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  1. Cap's race gun '87 lever will be marked so on the lower left side of the frame and inside on the hammer.

    The lever marking will show the serial number of his mod, as this goes into a log book he keeps with him.


  2. If he JK'd at the top of the hill. Then I would say he wasn't chain'd up. Hard to tell in the vid.

    Also-I was taught to chain one outboard if not both sides of the rear trailer when on ice. I rec'd my first CDL in Colorado and this was SOP for winter over the mtns.


  3. I want to know what happened to the air-brake lines to begin with. :unsure:

    Did they break because they weren't drain'n water out and froze or what?

    I too want to know why the brakes weren't caged. It's something every driver has to know.

    I held a class 1 CDL for almost 30yrs. There're lots of questions unanswered here.

    Like-not see'n any tire chains.......


  4. Interesting:


    The SASS site has more than one index page.


    The url looks the same but the pages displayed are not.

    This is a redirect issue that can be fixed when rebuilding the pages and/or confirming on page links.

    It appears there are more than one index page with different connection links.





    The one in blue works fine for me.

    The second one doesn't do anything.


  5. My Glock 20 works fine with Armscorp 180 FMJ's, but not with Underwood 180's. It cycles the slide too fast, trapping the ejecting brass. I've tried a Wolf 22lb spring setup, but it still does it. I don't reload for this critter as it is just a plinking gun for me. I shoot a box of 50 every now and then. Can get the Armscorp's for about .40 cents each, so reloading is just not in my current picture, considering I'd have to get the kit for my 550 at about $150 for the setup. I do keep an eye out for a used kit; no luck yet.

    You have a magazine spring problem.

    Get some Wolff extra power mag springs.


  6. Just buy a Colt SAA and take it apart. It's filled with Uberti parts. At least that's what I read somewhere on the internet

    Which internet on what planet? :rolleyes:

    Red-Call Wolff Gunsprings and they will help you.


  7. About 12 years ago there was a famous, now infamous, cowboy shooter that, usually, broke his Ruger Vaqueros with annual regularity. He ran heavy mainsprings because he would catch the hammer. There were problems with the 73' that he ran that seemed to be similar. Awesome shooter at the time. His legacy includes being remembered for wining 9 out of 10 stages at MuleCamp and losing the match. Boy, could he have train wrecks.

    May I ask who this was? :huh:

    Tried to PM you, but sez you can't rec any. :wacko:


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