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  1. Dry Fire will take the SKB just need to know where to send the funds etc.


    Thanks TL

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    2. Tgodley
    3. Tgodley


      FedEx tracking with insurance. Thanks again

      7729 3390 3774 

    4. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384

      Thank you for going the extra steps - I always forget how stringent Illinois is. So wishing we could make a move to somewhere else. 

  2. Fireball - Dry Fire has one he would sell you for $650. If interested give him a call at 815-721-2282. 


  3. I will take:

    Brass 38 - 10,000 

    45 ACP - 2000 

    9mm - 2000 


    Let me know how much and husband want's to know if you can put it all in one package.

  4. John - I will take the scope - let me know what type of payment you would like and we can go from there.



  5. I will take the pistols.  We are coming to WR and can do a face to face there. We will actually be in Phoenix February 12th.



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    2. Flying W Ramrod

      Flying W Ramrod

      Howdy Pard

      Let me know when you want to pick up those revolvers.


    3. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384

      Thanks will give you a call when we get in and get settled .... can't wait for WR .... love this shoot.



    4. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384


      Just gave you a call - we can meet tomorrow if you would like - John and I are going to Cowtown around 10 to do a little practicing if you want to meet there or at Ben Avery - just let me know.



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