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  1. Could you elaborate on this...not too sure what it is you're saying. Phantom
  2. Doesn't sound like an issue with the 1895 line so far as quality goes...perhaps an issue with your particular model/order. Phantom
  3. Are you not talking about Cartridges rather than Calibers? Phantom
  4. I just...don't know what to say...
  5. Interesting...as I believe the Walkers produced approximately half the energy of the 45-60 (less velocity and far less projectile weight). Where did you get your numbers from? Phantom
  6. It diverged because of the OP's (and others), misunderstanding of the rule regarding "Calibers" (as opposed to Cartridges).
  7. My limited experience in the gun world tells me differently. We would refer to a pistol chambered in a cartridge such as .223, 45-70 or 444 Marlin Express as a pistol chambered in a rifle caliber. Headline for an article in Shootingillustrated.com (NRA): "14 New Rifle-Caliber Pistols for 2019" Phantom PS: It's okay to have disagreements
  8. You do that and the rifle will give you nothing but grief.
  9. All my cartridge books refer to a 45-70 as a rifle cartridge. You can put it in a Canon and that doesn't make it a Canon round.
  10. The crap one gets if they question the position of one's SG belt... You know... Well come over and feel for my belly button hahaha...I just walk away shaking my head wishing I could B@#*h slap them...ahhh, the Cowboy Way
  11. Right ... Like the benefit of a doubt regarding shotgun belt locations...
  12. Rather than asking, why not write the stages and set them up at your club??
  13. I'm not aware of there being an issue with the 1895 line...
  14. For cryin' out loud, can we please just call them Marlins?
  15. I was just saying that one guy was commenting about a single entity country and the other was making a blanket statement about a group of States... Ya know
  16. Ahhh, but I didn't make a blanket statement
  17. Maybe in your State, but not mine... You travel a lot checking on how paint is stored
  18. Not quite, but close. In a nutshell, gun-centric events. What?
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