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  1. The very best there is-period. Far better than Dillon's. BTW: Dillon's ain't $18.00 a bottle. You can get the Sage lube in smaller bottles. http://www.sageoutfitters.com/catalog/item/7209324/7599865.htm OLG
  2. You can, to a point, re-arch(AKA, bend)the t'spring to help reduce trigger pull. Practice that with your OEM t'spring. FWIW: I have never had a FTF in either of my .44 OMV w/17lb Wolff hammer springs, and I run all brands of primers. OLG
  3. Those sure don't sound like Wollf springs. If you have a good 'bolt-house' near you. Buy 2, #10 AN washers and install them at the base of the spring. 17lb are OEM in the NMV. OLG
  4. So-You are saying that as you stand there next to the shooter. He/she can not legally shoot your handgun under NY law? Can you post a link to that law for us to see? OLG
  5. Wood is better, for when the hands start sweat'n. Here's a great outfit to deal with. BTW: Don't start changing stuff till after you fire them. You may like the OEM grips. http://www.altamontco.com/pistol-grips/ruger/newvaquero/ OLG
  6. The Wolff site says that only the hammer spring is different between the OMV and the NMV. Not sure I agree with that, as I know my wife's NMVs had a t'spring that was 'lighter' than my OEM, OMV t'spring was. BTW: I run 15lb hammer spring in my wife's .357 NMVs, and have no problem pop'n CCI small rifle primers. OLG
  7. I run the power custom half-cock kits and 17lb hammer and 30oz t'springs in my .44 OMVs. OLG
  8. The OEM, NMV t'spring feels lighter than the OEM t'spring in the OMV. The NMV t'spring is pretty close to the Wolff 30oz spring. OLG
  9. Go to the Wolff Gunsprings site for that info. https://www.gunsprings.com/RUGER/SINGLE%20ACTION%20SERIES/cID3/mID52/dID228 IIRC on the OMV the t'spring was 40oz. OLG
  10. Before you buy your longguns. Find a few clubs in your area and make a point to attend a shoot. You really need to 'try-before-you-buy'. Just like a pair of shoes. You may even find a good deal on used guns. Good choice on going with Rugers. OLG
  11. If this is a new gun-Have it fixed under warranty. As soon as you mess with it-The warranty is void. OLG
  12. If you are only going out to 500 yds. This is a good starter scope. When you want to step up. Look hard at Celestron.. Make sure to get a sturdy stand that holds the scope solid. OLG
  13. 'So-come up to the lab and see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici.... pation' OLG
  14. Because the NRA clearly states in it's web site, that it's a NP 501C(4). http://www.nra.org/nic/ All the man did, was ask a question. What's the big deal? IIRC-It was the CEO of SASS, that first posted about going NP. OLG
  15. Unique and WW231 work very well. OLG
  16. Then I would say that when the switch is opened. You rec. no current for charging, nor will the battery feed the RV any power. Hint-Look into solar panels. OLG
  17. Arched, for me it fills that space in my hand when I grip a 1911 and aids in 'muscle-memory' of the grip. The arched housing was part of the 1911-A1 mod from the original 1911. OLG
  18. I get to the range twice a week on ave. Shoot ATA trap and whatever else I feel like. OLG
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