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  1. Running Mr Bullet feeder for about 2 years on my dillion 650. Using 38sp, 105 gr coated bullets. Love it, runs great. Spend a little time at beginning getting the right angle for mounting the feeder but after that runs like a top and help me crank out rounds very fast.
  2. Heard it's 100's plus back there. Park it and spend the summer here!!
  3. Ponsness Warren. I own two now after having loaded on a Hornady Apex some time ago and a Dillon 900. Own a 800+ and a 900 elite. Both great machines and produce great shells. As I read someone say, the PW's don't reload shells, the "remanufacture" them! Found one of the machines I bought on facebook marketplace. And I have not had any problem getting any parts I needed from PW, even for an old 800b I had, all were available.
  4. Get healthy my friend!! Nothing keeps you down! I've seen you run and shoot faster than most, all in a boot and knee brace!!!!
  5. You should hobble on out to the Midwest for the summer and shoot with us!!!
  6. For Sale: SOLD Personally purchased from Eagle Grips, two pair (to fit 2 guns) of Eagle Gunfighter Checkered Grips in Buffalo Horn to fit Ruger Old Model Vaqueros. This materials is no longer made by Eagle. In excellent condition. These are the thinner, checkered Gunfighter models. $325 $275 delivered to Conus. Paypal F&F, Venmo, Zelle also accepted. First to post "I'll take it" here on the wire.
  7. SOLD Dillon RF100 primer tube filler in excellent condition. Has been upgraded for variable speed. Set up for small pistol, but am including tube for large pistol primers also -work great but I have two. Have original box. $350 shipped to conus accept PayPal F&F, Venmo, Zelle also for immediate shipping. first to post “I’ll take it here on the wire gets it.
  8. Notification emails are being sent. Were in!!!! Looking forward to it!!!!
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