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  1. Call Federal and have the lot number handy OLG
  2. Today, the best made SA revolvers come from Freedom Arms out of Wyoming. OLG
  3. May I ask the brand of primer? Agree 110% it was a high primer. The alignment sleeve is a very good idea! OLG
  4. JK, buy trying a bx of factory ammo. You will then know if it's the gun or your reloads. My bet, your reloads. ALWAYS-seat the primer firmly to the bottom of the primer pocket. OLG
  5. JK, you need to try some factory ammo. OLG
  6. TFJ, I haven't a clue. Try calling Wolff Gunsprings. I too would like to know this. OLG
  7. NMV come from the factory with 17lb springs The seller went well below that. OLG
  8. Did you ck your spam file for their response? OLG
  9. NMV's come with 17lb hammer spring and 30oz trigger return spring. The OMV came with 23lb hammer spring and a 40oz trigger return spring. OP, just because the gun fires now. Will it in 6 months or a year from now after the spring takes a set? Or when the gun is gunked up from flying dirt etc. OLG
  10. First I've heard of it OLG
  11. 17lb hammer spring is Ruger OEM for the NMV. Same for 30oz trigger return spring. OLG
  12. Common with mixed brass and wimpy hammer spring Make sure your primers are seated to the bottom of the case's primer pocket. OLG
  13. I thought it was a good one I've heard far worse in the brief'n room OLG
  14. Remove the lock. Then you shape and fit a #10 fender washer in place of the lock. OLG
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