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  1. Led Zeppelin in the early 1970's. After that nothing big. I still like going to Blues Clubs occasionally to hear up and coming newer groups. The older I get the more I like early Blues.
  2. Same thing happened to us yesterday. Utah tourist season is beginning. Last 4 months I could drive the 65 miles to town only see 3-5 vehicles. Yesterday rent-A-campers, regular RV's, plenty of regular vehicles and the motorcycle clubs. Winter wasn't so bad after all.
  3. I didn't know he was still working. He did 4 revolvers for me about 15 years ago. AMAZING !!!
  4. You do NOT have to be a member of a SASS affiliated club to be a SASS member and participate in Sanctioned matches. A club can at any time apply to be a SASS sanctioned club whether they have ever been one in the past or not. I don't know if the required 50% membership in SASS is still a requirement or not. As mentioned above Ruby is the one handling club memberships.
  5. Standard velocity only. Shooters Handbook page 5 No bullets can be "plated" Shooters Handbook page 26 22 bullets are often "copper washed" which isn't clearly addressed in the Handbook. "Coated Bullets" such as moly or polymer are listed as legal.
  6. i always anneal new brass from Starline. It is work hardened and they do not currently have an annealing line for straight cases.
  7. They haven't been posted since the move to FR about 20 years ago. Only place I have seen them is in the Shooters Book you get at the match. Stages have changed dramatically in the last 5-8 years. Headquarters probably has computer files of them but now isn't a good time to ask them. Toooo busy.
  8. I still get out my Zone 6 4X5 and do transparencies with it. You can still get Tetanol E6 and I develop in my JOBO. Don't do much but to me almost nothing compares to a 4X5 transparency.
  9. I copied a bunch of mounted slides years ago with a Nikon 4000 Coolscan. Slow but did a great job. It is still around here somewhere but finding a compatible driver today would be hard.
  10. Due to sight height above bore height with some scoped rifles at 25 yards you have to adjust the reticle in the wrong vertical direction to get on at 100 yds. Strange but true.
  11. Speaking of legendary gunmakers: I don't know if you have heard but the legendary English company Holland and Holland was bought by Beretta in February. Beretta says no changes will be made at H & H. The big payoff for Beretta is access to the English gun market. For H&H, money to keep afloat since Covid hurt sales.
  12. If vision is your issue, I will tell you what I tell EVERY person who comes here for long range training: Plan to spend more on the optic than you did on the rife. Good glass is worth every penny. In a small magnification scope: Eotech's new Vudu 1-6 (different reticles available) Trijicon 1-6, the Vortex RAZOR series or the old standby, I think you can still get, the Leupold CQB scope 1.5-6. I run it on my 3gun AR after trying at lest 6 different scopes on it because of the reticle and huge field of view. Do NOT buy cheap glass !!!! You can't hit what you can't see.
  13. Copper Queen and I both got Pfizer vaccine. We have both had 2 shots. Both of us had a sore arm for 2-3 days but nothing else for me. She was VERY tired for 2 days both times but no lasting effects.
  14. I used to spend a loot of time in Indy. Some things those of you going that way to EOT might consider: Food: Legendary steak house locally owned; St. Elmos right downtown. Very nice but need reservations even during the week. Your typical Ruth's Chris but my favorite in town is: The Capitol Grill all are expensive and need reservations. Bar: One of my favorite bars in the entire US: Slippery Noodle right downtown and oldest bar in IN. Almost always has a great Blues band playing SASS's own Max Montana has a bar in Broad Ripple (n
  15. Not sure how Fred did his. He was a fine gunsmith. Probably some TX pards might know. Johnny Meadows did mine with the small notch.
  16. New Governor in Utah just signed Constitutional carry bill for RESIDENCES. Still honors all other state carry permits.
  17. There are really no accessories for the AMP. I have 11 different pilots for different cartridges. The "auto feeder" doesn't really work right and is a total waste of money. (they can't even to get it working right at trade shows) It only takes about 1-2 seconds to anneal most cartridge cases up to 338. I did 100 260 Remingtons yesterday in about 15 minutes total from setup to put away.
  18. I have known Bill Wilson for over 45 years. (we used to shoot combat pistol at the same range) I have been running an AR15 he built for me just before the Clinton ban. It has had many thousands of rounds through it and has NEVER failed once. I have been running it in 3Gun since it started. Had a Noveski, sold it. The only gas guns I will buy are LaRue or JP. Have had a bunch of others but tired of problems. Have a couple of drop AR's left but only shoot the Wilson, LaRue, and JP's.
  19. I have an AMP. It is amazing !!!! I do anneal my 45Colt cases with it. Makes a difference when reloading and with accuracy. ( I see a real difference with my 24" Marlin setup for long range). It is critical to correctly anneal 38-55 and 45-70 etc. cases for accuracy. Those cases are thin so temp. is critical. I had a Bench Source machine but sold it. The AMP from New Zealand takes all the worries away. Of course I use it for bottleneck cases also. Everything from 223 to 50BMG.
  20. A couple of things from my experience. In my benchrest days 222 to 6PPC to 50BMG I checked every case for volume. They were always a bit different, segregate (can I use that word now?) and adjusted powder charge if necessary. Only the most different ones required .05 grain difference in smaller cases. Some 50BMG needed almost 1.5 grains to match MV. A quick shortcut to avoid all the filling with water or alcohol was to sort cases by weight. Not as accurate but good enough for most shooters. Now I do ELR out to 1.5 miles and back to volume checking each case. Charges weighed to .02 grains
  21. Chief, some of the guys I know have been using them for 6+ years on a very regular basis (at least once a month) and they perform like new. As you can imagine some of the downrange use is pretty rough and no problems. I waited 2 years before spending the money and don't regret it a bit. I rarely use the "high amplification mode". With it I can easily hear the raven wings as they fly over and the sound clamping works the same.
  22. I do not see this event as affecting the long term viability of SASS as an organization. Just looking at the financial reality of maintaining a facility that is (and has been historically) vasty underutilized from a financial viewpoint. SASS does no own the ranch just leases it.
  23. Absolutely NOTHING compares to the OTTO ones. Used by the teams downrange when not using comm headsets. I LOVE mine.
  24. Redding "small base" 223 dies are smaller than RCBS "small base" 223 dies. Make sure you really have a tight chamber before using the Redding ones. The RCBS ones are fine for most 223 chambers.
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