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  1. 7 minutes ago, Last Call Saul said:


    in my rifle it is a wedge that goes into the bolt and the extension rod, that is held by the same pin that attaches the toggle arms to the bolt

    Right...that's the "newer" design.



  2. 21 hours ago, Shawnee Hills said:


    Have heard nothing but good things about Boogie's parts and work but he hasn't been able to get his parts in for over a year and has now dropped the Ruger short-stroke kits from his website.  I recently contacted him about getting work done without success.  No parts available.

    Ref. FJT's post.



  3. 10 hours ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:


    Sorry (NOT!)...that's the only "foreign" language I took in high school. :P


    Had to learn "gub'mint-ese" OTJ. B)

    I just figured that it had to be written in Latin...since it seems sooooo many folks don't read it.





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  4. 2 minutes ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    Looks really interesting. I wonder if it’ll work in an older model ‘73?  Some kits don’t.

    That's an question for Boogie...but I don't mess with building my 73's. I send them to Boogie and he does all the upgrades in his bag of tricks.



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  5. 3 minutes ago, Artemus Von Schutze said:


    I'll bite, why are you boycotting EoT?

    Personal reason that if I mentioned here would just get the thread pulled.


    This said, I hope that EOT 2024 is a resounding success. So for those folks that think I want EOT to fail...sorry...I don't.


    Hope all have a great time!



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  6. 16 minutes ago, wyliefoxEsquire said:


    I was going to join you and Reb for a beer or ....

    Sorry...I'm boycotting EOT...for now :P


    I'm sure my boycott will have a dramatic affect:lol:



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  7. 44 minutes ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    WB was the only reason I bought one.  

    I...don't know what to say...


    But, I do remember in one of my undergraduate classes that it can be a fatal flaw to think that the Market is just like you.



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  8. 15 minutes ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    Wild Bunch isn't the only reason to buy a rifle like yours but it was part of the market driven demand.  

    Soooo... Like WB added like...what...20 people to the market??





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  9. 6 minutes ago, Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator said:


    Sure in my and Sassy's plans ....even if Phantom is going to be there.:P

    Also plan to shoot Tumbleweed match at Tombstone on the  way out.  

    No worries Billy Legend, I'm not going... Which sucks because I always enjoy seeing you and your much better half:rolleyes:



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  10. 56 minutes ago, Shawnee Hills said:


    Next winter??  Bullpucky!  Get back in there and try it again now.  Nobody likes a quitter.  :P:lol:


    But seriously, you should easily be able to get the bolt out on a 357 without messing with the lower tang.  On mine, it appears that there won't be enough clearance but they fall right out.  I just need to remember to pull the bolt extension as far rearward as I can every time.  Otherwise, that's the part that the bolt wants to hang up on.

    No...not always and more times than not I would guess. 


    Yes if you can get the FP Extension past the hammer.



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  11. If you look at GB you'll see a decent representation of value when sold through GB.


    But...keep in mind...


    Then you have Auction fees / shipping / packaging...and then some receiving FFL's will not accept firearm shipments from a non-licensee. These are hard costs. Then you have to know how to best market your rifle on these auction sites in order to give yourself the best chance at receiving the high end of the market value.



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  12. To answer your questions specifically. The hang up isn't with whether "it" works, but rather why would one do it in today's CAS world. The process of Short Stroking the 66/73 has progressed to the point where the old methodology of C&W is simply outdated.


    Can you still C&W? Of course!

    Do you keep shooting your C&W rifle? Of course!


    Just understand that there are better ways to Short Stroke a 66/73.



    PS: I think the C&W method yields a stroke closer to the 2nd Gen.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Circuit Rider Jeff said:

    That is a good example Phantom, I was told early on to read the stage out loud to myself before finalizing it for the match. It has to make sense and be safe all around to avoid issues. The other thing to consider is some folks will hear what your read and be on the same wavelength as you and others are going to be confused, so it is best to spell it out very plainly even simpler than you think it must be to take away and questioners that will pick apart your scenarios. I have seen a few ruckus' between shooters caused by just this, so I would say keep it simple to be safe.

    So making a stage as open as possible is, in my opinion, the way to go. Write in only those things that you as the write want...leave the rest up to the shooter to decide. Makes the game far more interesting than defining every little thing so that everyone pretty much as to engage the Stage in exactly the same way...ugh...hate that!


    Good on you for trying to be a better Stage Writer. Wish more Stage Writers would take this philosophy.



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