to reload. It is, however, not made in USA. Good luck, GJ
  23. Pretty long to be pistol slugs. Do those weigh 158 grains, or more? Sounds like feedstock for the melting pot. They will be soft lead, most likely. Good luck, GJ
  24. No, a full case of even FFFg black will NOT blow up a SAA. Will be well under the SAAMI pressure standards for .44 WCF cartridge, which are 13,000 Copper Units of Pressure (11,000 PSI). Original .44-40 loads by Winchester were loaded with 40 grains of FFg powder, according to rounds that have been broken down for inspection, and that amount of powder will not fit in modern cases. Good luck, GJ
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