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  1. Not one word on military and LEO contracts. No word on consumer powders either. Wonder how much is being shipped out of country? This is mostly 'fluff'....... OLG
  2. I have used the 124gn version in my 9s for many years. They are excellent and the company is a NATO supplier. OLG
  3. Close to the $2.00 @ gal mark today. OLG
  4. Become very slippery with sweaty hands in the summer heat/humidity. OLG
  5. Put a small dab of copper anti-seize on the nipple threads. OLG
  6. You have to pay $49.00 @ yr for membership to read this article. No TNX! OLG
  7. I still use some holsters made by the original Ted from the early Leather Slap days. Used them for IPSC shoots at Lk. Piru, Ca. OLG
  8. Unique works very well for SG. 12GA, try 17-17.5gn with 3/4-1oz shot. Less recoil than Featherlite. OLG
  9. Ted Blocker was sold many years ago. Was it just sold again? OLG
  10. With those 2 powders. Go with middle of the chart load for good year-round results. You want a firm roll crimp. OLG
  11. Remove the sight. Take your calipers and measure from top of sight to the bottom of the dovetail. That's the height needed. Looks like that sight is all brass from your other pictures. OLG
  12. Why I like Pelican hard cases. Be careful removing the sight so you don't tear the ramp off the bbl. There's another screw under the sight. OLG
  13. I received 3 warnings in the last week. Told'em to Fox Oscar and that what I posted was historical fact! Those threads are now gone..... OLG
  14. Make sure you anneal the case mouths of that brass OLG
  15. All I will say is for what we sold our Ca home for. We paid cash for our larger-4BR, all brick Missouri home, and have cash left over. Not hard to see the stupid high costs of liv'n under the suppression of PRK. Then moving to America. OLG
  16. You need a paper 'wad' at the bottom of the primer pocket to raise the primer, because LPP are not as tall as LRP. There's also cases of damage to the bolt breechface from primer set back using LPP. OLG
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