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  1. I just got back from SHOT. I handled the SAA samples they had at the show. It is a legitimate company. They have done the CCH work for Colt for years. The revolvers loked great, BUT they were extremely rough handling and were seriously over=sprung. Should be available by late Summer.
  2. Deuce, do you know what booth Misty will be at?? SASS isn't listed as an exhibitor this year? EMF, Cimarron??? I figured to stop by and say HI if I ran into her.
  3. CC: The Great American Outdoor show. There is a pinned thread by Misty about it on the regular wire.
  4. BT, will you please post the application as a PDF so I can download it and send it in. I need all the computer help I can get. I can print out a pdf, but can't seem to print out anything else.
  5. We do NOT use them for our rifles. If it is a bolt gun just take the bolt out, sight through that on the target put the bolt back in and shoot it. If a gun you can't see through the barrel shoot on large graph paper at 25yds. then adjust. Not very hard. We usually get within 2" after 4 rounds.
  6. BTT one more time for those who might have missed it.
  7. I will be there. SASS isn't listed as having a booth this year. Probably the most CAS activity will be at the Cimarron and EMF booths. SHOT is to the trade only so I don't think it is a great venue for SASS. They are doing the BIG PA show this year which is open to the public. It is now owned by the NRA and SASS always has a booth at the Annual NRA Convention so going to this show makes sense.
  8. Chief Rick: Call Larry Weber in Las Vegas. 702-363-9998 He can give you the info you need.
  9. Flash suppressors work by cooling the powder gasses by contact with cool metal. The suppressor must have sufficient mass and coverage to cool the gasses below the point of being SO hot that they appear to burn in the air. Sound suppressors use internal spaces designed to no only cool the gas but also slow its exhaust speed below that of the speed of sound. With supersonic bullet speed you still hear that crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier if you are in line with or front of the muzzle. Suppressed firearms firing bullets below the speed of sound are VERY quiet.
  10. I have built 48 tables here on my range. They are 32" tall with 32X48" tops. That way I get 3 tops from a 4X8 sheet of marine plywood. We have severe winds occasionally so I use concrete form stakes to hold them down. Those stakes are GREAT. They come in various lengths depending on your need and have holes drilled through them every 2" to make fastening them to the table legs easy. I made some smaller tables but occasionally it is hard to keep long guns on them when in a hurry.
  11. I have two Star brand buildings. Quite happy with them. One is office/whse. 50X110. Shop is 30X50. Need another building to store heavy equipment BAD. Probably will put up a quansit type about 40X60.
  12. For those of you who participate in/manage Wild Bunch matches but do NOT frequent the Wild Bunch Forum the NEW 2017 Volume 10.1 WBAS Shooters Handbook and the NEW 2017 Volume 10.1 WBAS RO Manual are both posted on the SASS Homepage under the "Shooters Handbooks" link. Please download them and update your reference material. THANKS
  13. Every year after the World Championships IDPA lists the equipment used as well as the ammunition. Over 50% used Titegroup. It is my go to powder for 9mm. I use a total of 12 different powders to customize my loads for everything from 218 Bee to 50BMG. Other powders work well in 9mm but Titegroup is in my (and most pro shooters) opinion the best.
  14. I think it is a great idea. I might actually travel down there to shoot a match like that. Things like carrying a bag of Gold or opening the safe to retrieve your pistol might be fun and not too far off from todays CAS.
  15. Close to what GJ said. When we fireform cases for benchrest we always load a bullet and a reasonable powder charge. You want to be sure the case fully conforms to the chamber. Just paper etc stuffed in the case will have trouble causing enough pressure to correctly form the case.
  16. Butch is considered a bit of a HERO around these parts. Kind of a Robin Hood type bandit.
  17. Hipshot has only shot original Colts for many years as do many others. I am not sure why the OP thinks it is hard to get parts for them. Plenty of CAS supporting gunsmiths seem to have necessary parts or can get them. It is a rather specialized market so someone outside the sport might have an incorrect impression.
  18. Joe, I have communicated with CD Tom and Pitt Viper about the daily reports. What they are SUPPOSED to post are the shooter's name, and TOTAL time for the stage. Points are NOT suppsed to be mentioned. It will be fixed.
  19. Coming back nearer to the original direction of this thread: SASS is the ONLY shooting organization on the planet that has "minor safeties". Every other sport has either SDQ's or MDQ's for safety violations. As a matter of fact I can only think of a couple that even have SDQ's. If you incur a safety infraction of any kind in almost all shooting sports it is a Match Disqualification. In an effort to be "kinder and gentler" SASS has created a bunch of problems for itself over the years.
  20. Stage Points that we use in Wild Bunch scores WITHIN category. Shooters in other categories have no effect on your placement. Unfortunately in one of the early applications of the system a mistake was made in it's use and it got some bad publicity. When used correctly as per the current SASS scoring program or the ACES program it works very well. I will be writing a series of short articles for the Chronicle about it after the first of the year.
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