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  1. Thank you It was an honor to compete against a bunch of fantastic Senior FC Duelists. Phantom
  2. Whatever... You really don't care to know... Saying for myself.
  3. It's not a qualifying match. Prestige is a funny word when it comes to SASS matches. Phantom
  4. Actually, it's just another match... Just different buckles.
  5. I hope I'm wrong... It'll expose a hand that is less than admirable...IMO.
  6. Doubt it. Mark my words, EOT will be at Indiana... Unless maybe relationships change.
  7. Land Run had always been Land Run. Nothing changed names.
  8. Prevail...Prevale... In the grand scheme of things... It's not impotent.
  9. It's physically possible, but not politically possible.
  10. There's another thread where this is discussed. Couple issues that were addressed. 1. Wearing a piece of clothing/equipment/etc in the manner that it was designed to be worn. A Bando, while is above the belly button, is worn as designed. Shotgun belts are just that...belts. Wearing it up right under your pecs is not wearing it as it was designed to be worn. 2. Cosmetics was another motivator. The decision makers didn't like the "look" of wearing a SG Belt under one's pecs. I frankly agree with them! This motivation was also the motivation behind the development of the "Default" starting position. We all used to crouch and hover over our guns at the start of a stage. Some folks said it didn't look "Cowboy" so they came up with the Default Starting Position. Phantom
  11. If yer going to do that...then I'll have to get a few more tattoos...
  12. Whaaaaaa???? So I can't wear my spurs on my elbows???? 'Merica!
  13. I agree...while I have not been in this game as long as you and have not been involved in the Rules development like you have (thank you by the way), I have been pretty active in volunteering as a PM...and it is VERY difficult not to "Help" the shooter. It's also extremely difficult to be instantly responsive to the things that can happen during a Stage...particularly when one is Timing for a Top Shooter. It's amazing how one's tongue gets tied and all you can do as a T.O. is mutter something along the line of UGH-UGH! Luckily the game just keeps on going regardless of the crazy things we talk about here on the Wire. Phantom
  14. Well...actually if you look at some of the BS that goes on ... yes, there is a Stoopid Wire. I'll always pick up the Timer. Someone's has too. Coaching leads to inconsistent competitions.
  15. Rules put in place so that participants project a look that is acceptable to the Powers That Be. For instance, the "Default" position was put in place because some folks didn't like the "look" of "us" starting all crouched up and hovering over our guns...said it didn't look "Cowboy". Phantom
  16. It's one of a few rules that are cosmetics motivated. Phantom
  17. Yes...because I like to screw with people... Remember, I'm an advocate for NO COACHING! Phantom...remembering why I take breaks from the Stoopid Wire.
  18. Yer right...I should have said 99.99% of those that wearing the SG Belt above their belly button are cheating...
  19. Do you realize that we are talking about a T.O. command...why are you bringing up irrelevant topics? I'm sticking to the question at hand...maybe I'm wrong to do so...but the question as I see it is that a T.O can say "Open Lever" to indicate that the lever on a rifle is closed and that it's the shooter's decision at that point on whether or not to open it. Don't put the burden on the T.O. to know whether there is a round in the gun or not. Now if PWB stated that if the T.O. would be giving improper instructions for telling the shooter that the lever is closed when the rifle is empty, please reference that. Phantom
  20. Then I'll wait to hear from PWB since I see that this is a "Shooter's Choice" regardless of whether the rifle is empty or not...don't see how you can distinguish between the two. Phantom
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