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  1. + 1000 Kate did a wonderful job. Too bad it is over. I will never look at the Scholarship fund the same way again.
  2. I ave pulled hundreds of lead LARGE(38, 40, 45) rifle bullets with a Hornady cam lock puller. For little short pistol bullets I have only had good luck with a hammer type. Using the same RCBS one for years.
  3. I have 3 Pythons. None are for sale. The finest DA revolvers made in my opinion. Actually a Korth from Germany might be better but I have only handled them. Not shot one.
  4. The difference between the AMP and the others is ABSOLUTE temperature and time control determined for the exact case you are using. I had good luck with my Bench Source for years but it wasn't really perfect. The AMP annealing is done by induction, not by a variable flame. It just depends on how particular you are about your reloading procedures. For precision long range like I shoot everything matters.
  5. The AMP annealing unit from Australia (available here in the US from Brownells and Graffs) has a case insert for 45 Colt. I have one but haven't done any 45 Colt yet with it. Amazing piece of equipment. Sold my Bench Source annealer to help buy this one.
  6. I've had a Marvel for many years. Works perfect and is super accurate. Had it on at least 8 different 1911 frames and always worked fine.
  7. I remember this well. I initially thought it was a reasonable idea. Then before the EOT TG meeting I made a large plastic sheet painted in green and red showing the exact "cone of safety" being discussed and the true 170 angles coming from it. When the actual area was seen for real the idea died. BJZ never forgave me. I didn't mean it against him personally as I had initially thought it might work.
  8. HALT !!! You are under arrest. (In East Germany at the time early 1970's)
  9. For serious stuff I use Imperial Sizing Wax. Now made by Hornady. Every benchrest shooter has used it exclusively for as long as I can remember. It is also the lube of choice for making wildcat cases.
  10. I handled the prototype revolvers at the SHOT show last week. They were VERY pretty but were NOT smooth to cock. trigger pull was very nice but tough to cock. Maybe they were just over-sprung. The Owner used to work for Colt so I am sure he knows about their trademarks. He said at the show that they would be available by late Summer. Will have to wait and see. (incidentally the company has done the CCH work for Colt for many years so they are certainly legitimate)
  11. The President of Standard worked for Colt for quite few years. Left about 3 years ago. He was also very familiar with the USFA SAA program. I think they are trying out the market with many different prototypes to see what has interest. They even had a semi-auto Thompson in the booth. Beautiful looking work on all the firearms. I have no idea what will actually happen.
  12. I have many 1911's and some of both. I prefer the arched ones. They seem to point better and fit my hand.
  13. I just got back from SHOT. I handled the SAA samples they had at the show. It is a legitimate company. They have done the CCH work for Colt for years. The revolvers loked great, BUT they were extremely rough handling and were seriously over=sprung. Should be available by late Summer.
  14. Deuce, do you know what booth Misty will be at?? SASS isn't listed as an exhibitor this year? EMF, Cimarron??? I figured to stop by and say HI if I ran into her.
  15. CC: The Great American Outdoor show. There is a pinned thread by Misty about it on the regular wire.
  16. BT, will you please post the application as a PDF so I can download it and send it in. I need all the computer help I can get. I can print out a pdf, but can't seem to print out anything else.
  17. We do NOT use them for our rifles. If it is a bolt gun just take the bolt out, sight through that on the target put the bolt back in and shoot it. If a gun you can't see through the barrel shoot on large graph paper at 25yds. then adjust. Not very hard. We usually get within 2" after 4 rounds.
  18. BTT one more time for those who might have missed it.
  19. I will be there. SASS isn't listed as having a booth this year. Probably the most CAS activity will be at the Cimarron and EMF booths. SHOT is to the trade only so I don't think it is a great venue for SASS. They are doing the BIG PA show this year which is open to the public. It is now owned by the NRA and SASS always has a booth at the Annual NRA Convention so going to this show makes sense.
  20. Chief Rick: Call Larry Weber in Las Vegas. 702-363-9998 He can give you the info you need.
  21. Flash suppressors work by cooling the powder gasses by contact with cool metal. The suppressor must have sufficient mass and coverage to cool the gasses below the point of being SO hot that they appear to burn in the air. Sound suppressors use internal spaces designed to no only cool the gas but also slow its exhaust speed below that of the speed of sound. With supersonic bullet speed you still hear that crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier if you are in line with or front of the muzzle. Suppressed firearms firing bullets below the speed of sound are VERY quiet.
  22. I have built 48 tables here on my range. They are 32" tall with 32X48" tops. That way I get 3 tops from a 4X8 sheet of marine plywood. We have severe winds occasionally so I use concrete form stakes to hold them down. Those stakes are GREAT. They come in various lengths depending on your need and have holes drilled through them every 2" to make fastening them to the table legs easy. I made some smaller tables but occasionally it is hard to keep long guns on them when in a hurry.
  23. I have two Star brand buildings. Quite happy with them. One is office/whse. 50X110. Shop is 30X50. Need another building to store heavy equipment BAD. Probably will put up a quansit type about 40X60.
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