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  1. Hipshot has only shot original Colts for many years as do many others. I am not sure why the OP thinks it is hard to get parts for them. Plenty of CAS supporting gunsmiths seem to have necessary parts or can get them. It is a rather specialized market so someone outside the sport might have an incorrect impression.
  2. Joe, I have communicated with CD Tom and Pitt Viper about the daily reports. What they are SUPPOSED to post are the shooter's name, and TOTAL time for the stage. Points are NOT suppsed to be mentioned. It will be fixed.
  3. Coming back nearer to the original direction of this thread: SASS is the ONLY shooting organization on the planet that has "minor safeties". Every other sport has either SDQ's or MDQ's for safety violations. As a matter of fact I can only think of a couple that even have SDQ's. If you incur a safety infraction of any kind in almost all shooting sports it is a Match Disqualification. In an effort to be "kinder and gentler" SASS has created a bunch of problems for itself over the years.
  4. Stage Points that we use in Wild Bunch scores WITHIN category. Shooters in other categories have no effect on your placement. Unfortunately in one of the early applications of the system a mistake was made in it's use and it got some bad publicity. When used correctly as per the current SASS scoring program or the ACES program it works very well. I will be writing a series of short articles for the Chronicle about it after the first of the year.
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