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  1. I fished for lake trout in Canada in June and looked like that.
  2. Retired from law enforcement in 2002 at age 51 (27 years). Took a job with the Fed until medical issues forced me out in 2011. Social Security disability approved my application on the first go. My wife had to leave the workforce in the early 2000's and picked up her SS disability. The VA has me rated at 70%, so we do OK.
  3. Looks like 2.75" rocket pods on a Huey. I loaded a few of those at FSB Mace for the 1st Cav. I saw beer nose art on Huey's and Cobras.
  4. I had my cataracts done in 2012. I had about 20/200 in my right eye and 20/80 in my left. Now 20/20 in both. I originally went in to see about Lasik surgery. The doc examined my eyes and said I wasn't a candidate for it because I had a small cataract in each eye. The good news was that my insurance would pay for it. Because of other medical issues, they were done about 8 months apart. It's amazing what they can do. The procedure takes about 20 minutes per eye.
  5. My wife had her right knee replaced on Dec 5. About 4 days in the hospital, then to a residential rehab center 8 days for therapy. She has been at home now for about 10 days. She still walks with a walker due to balance. She experienced some muscle cramping on the sides of the incision that was painful. The knee pain is gone now. Just dealing with the post surgical recovery.
  6. Saturday is supposed to be a high of -4 with a low of -27, wind chills of -35 to -40. I'm staying inside.
  7. About 25 years ago I tried a Ramline 25 rounder. Could not get that thing to work. Then at a gun show I bought a Wilson 50 round mag. Shaped like a tear drop. You had to take the back off and use a small included wrench to wind it up, and insert the rounds into a rubber belt. Release the wrench and put the back on. Slow to load, but reliable. Now I just use the Ruger 10 rounders.
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