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  1. Ever post a picture...or talk about the guns you bought?
  2. It's like buying a conspicuous consumption item...there's ego there. Folks like recognition...period. Anyone that says they don't is lying. The question is: Do the folks that you care about give a crap? Probably not... Phantom
  3. I was confused as you said you received "safeties".
  4. You mean you decocked on a stage without specific instruction to do so by the TO? Phantom
  5. I did when shooting two handed...I did okay. Lead Dispencer did...won just about everything multiple times. But whatever... Phantom
  6. Nothing is "Free"... But I love the "Free" promotions of this product Phantom
  7. Sight picture with buckhorn sights? Mine would be the sight of them in the trash... Phantom
  8. If, for safety sake, we say don't shoot the downed SG target...then the shooter could have seen the downed SG target and fired of a round quickly to "count" as the round fired for the downed SG target. Where he/she was aiming is irrelevant. Why is it hard to believe that the shooter wouldn't expend his/her "downed SG target shot" near the first SG target that he/she wants to KD first? Phantom
  9. If this "vendor" is a small Ma/Pa shop, have you considered that maybe there is some kind of family trauma going on? We sure have seem to become a very unforgiving society with the advent of the Interweb... Good luck. Phantom
  10. Again...wow...I know WHAT it means. I'm just surprised that a person of your gender is using it...comprehension is apparently a lost art... Questioning your post was done because I felt that it represented an opinion that while not solely unique to you personally, was fairly typical of those that don't have a decent understanding of both the U.S. Postal Service and Common Carriers. Ad hominem attacks (ref. keyboard warrior comment), is a losing and desperate act. As far as entertainment goes, perhaps proof reading your posts before you hit the "Submit Reply" button should become one of your forms of entertainment. PS: When I make a mistake (spelling or otherwise), I usually post a silly note with a Smiley Face...I try not to pick up the shovel and dig deeper. Phantom
  11. Yeah...well you're a guest...so. And why is spelling not important? Oh...wait...spelling is not important any longer cuz we have Spellcheck!!!! Phantom
  12. I know what the statement means...it's just that I'm used to hearing it from little old ladies. You're right, you don't have to support your statements. Not doing so has become quite prevalent in today's society...just state your opinion and then stand proud without any supporting arguments...sad... And it's "Sense", not "Since"... Phantom
  13. Maybe someone is good with a lathe... Love the Headstamp! Phantom
  14. Funny...but I thought that little southern was more or less used by little old ladies. Guess I was wrong. Sorry you can't support your statements other than by simply call me names...quite the Cowboy Way! You'll do well in this game. Phantom
  15. I just like to see folks support positions/comments that they make...it's an accountability thing with me. I'm not much for "cuteness". Phantom
  16. I woulda believed it was if you didn't go down to the second decimal point
  17. Obviously you're in dire need of both spelling and grammar instruction...might want to seek some out. I'm not sure what "I could give a care less" means...are you trying to say "I couldn't care less"?? Now I would lastly suggest that you understand that the U.S. Postal Service is a rather unique entity and comparing it to a For Profit business is silly...but...I guess you have a right to be...silly. Cheers! Phantom
  18. 9mm took it's place a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago...serious... Phantom
  19. Economics...it's a science. Supply / demand issues...material costs...labor costs...inflation...channel costs...good lord, the variables are seemingly endless. Phantom
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