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  1. I'll use them in either at Monthlies. Phantom
  2. Yeah...well that's Cimarron for ya. Don't know which is more embarrassing. Saying they are "Designed along the lines...", or believing it.
  3. Let me correct your statement as you obviously made an error. "Comparing them is an illogical thing to do." There, much better! Phantom
  4. Hey! The 914 is an awesome car! Very well balanced and super fun to drive. While I'm primarily a 911 guy (air cooled please), some of the most fun I've had driving Porsches was in a 914! Now ya wanna have a LOT of fun? Drive a 914-6! Phantom PS: I agree with your cosmetic comment.
  5. Well...we do live for printed newsletters...and saving 7 gallons of gas money per year.
  6. Yeah...I was just trying to keep my argument/position simple...don't like long posts And a Karmann Ghia is worth a fair amount...nothing close to a similar condition Porsche (excluding a couple models made with European truck engines). Bottom line, they are completely different firearms and it's silly to compare them.
  7. I'm embarrassed... The Cimarron revolver is nothing more than a 1873 with a different grip frame...that's like calling a Karmann Ghia a Porsche. Oy... Phantom
  8. First off, have a difference of opinion has nothing to do with "Trolling". Using these kind of terms does nothing except end discussions. And as far making design changes...so a company that buys a name/product line is forever prevented from making changes/improvments to that product line??? THAT is funny. Phantom
  9. They could have ignored it...or perhaps they now a little bit more about the "Market" than we do. Phantom
  10. Good Lord...I can see it now... CZ 1873 Colt... Ownerships change all the time. Names don't because there is a value to those names. Phantom
  11. The 1895SBL is not only an awesome rifle, but the most popular seller (Marlin), I had in my shops.
  12. They bought tooling and the know name of Marlin...They are not going to design and tool up from scratch for a toggle link rifle. Come on guys... Phantom
  13. I try to understand the local laws...but ultimately it's the buyer's responsibility. Phantom PS: I HATE local laws that require an FFL for a Non-gun gun.
  14. Oh come on now! The design was so stellar that it should be brought back! I'm thinking about bringing back the Model-T...a few little improvements and it'll take off!!!! Stay tuned! Phantom
  15. Right...I'm aware of Federal Law as I'm an FFL. The point is, that Federal Law is meaningless if the City/County has restrictions. And if shipping to an FFL in one of those places doesn't accept transfers from non-licensees, then you'll have to take your ATF Non-gun to an FFL for them to ship to the restrictive FFL. Cheers! Phantom
  16. Not necessarily true. There are cities/counties that still require an FFL do a background check on C&B (etc), firearms. Then you might have to deal with and FFL in those cities/counties that will not accept the shipment from a non-licensee. Phantom
  17. You know, dealing with CC's can be a real pain in the butt for small "shops"...and believe it or not, many are not Gun Friendly. This kneejerk reaction to those small gun shops that don't take CC's is silly. Phantom
  18. Some guns bring top dollar on the Wire because they are basically CAS guns only. What I mean by this is some guns have a bunch of money put into them (SS, Engraving, etc), for things that are attractive to only CAS'ers. The average person will not want to pay extra for these "custom" guns. However, your non-Cowboy'ed up guns will sell better on a forum such as GB since it reaches a significantly larger audience. Also, the type of sale format here on the Wire is not conducive to getting the most for a gun...good for the buyer, not for the seller. There are safeguards against fraud on many gun selling marketplaces. Buyers should always be cautious regardless of the venue. I would think...in a perfect world...that SASS members in good standing would have as a membership benefit the ability to buy and sell here on the SASS Forum. Phantom
  19. Selling guns here on the Wire is silly. There are far better venues to sell firearms. That said, I could never buy something here on the Wire and then mark it up and sell it on the Wire...but that's just me. Phantom
  20. To think that a company such as Ruger would see no Goodwill value in keeping the name Marlin would be an extraordinary surprise. Phantom
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