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  1. Actually, it has more to do with folks being bored of the MSR market and want something different...doesn't have a lot to do with the "home defense tactical" market. Phantom
  2. Chambered in the .44 CLMR Same as the .44 WCF...but Colt didn't really want to put Winchester anything on their rifles. Would need more info. to ascertain any reasonable guess on value. Phantom Cool workmanship though.
  3. I wonder how many of you realize just how small the CAS market actually is... Phantom PS: Why so much bitching when manufacturers put out something that you don't like?
  4. If you flipped a coin and came up "Heads" both times...would that mean the coin doesn't have a "Tails" side? I hate Probability and Statistics... Phantom
  5. Please...read as much or as little as you want into my comment. Afterall...it is the Wire. Phantom
  6. I like the guy that reps a bunch of clubs...and they all voted the exact same way. Hmmmmmm... Phantom
  7. This is truly sad...damn... One of the nicest guys I've ever met in this game. crap! Phantom
  8. No such thing as "realistic" gun values unless you tell us how you wish to sell...oh, and have a complete description & photos. Phantom
  9. A long time ago...come on Shameless Womanizer, you were around back then and know it. How's about I post your rambling PM's that you sent me with folks. Then they can see what kind of person you really are Me...I'm consistent. I don't try and be someone different on Social Media. Phantom PS: You lied again by saying that I portrayed myself as "pure as the driven snow". Never did...and I'll be glad to post the whole thread.
  10. No...probably the Conservative twin... Phantom
  11. Perhaps you should have said everything's overpriced for you... I know, clarity can be a tricky thing...but cute little gif you posted Phantom
  12. Sometimes there are post that are so embarrassing... Phantom
  13. Look, if it's in its original condition and original finish, it has collector value. Were a bunch made? Yes... and many of them have been beat to crap! People will poopoo a 97 like it's a fricken Hi-Point... But it's not. So, you have a somewhat collectable 97 that isn't ideal for CAS primarily because it's a three screw. If you want a 97 for CAS I would look for another 97. Keep the one you have to preserve a little bit of history. Phantom
  14. This would imply that you know costs needed to produce. How do you know this?? I'm impressed! Phantom
  15. Of course... But the point of my comment is that they break. Phantom
  16. Leave it if all original It's a solid frame three screw... Pain in the ass. Phantom
  17. Okay, I'll bite. Who's fault is it that they are overpriced? The retailer, wholesaler, manufacturers or their suppliers? Or some nafarious cabal! Phantom
  18. Careful or he'll send you a bizarre PM accusing you of weird stuff Phantom
  19. Send Widder a message. It's good to get info from folks that know what they are doing. Phantom
  20. Does anybody like to keep what they have not known to social media???? Oy... Phantom
  21. I'm not a Marlin guy, but this is awesome info!!! Thanks Widderborg!!! Phantom
  22. Oh my God!!!!!!! Businesses are being bought and sold???? The horror!!!!! Phantom
  23. If you truly offend folks here, whether real or imagined... They actually throw a fit and block you...so.... Phantom
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