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  1. I think you gentlemen make some really solid points. I'm planning on taking my Combat Elite as my backup pistol; I've got about 3,500 rounds through it and I trust it to run like it should. After reading some of the comments, I'm making an effort to evaluate my choices dispassionately, but it's a difficult thing for me since I love this platform so much.


    As a boy, I grew up reading Col. Cooper and attending this course is something I've wanted to do for 25 years. I really appreciate the input.

  2. Hey Everyone,


    I'm very interested in getting a Special Combat Government, but I'm having a hard time justifying it over the 1911 "Level 2" or the Combat Elite that's sitting at the local gun shop. Aside from the Series 70/80 and the difference in the finish, is the SCG worth the extra $700?


    Any help would be appreciated. I'm taking the Pistol 250 course at Gunsite this summer and I want to pick up a pistol for the course.




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