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  1. What the bullets don't do to the PVC. The Sun's UV will. OLG
  2. It was the correct, and only response available. OLG
  3. And you have yours posted where? OLG
  4. Really-Doesn't everybody know that Colt gets their parts from Mattel. OLG
  5. Which internet on what planet? Red-Call Wolff Gunsprings and they will help you. OLG
  6. May I ask who this was? Tried to PM you, but sez you can't rec any. OLG
  7. Load towards the top end on powder charge. OLG
  8. Only Winchester loaded it as the express round you speak of for their '86. OLG
  9. Agree with SS. Pull the butt stock off and flush the insides out with brake cleaner. OLG
  10. Mike-I would think with you and Deuce be'n 'Borg Class' shooters, would be more that capable of out run'n 'slow hammers'. Let me ask this-When I see a video of Deuce or Smokestack haven to do a 'go-around' on the pistol. Think'n you both run short stroked HG's. What is the most common reason other than a 'no-fire' issue on the first try? Mike I know you have told me you pull the trigger each time with the pistol. Deuce, are you doing the same, or 'slip-hammer'? Thank you both, for the input here. OLG
  11. I'm call'n 'lock time' as the time it takes the hammer to fall, and smack the FP. Seen some that are so SLO, it surprises me the gun will fire- OLG
  12. It will never be a problem for me- But, with super weak hammer springs and SLO hammer fall. It can/will happen. It's called 'lock time'. OLG
  13. I only shoot REAL BP in my Shiloh's, Old Eynsford 2F is used in both my '70 & '90. You'll reach 1k yds and more, to the same point of impact with more consistency, in varying/changing conditions with the .45-90 than the '70. The 90 is a great 'do-all' round using BP. Think about this-You are doing well to get close to 1200 fps vel with the '70 at the 34" bbl's muzzle w/BP. I'm run'n over 1350 fps with the '90 at the 30" bbl's muzzle using BP. These big slugs drop MV, PDQ. They have the trajectory of a football. I'm compressing my BP powder about 3/8" with a special die. You will not get 70gn of powder in a .45-70 case or 90gn in a .45-90 case using a GG bullet. The cases made today are far different(thicker/stronger/safer)than back in the day. The BP made today is different also, than back then. Different wood(Alder is the best)and moisture content. Your choice of sights is excellent! I would only have you add a Hadley eyecup to allow for varying/changing light conditions. I order all of my BP from here. Great folks to deal with The price shown, is the 'to your door' price with ship'n and HAZ-MAT. https://powderinc.com/black-powder/ OLG
  14. MVA makes a great product. I have them on both of my Shiloh 74's. I'll buy MVA again, when the time comes. OLG
  15. That Shiloh will shoot it's best with BP. BP is easier to clean up than Smokeless. Very good BP cleaner is Windex multi-surface with vinegar. With the Shiloh .45cal, 1/18 ROT. The barrel really likes the heavy bullets(500-550gn). At Shiloh, ask for Kirk or Lucinda(owners). Both hunt with, and shoot competitively with the guns they make. FWIW: My first Shiloh was a 34" bbl Hartford in .45-70. Shoots like a LASER. My competition gun is a #1, .45-90, 30" hvy bbl. It too is a LASER. Both of my Shiloh's run MVA sights. Soule tang, w/#113 front. Cry one time and don't go the cheap on sights. OLG
  16. You could try calling them. http://www.alliantpowder.com/questions/default.aspx OLG
  17. Who's site? The site I posted, shows no such statement. OLG
  18. If they base it on your run'n 'skillz'-You got it made. OLG
  19. There's load date in the other .45 Colt section on the page. OLG
  20. FWIW: B'eye is VERY temp. sensitive at it's 'lighter' loading's. Any on-line loading manual, would serve you well. http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/powderlist.aspx?page=/reloaders/powderlist.aspx&type=1&powderid=1&cartridge=36 OLG
  21. The .45-90 carries better against the wind, with it's higher MV. If you use a 3F load of real BP, .45-70 will work well to 1K yds. The '90 just makes it easier is all. The pistol grip stock, is a great aid in controlling the torque twist of recoil over a straight stock. If you go with paper-patch bullets. The '70 will work just fine to 1k+ yds. That said, I shoot a grease groove 540gn Paul Jones Creedmoor bullet in 30:1 alloy. Accurate BPCR reloading is the PHD of the reloading world. OLG
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