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  1. That only applies to new handgun sales in Ca.. Used guns via private party or consignment in a gun store don't apply. OLG
  2. Good thing you put his 'name' on it-So Daddy doesn't 'borrow' it. Another piece of art OLG
  3. About as 'fast' as a figure 8, Destruction Derby. With the same results. OLG
  4. Nicely done. Who was the singer. Also, at about the 58 second mark, says 'you'll need 3 guns'. OLG
  5. Some cities as L.A City and SFO do not allow ammo and C&B guns to be mailed directly to a private party. OLG
  6. Just like the 97 pump-Drive that '87 like you stole it. Neither run 'rite' when you're easy with'em. OLG
  7. Doesn't apply on PP sales with some exceptions like AW and hi-cap mags or NFA guns......... OLG
  8. Yet PETA and such, don't give a rats arse about all the people that will now be unemployed, and all the generations that grew up working in the circus life and have no other skills..... OLG
  9. Do not go cheap on moulds. Most mass made moulds are junk, IMO. You get what you pay for - These are about the best made now. http://brooksmoulds.com/ OLG
  10. Any visitor, NOT declaring that they have a firearm when entering any military base is JUST STUPID. BTW; They ask if 'you have anything to declare' at the gate. After you pass the sign show'n prohibited items and firearms is at or near the top of said list. Call the base and ask'em what's the best course here. OLG
  11. So much for the 'Cowboy Way'. I'm sure that folks will now remember your preferences when you're posting in the SASS classifieds. So as not to waste your time. Any private party can ship to any FFL, including Ca. FFL's It's up to the receiving FFL to accept from private party or not. All the FFL that is shipping to a Ca. FFL has to do, is call our DOJ and get an import cert that is faxed to them. OLG
  12. I do all my casting in 30:1 alloy and use DGL lube. Do my casting in the Winter. OLG
  13. Cap's race gun '87 lever will be marked so on the lower left side of the frame and inside on the hammer. The lever marking will show the serial number of his mod, as this goes into a log book he keeps with him. OLG
  14. My 2 local FFL's accept from out of state FFL and PP. PD-You can ship a HG to a FFL(only through FedX & UPS). LG
  15. If he JK'd at the top of the hill. Then I would say he wasn't chain'd up. Hard to tell in the vid. Also-I was taught to chain one outboard if not both sides of the rear trailer when on ice. I rec'd my first CDL in Colorado and this was SOP for winter over the mtns. OLG
  16. I want to know what happened to the air-brake lines to begin with. Did they break because they weren't drain'n water out and froze or what? I too want to know why the brakes weren't caged. It's something every driver has to know. I held a class 1 CDL for almost 30yrs. There're lots of questions unanswered here. Like-not see'n any tire chains....... OLG
  17. The one in blue works fine for me. The second one doesn't do anything. OLG
  18. Why not just leave now? Use any vacation time you have, and tell'em to 'KMA' as you walk through the door for the last time. OLG
  19. The H&K USP series are great guns. I use a compac in .45 acp for CCW. OLG
  20. I run a dedicated ground(GND)wire from the press to a GND rod. OLG
  21. When I shoot-A Sun Dial is used. OLG
  22. Way to go Creeker My kind of shoot So-who's gonna watch 'Mongo' this year? OLG
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