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  1. I don't / won't rely on any audible indicator. If the plunger pin is in the "V", it's a good load. Cheers! Phantom
  2. I hope he had a good life. Prayers... Phantom
  3. And you further attack me with your "withdraw" statement...nice... And to think that I was willing to help you get the most $$ for your friend...wow...
  4. You make a post...I gave comments trying to focus on how you are going to market your "Friends" guns. If you had participated in that discussion in an honest manner, perhaps I could have helped steer you in a way that would have benefitted your "Friend". But noooooooo...not you. You just laugh it off and then come at me with personal attacks...Very "Cowboy" of you. Too bad as I think I know a thing or two about selling firearms and my knowledge and experience may have given your "Friend" some financial benefits. Phantom
  5. No. Reholstered without the intent to engage other pistol targets. He corrected the issue before he shot the rifle...If I remember the video correctly
  6. There's no HazMat fee for finished ammo...but the shipping price would be rather high. Besides, they are readily available here in the lower 48. Phantom
  7. Probably...$30ish for the full box. Not super collectable. Phantom
  8. Ahhhh...by all means...but I've gotta save what hearing I have left so I'd pass off the timer... By the way, how many seconds are deducted for "Style Points"? Cheers! Phantom PS: If I can't compete, I won't have fun. If I don't have fun, I won't compete.
  9. Curious what the average year brings in "new gun owners".
  10. And I held back ... But... Having folks that don't know how to sell their firearms and achieve the highest realised value is foolish. And it appears that you are not very... knowledgeable in this area. Good luck... Not to you, but to the poor lady you're selling the guns for. I'm looking forward to your pithy reply,
  11. I know of folks using them without any issues...that's about all I'll say. Phantom
  12. You'll probably need something more abrasive...and I clean my brass months after using them. Keep 'em and tumble them. Try some Jewelers Rouge. I'm sure other's will chime in with their favorite formula. Phantom
  13. Ya know, I think it might be advantageous to state what one's goals are with regards to loads. Otherwise you'll get the "Very Competitive" loads are the way to the "I don't care what my rounds do to your hearing or targets" loads. Phantom
  14. Perhaps it was the fact that the ULT issue was framed in the context of a Hollywood production screw-up: "The recent filming industry tragedy and apparent negligence points up how accidents really can happen when guns are not thoroughly checked and confirmed unloaded." And we (SASS/CAS), somehow need to be reminded that guns should always be considered loaded...?? Whatever...
  15. Ha! Yeah...I'm really "offended". Comprehension is a wonderful thing. I was very specific in my language...try reading my comment again. Here it is: Let's not be silly and equate what we do in SASS/CAS with some Hollywood production and their methods of operation... Oy... Phantom
  16. No - do take your "don't point a gun at anyone", and your "keep your finger off the trigger", and your "all guns should always be considered loaded" rules seriously. Let's not be silly and equate what we do in SASS/CAS with some Hollywood production and their methods of operation... How long are folks going to milk this story...good Lord! Phantom
  17. I don't agree. SASS is pretty damn tolerant of voices of dissent here on the Wire. Phantom
  18. Why not contact "your favorite gunsmith" and ask them if they can get the guns you're looking for thru Mfgr/Distribution? Most can... Phantom
  19. These are issues that can have a dramatic affect on the price realized. Selling guns and realizing top market value is more complex than some understand...but...if achieving top market value is not that important, then don't worry about these things. Phantom
  20. Seriously...when are some of you folks going to take off those silly Rose Colored Glasses???? The people in SASS are no different than any other group that participate in Games/Sports...really. There are a lot of SASS members that do nothing but put on a facade to mask their true self...and people buy it Hook, Line and Sinker! Phantom
  21. Question is: How are you going to insure you get the most for your friend's wife? How will you sell it? What medium will you utilize? What will be the structure of your ad? There are a lot of folks that don't know how to get the most $$ for owner... Just curious how someone that's not in the "Business" goes about selling guns and getting top market value. Phantom
  22. Well I guess I'm not legit... Seeing as how I use 35gr of BP.
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