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  1. They're expensive...but not that expensive. Particularly taking into consideration the rising prices of Turkeys. Phantom
  2. Doubt it. Their "books" will show the receiver as a Rifle unless they produce a Pistol version.
  3. Not really. I was simply addressing speed and not grip. The act of cocking the hammer exists regardless of whether one is shooting supported or not. Phantom
  4. There are multi-time overall World Champs/Nat'l Champs that Slip Hammered...I Slip Hammered exclusively when I shot two handed. I don't recommend it any longer. The fact is that at some point the shooter has to bring his/her thumb up to re-cock the revolver...you can do that before you pull trigger or after you let go of the hammer...but you still have to bring that thumb up at some point...except the last shot obviously. Phantom
  5. It was a Generic Pronoun... And per the suggestion, I'm now letting it go. Hope everyone has a Blessed Thanksgiving. Phantom
  6. I didn't say you attacked me. I said that folks should be able to say what's on their mind so long as they don't attack someone personally. The use of the word "you" was general. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Phantom
  7. Stop trying to have folks respond only in your way... And it's silly to think that folks should only say "Nice" things...I suppose you don't believe in calling a Spade a Spade...if you honestly believe that it's a Spade. Good Lord...say what's on your mind so long as you don't attack someone personally. Don't be afraid of being bold in your expression of a differing opinion. Phantom
  8. If you actually would read and then realize that folks are allowed to have and express their differing opinions, you would have made you statement in the first place...perhaps that's something that you need to have "in you".
  9. This childish and completely inaccurate post done by a representative of the NEW EOT is completely disingenuous. Feel free to read what I really said on the thread regarding Spurs. Truly...pathetic and sad...and very far from exhibiting the "Cowboy" way. Phantom
  10. Hey folks - go check out the thread on "Spurs" and you'll see just how childish this post is...very Un-Cowboy like. Well done Mr. Representative of the new EOT. Phantom
  11. Funny...I thought it was Brother King that got the ball rolling on the "Magnificent Seven". Phantom
  12. Well how can I argue with that argument. Yeah...wearing spurs and running around on foot...exactly what spurs were made for Phantom
  13. My thoughts are, if you don't need them to make category, leave them at home. The less folks wear spurs at a match, the better. Cheers! Phantom
  14. We don't ride horses...and spurs are a tripping hazard!
  15. Aaaand...that's kinda important considering Cimarron is calling it a Lightning...and Thunderer. Frankly, I think whole discussion is silly. I can see why someone would want to buy one because they think they look cool and all...but ya gotta stop lying to yerself with this comparison with the actual Lightning/Thunderer. Phantom
  16. Yeah...so...? And "Ford" designed the GT and the Edsel...but please, let's not try and say they are comparable.
  17. Oh...I don't know...Frame...Action...you know, little things. Boy I'll tell ya, some of y'all sure take this Fantasy aspect of our game to the extremes. Phantom
  18. No... Ruger didn't call their SA Revolver a Single Action Army... Remington didn't call their SA Revolver a Single Action Army...or a Peacemaker...or...Model P...or anything else "Colt". USFA didn't call their...you get the drift...maybe... Comparing something to another is different than hijacking a name with minimal and non-critical similarities. Take away the silly attempt at copying the grip frame and all you have is a scaled down 1873 Clone...oy... And do you think that they actually designed the scaled down version to specifically market their "Lightning"??? Puuuuulease. Phantom
  19. Yer right...there's a barrel...a cylinder...and a grip frame that kinda looks like a Lightning grip frame......I'm sorry, I just started laughing. What else are the similarities? Sorry again...
  20. Designed along the lines... Simple grammar "Not the same thing"...how's about "not even close to the same thing". It's a crock and shamefully poor marketing. Phantom
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