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  1. The FFL has to transfer the handgun to an FFL in the state the purchaser is a resident of.  Whether by UPS/FedEx/USPS, or if at a gun show, to a FFL of the purchaser's state of residence.  Of course if it's a California resident, then there is a whole new can of worms and hoops everybody has to jump thru.

  2. Hmmmm, seems like the going rate for primers, when you can find them other than auction sites, is up or down a few bucks from $100.  So, when a private party is willing to sell some of their own for out the door around $80 to $100 is not unreasonable nowadays.

    If anyone is waiting for prices to come back to where they used to be, keep waiting to buy a house or pickup truck or anything else.

  3. Had this happen at the AZ state championship in 2006 with my 73 rifle.  Brand new Starline .38spl brass with Federal small pistol primers and 125gr bullets.  Load I had been using for years and never had a problem with many times reloaded Starline brass and Winchester small pistol primer.  Got some new brass for big match and bought some Federal primers because that's what everybody said were the best.  Primer fell out of fired round and jammed up rifle.  luckily it was last round fired and declared broken gun.  Upon inspecting other 9 fired brass they all had primers backing up but not out.  

    Never used Federal primers again.  Never had a problem with Winchester primers in rifle or pistols.  

    Short stroked race 73 and short stroked race New Vaqueros.  All with light springs.

  4. Knowing Hells Comin for many years, I am surprised he didn't use his "Old age and treachery, will always beat youth and speed."

    Phil, you are slipping in your "vintage" years.

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  5. Steve at Bear Creek Bullets in California has been a great supporter of CAS for years, and his molly coated bullets shoot very clean.  He has told me that all the lead  bullet casters have been having a big problem getting recycled lead for quite a few years because the Chinese have been outbidding the U.S. people.

    Thank you Obama, and his EPA stooges, for shutting down the last U.S. lead smelter.

  6. According to someone who is on the board of the Arizona folks, they have a 5 year contract from SASS for EOT.   I don't think SASS would break a contract they signed in good faith.  After 5 years, well who knows where EOT will be held.

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  7. OH WOW!!!  Right in the middle of the Old West, where Cowboys rode the range, and drove cattle, and fought Indians!!!!  

    SASS screwed up when they listened to Chisler and Tex and bought the Flounders Ranch property because it had a buffalo on it.

    If they wanted their own property, out of California, they should have looked at the Las Vegas area.  Cheap airfares, cheap motels, 

    good restaurants, and LOTS of tourists to buy from the vendors.  Why are the Nationals Final Rodeo in Vegas every year?  For this 

    reason.  Is SASS telling the members this is the only place they could move to out of New Mexico?  Or are they planning to hold 

    EOT in Indiana from now on?

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  8. And in todays market, Captain Bill Burt, that's not an outrageous price.   Just the fact that you were able to get 5,000 SPP instead of just 1,000 was a find.  Most dealers or on-line sights are limiting purchases to 1,000 or less.

    Our store has not even been able to backorder cases of any primers.  

  9. Anyone who thinks that prices on anything are going back to where they were 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 10, or 20, or 30, or 40 years ago are just dreaming.  Costs of producing, marketing, shipping, wholesaling, retailing, payroll continue to go up everyday.  So you bought a house in the 70's for 80 thousand and today it's worth 500 thousand and your happy. But, when you go to buy another house that you think should be 200 thousand but it's 700 thousand you can't understand why.  That 1974 Chevy fully loaded pickup was 4 thousand but today it's 60 thousand.  What happened?   PROGRESS.  INFLATION.  

    We are in another inflationary time.  Just go to the grocery store.  As they used to say, "just roll with the punches folks".

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