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  1. To the OP and others, I don't understand the reasoning behind wanting to use only 1 powder for different cartridges. Why compromise on performance?? It isn't hard to keep track of the powder in use. I use over 14 different powders regularly. Only 1 at a time so no problem. I use 3 different powders just for 5.56/223 loads. Cost isn't an issue as almost all powders are similar with the only outlier being VV. I even use 3 different VV powders. I will never understand the reasoning behind limiting performance by limiting powder selection.
  2. Lumpy, I think TG burns extremely clean. I haven't cleaned my 9mm STI Edge in over 2500 rounds. Like all powders it leaves some traces on the case but in my opinion it is very clean. I like it in small cases but don't use it in larger ones like 45ACP. Recoil is a bit snappy in 45ACP compared to WST. It is cheap to use and meters well.
  3. The #1 powder for 9mm loading in the US is Titegroup !!! Used by more than all other powders combined. Go to any USPSA or IDPA match and ask what they load with. Nearly all use Titegroup. So do I. Works perfect with any buller from 115 to 147.
  4. CGC, you will get LOTS of bad advise on annealing cases. Most overheat the brass thereby ruining it. Either use tempilac (available from Brownells) to make sure you get the temp right or use a commercial annealing machine to be sure. By hand with eyeballing the color is the easiest way to ruin brass. Especially short pistol brass.
  5. AR-10's can be picky about ammunition. Lots of factory loads are't optimized for gas guns. Like everything else you basically get what you pay for. I have shot several LaRue OBR's and they are amazingly accurate and reliable. The teams use them almost exclusively. Another one that is worth the money is the JP, but bring lots of money. Some level entry guns that seem reliable are from Rock River and LMT.
  6. Absolutely the best money you will ever spend if you want to shoot WBAS.
  7. Lumpy, ran the 223 full auto with no problems but didn't let one sit in the chamber for more than a minute. Seemed OK. The 308 only ran semi but it also performed fine. Polymer is slower to transfer heat than brass so powder should heat up slower. I can see the weight savings on something like a 50, but it is still a crew weapon so not sure about the actual improvement in the field. I still feel the best use is subsonic as the case walls can be thick and get a good powder fill with the low charge weights.
  8. I have fired the military experimental polymer cased rounds in 9mm, 223, 6.5, and 308. Not the 50 yet. The cases have brass bases.
  9. HOSS, the 38-55 will reach 500 meters just fine. I shoot a 335grain postell in mine out to 800 with a starting muzzle velocity of around 1350fps. You can use a slightly lighter bullet but you need the high BC to carry that far. Something in the range of 280grains with a gas check and smokeless with a MV of 1400-1450 ans reach 500 meters just fine. Make sure of the barrel twist and bore diameter as 38-55's vary widely. No need to get another gun unless you just want one. Put good sights on the 38-55 and enjoy the lighter recoil.
  10. Per KId Rich's post: We considered (very briefly) outlawing the use of BP or substitutes in Wild Bunch primarily because of the firearm problems the majority of users were having and the effect on the overall match flow. HOWEVER Wild Bunch Action Shooting is a SHOOTING match, and we want to reduce penalties and restrictions, not increase them. So we decided that if you can make it work fine, if you can't, you might miss a couple of stages as the match goes on. We (the WBAS Committee) have removed over a dozen MSV's and SDQ's since the start of Sanctioned WBAS competition. Too bad CAS can't do that also.
  11. 1960's, an extra 1911 in South Africa in an alley in an unnamed town for $10 American. Was working a "summer Job" for college money. Worked fine. Left it there for a replacement worker when I came back to the states.
  12. For serious stuff I use Imperial Sizing Wax. Now made by Hornady. Every benchrest shooter has used it exclusively for as long as I can remember. It is also the lube of choice for making wildcat cases.
  13. I handled the prototype revolvers at the SHOT show last week. They were VERY pretty but were NOT smooth to cock. trigger pull was very nice but tough to cock. Maybe they were just over-sprung. The Owner used to work for Colt so I am sure he knows about their trademarks. He said at the show that they would be available by late Summer. Will have to wait and see. (incidentally the company has done the CCH work for Colt for many years so they are certainly legitimate)
  14. The President of Standard worked for Colt for quite few years. Left about 3 years ago. He was also very familiar with the USFA SAA program. I think they are trying out the market with many different prototypes to see what has interest. They even had a semi-auto Thompson in the booth. Beautiful looking work on all the firearms. I have no idea what will actually happen.
  15. I have many 1911's and some of both. I prefer the arched ones. They seem to point better and fit my hand.
  16. I just got back from SHOT. I handled the SAA samples they had at the show. It is a legitimate company. They have done the CCH work for Colt for years. The revolvers loked great, BUT they were extremely rough handling and were seriously over=sprung. Should be available by late Summer.
  17. Deuce, do you know what booth Misty will be at?? SASS isn't listed as an exhibitor this year? EMF, Cimarron??? I figured to stop by and say HI if I ran into her.
  18. CC: The Great American Outdoor show. There is a pinned thread by Misty about it on the regular wire.
  19. BT, will you please post the application as a PDF so I can download it and send it in. I need all the computer help I can get. I can print out a pdf, but can't seem to print out anything else.
  20. We do NOT use them for our rifles. If it is a bolt gun just take the bolt out, sight through that on the target put the bolt back in and shoot it. If a gun you can't see through the barrel shoot on large graph paper at 25yds. then adjust. Not very hard. We usually get within 2" after 4 rounds.
  21. BTT one more time for those who might have missed it.
  22. I will be there. SASS isn't listed as having a booth this year. Probably the most CAS activity will be at the Cimarron and EMF booths. SHOT is to the trade only so I don't think it is a great venue for SASS. They are doing the BIG PA show this year which is open to the public. It is now owned by the NRA and SASS always has a booth at the Annual NRA Convention so going to this show makes sense.
  23. Chief Rick: Call Larry Weber in Las Vegas. 702-363-9998 He can give you the info you need.
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