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  1. 4 hours ago, Kid Rich said:

    I think you need to check with ATF. Try going on their website and looking under FAQ. If a person OWNS a residence in TWO states and does not rent or lease either out in his or her absence they can legally purchase a handgun in either state. At least in AZ and ME. I don't know if it is that way where you live but ATF regs say it is legal.


    PS I carried a current tax bill in my vehicle for my residence for the state that my drivers license was not from for 16 years in case I wanted to purchase a handgun.in that state.

    CO is...unique...perhaps. 


    We run our BG Checks through CBI (they run it through NICS). Their (CBI), system won't allow a handgun check with a resident check out of state. Now if they have a 2nd Res such as Mil folks, then yes.



    22 hours ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    I’m done since phantom is never wrong 

    This is such silliness...


    If I'm wrong (which happens a lot), tell me how I'm wrong.





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  2. 1 hour ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    Transfers and gun bashes alone will never by themselves keep a store in business but they sure help both in direct sales and by bringing new customers into the store 

    You know this is a completely different statement then your first statement...right?



  3. 1 hour ago, Kid Rich said:

    Something no one has mentioned is the subjectivity of individual ATF agents. I was purchasing a revolver from a gun shop and was told by the owner I could not buy it because my primary residence listed on my DL was in another state. I told him to contact his ATF agent and he did, who also told him I could not buy it. At this time an ex police officer in the store told him the same thing. At this point in time I told the store owner to call the 800 number for ATF and ask them. He did and gave them the required info and they told him to have me fill out the forms and they would walk him through the process. I left with revolver. Legally.


     PS I  apologized for all the bother he had to go to. He said none needed as he had lost sales before under the same circumstances but would not in the future.

    Well that's not right.


    I can tell ya right now that if we submit a Handgun for background check and the buyer is an out of state resident, it won't pass.



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  4. 4 minutes ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    I’m glad your shop can afford to pass up about 50k a year in gun bash profits and $120 a day in transfers 

    Please...try not to read into my comments more than that which was stated.


    First off, "gun bash" is a pretty regional term...do you think most folks understand this term? Secondly, you use the term "Profit". So is this Gross Profit???


    You're statement that "online sales is what keeps many lgs in business" is silly. Your statement is full of assumptions based solely on what...your working at a Gun Shop? Now obviously any contributor to one's bottom line is more than likely a good thing. But your statement is that it's what keeps "them" in business. 


    It's this belief...this...attitude...that truly hurts the small gun shops. Customers that "think" that their online gun purchases and hence the transfer fees that they generate is doing the small gun shop a favor...that they are keeping them from closing their doors that is killing the small gun shops.


    And lastly, don't assume that I'm saying these things because beliefs like yours is hurting my business. It's not. My business is structured...differently. I'm not here whining about how these things are hurting me. It just makes me sick to hear the BS about how small gun shops are being keep alive because of all the online sales/transfers. Thank God for those people that are saving a few bucks with online gun purchases...imagine how many small gun shops would have closed by now if folks actually purchased their guns from that small gun shop...oh the horror!!!!



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  5. 14 minutes ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    The lgs I worked at has been in business for over forty years as a brick and mortar store. Tens of thousands of guns have passed through the store and we have outlasted several big box stores so the business model must be working. Gun transfers and gun bash’s are a real solid money maker.


    I'm sure you're intimately familiar with their business model...thinking that transfers can support a reasonably good sized shop verses actual firearm sales. 


    Would love to know on what basis you think that "Online sales are what keeps many lgs in business."


    Transfers are a very competitive "product" within the gun shop market. Won't even entertain the "Gun Bash" reference.



  6. Just now, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    I knew a guy that nearly lost his FFL, (kitchen table). His business was at his home, but the mailing address was his mother's home, next door. He told me that the Inspector REALLY wanted to take his FFL, but since he was easily able to correct it, she couldn't.

    Well...this IS a problem.


    The address on the FFL is the legal address for doing business. Sounds like he was running his business at an address other than the one on his FFL.


    I'm surprised that he didn't lose his FFL.



  7. 4 minutes ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    Online sales are what keeps many lgs in business. Enter the incoming gun in your books notify the buyer it’s in five minutes of paper work, take the gun out of your books, forty dollars please, Twenty minutes 

    Probably one of the funniest things I've read in a long time - thanks!!!



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  8. 18 hours ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    It’s hard to compete when the big box stores can buy them for less than the lgs can sell them for 

    The "big box" stores are easy to compete against...pulllease.


    Online stores are difficult... For reasons I don't have time to explain.



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  9. 4 hours ago, Dantankerous said:

    If I want to shoot slower stages I will use a Henry. If I want to shoot faster stages I don't use a Henry. The Henry rifle is unique and an excellent choice with black powder but I only know of 1 or 2 guys who are really competitive with the Henry.


    They take a little bit of dedication to learn... not all that different from learning to run an '87 shotgun.


    But both can yield headaches. :D

    I would like to know who's competitive with the 1860 outside of some small monthly match... And like Miles said, what make you think that it's excellent for BP?


    I'm really quite curious.



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  10. 1 hour ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:


    I do shoot it a couple of times a year, and am thinking I'd like to do so more, cuz some of my guns are really cool in the caliber.

    Winchester 73
    Winchester 92
    Colt Lightning
    Colt SAA 1st Gen antique that letters as a .44-40.  No idea when it was changed.
    Colt SAA 3rd Gen
    Pair of Colt Bisleys, one nickel, one blue.


    I figure if I have more guns to rotate through, I'll shoot the caliber more often,

    I thought you said that you can't acquire 3rd Gen Colt's...


    And does it ever bother you to constantly list your guns on an open forum????



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  11. 27 minutes ago, River Jordan, SASS 18742 said:

    in particular is it as reliable as the Uberti Henry ? ( I understand the Henry design ) 

    Just wanted to see how they feed , feel and hold up under use etc.. 



    It's just another toggle link rifle...no more or less reliable.


    If you think they're cool...and you don't particularly care about being competitive...get one.



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  12. 2 hours ago, River Jordan, SASS 18742 said:

    Is anyone shooting one of the newish Henry Originals regularly in matches?  If so, what are your thoughts......?  

    The first question needed to be asked before an accurate and meaningful answer can be given is:


    What do you want outta SASS CAS matches?



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  13. The height of the SG belt is one of those things that just bugs the crap outta me. Not from a competitive perspective, but rather from a "don't they fricken know the rules" and "that looks absolutely stoopid" perspective.


    I'm going to start carrying nylon gloves (or equiv), so that next time someone evites me to feel for their damn BB, I'll say let's go!



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