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  1. It costs more but we bought our in chamber vacuum and sous vide equipment from J B Prince Co. in New York. They are a supplier to chefs.
  2. Todd still brings military teams to my place for specialized long range training as I have some unique ranges. He now lives on Eddie's (Waggon Boss) ranch in W. Texas and trains there when not overseas.
  3. I have 2 of the Dillon flip trays. The old one (20yrs?) works a bit better than the new one but both are great!!!
  4. I have 3 of the Dillons. Have the typical problems with them. The adjustable speed control helps. I have more problems with Federal small pistol primers than any others. I have not seen one but have heard that the Double Alpha works about as well as the Dillon. I don't know if the Mark 7 can be used with primer tubes or only on their awesome(expensive) presses.
  5. I had a Bench Source annealer I used for years. Finally upgraded to an AMP from New Zealand. Amazing machine. They make a pilot to anneal 45Colt brass. It does make a difference in cleanliness. As for 38 SpeciaL: Don't waste your time. I anneal center fire precision rifle brass every loading with it. The machine makes it almost fun to anneal.
  6. Having eaten them all over the country in most of the famous (and many not so famous)BBQ joints, the BEST is: Charle Vergo's Rendezvous Memphis, TN. Down in a basement in the alley across from the famous Peabody Hotel.
  7. Barnes, like many other lead bullet makers has occasional sizing problems. It is seen most often now with polymer coated bullets being oversize. If a company like Barnes makes both plated and coated bullets they must size the lead slugs differently. Perhaps they plated a run intended to be polymer coated. That would account for the undersize issue. I only use their double plated 9mm bullets for 3gun. Work fine for that.
  8. As Pat said Berger does NOT make pistol bullets. I use their target bullets exclusively for the past few years after lousy QC from Hornady, and Speer. Still shooting Sierra in my 3 gun rifle.
  9. My wife Copper Queen could do it. She paid her way through post grad College working in a Courtier house.
  10. That looks like regular fired clay tile. Porcelain tile is cleaned differently. You might try "Bartender's Friend" cleaner.
  11. BUMMER. That is what the City wanted because they didn't want a new 2nd. Amendment case before the court.
  12. I don't do photos but I have a Knack 2X2x3Ft. toolbox chained to a 6X6 post down on the highway. 2 miles one way from the house to the mailbox. Post Office uses a contract driver to deliver out here.
  13. If a 3 gun stage 28 pistol, 6 shotgun and 7-10 rifle. If a Pistol SG stage usually 28or 35 pistol and 6-8 SG. If a pistol rifle stage 28 or 35 pistol and 7-10 rifle. If a pistol only stage 35-42 pistol. It is a high round count big bore sport. Some local clubs because of the number of shooters shoot a lower round count. Look at the EOT stages on the Wild Bunch MD Guide that you can view/download from the main SASS page.
  14. Action, Challenge and MGM. Have them all. Like them about the same. Some lesser known companies also make nice stuff. Will have to look around in my files to find the names.
  15. Sag with composite decking is a significant concern. You need 12" OC to prevent it. I was going to replace my decks with composite but I have over 900sqft and 24" OC support. Would cost a lot and adding in 12" OC supports will be a big issue. I am just going to replace the boards as necessary.
  16. It is put on by the FCSA. I've been a member for almost 40 years. #168. It is held just before the FCSA World Championships at Raton. Interestingly enough almost no-one shoots a 50 at the match. Weight limit is 40# and it is shot prone off a bipod and rear bag. Most shoot 412 or 416. There are a few wildcat 375s. Nothing smaller than that is allowed anymore. A couple of the guys who compete at it have shot here at my range. The rifles are so special that I can't afford one just for the match. My longest target here is 1 mile. It is doable on a good day with 300WM but nothing smaller than that is used. The 300Norma shines at 1 mile. 338 Norma is also good. 338 Lapua is OK but not as good. We don't shoot anything bigger than 375's on my steel.
  17. Charlie, it doesn't bother me at all that you somewhat disagree with my reasoning for not being a fan of the cartridge. It is fine, just not really a game changer in any way. Actually the thing I forgot to put in my first response which was solely about the cartridge and did not really address the big picture, which is that without new stuff the gun manufacturers would go under and none of us want that. Go out and buy a new gun and support your local gun store. Whatever cartridge you want at the time. They all work. We are into precision long range here and most of the rifles I see are in not only the old standby cartridges but a nice mix of the latest trends. Most are bolt guns and with optics the average cost is around $7000. Not everyones bag but I have ranges out to a mile for the big guns.
  18. It is not that it is a bad cartridge. It just looks better on paper than what I and some others I know have seen in actual field performance. Like a few other new cartridges, 6.5PRC, 300 PRC, etc. etc. Ok if you want to buy something new fine, but it doesn't solve any problem that exists. If you want one, buy one, but don't expect any miracles in the field.
  19. A couple of the guys that shoot at my mid-range (900 meters) here have them. I have absolutely NO use for them. A solution looking for a problem. IMO
  20. I'm trimming and pointing 6.5mm bullets for my pecision rifle. Putting up new targets at 1320, 1540, and 1760yds (1 mile) and waiting for things to dry out and warm up so I can get the range opened.
  21. For serious stuff I use Imperial Sizing Wax. Now made by Hornady. Every benchrest shooter has used it exclusively for as long as I can remember. It is also the lube of choice for making wildcat cases.
  22. I handled the prototype revolvers at the SHOT show last week. They were VERY pretty but were NOT smooth to cock. trigger pull was very nice but tough to cock. Maybe they were just over-sprung. The Owner used to work for Colt so I am sure he knows about their trademarks. He said at the show that they would be available by late Summer. Will have to wait and see. (incidentally the company has done the CCH work for Colt for many years so they are certainly legitimate)
  23. The President of Standard worked for Colt for quite few years. Left about 3 years ago. He was also very familiar with the USFA SAA program. I think they are trying out the market with many different prototypes to see what has interest. They even had a semi-auto Thompson in the booth. Beautiful looking work on all the firearms. I have no idea what will actually happen.
  24. I have many 1911's and some of both. I prefer the arched ones. They seem to point better and fit my hand.
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