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  1. Totally depends on the air temp surrounding the refrigerator. OLG
  2. 'Shoes' that can't ever be filled. Thinking of JJ and the entire family. Stay strong, or Candy will come back and kick our arse. Bet by now, she's picking on Bojack again. OLG
  3. IF, it has LOTS of pictures in it. I'll let Ima buy one for me. OLG
  4. Really Why? I run 'lite' springs and never have any issue with them. No issue with run'n them through my Dillon 550 either. OLG
  5. Have you handled Ruger New Model Vaqueros? Ruger's C/S is outstanding. The guns are built 'tuff'. OLG
  6. Standard small pistol primers. Brand is up to you. OLG
  7. Leave shells in the belt all the time. They will stretch out PDQ. OLG
  8. That's a pretty wide 'brush' you're using. BTW: Show the rule about the 'dance'? You CAN'T-There ain't one. OLG
  9. We flip'em when they show signs of bow'n. OLG
  10. NO pictures of Yul's carts, can do them true justice. When you see them up close with your own eyes in the sunlight. Only then, do you see the fitting, finish and workmanship that goes into every one of his carts that I have seen. You then really see what a gifted, master woodworker/craftsman Yul truly is. My wife and I are lucky enough to call him a friend. OLG
  11. OP-Are you loading for C&B or cartdrige? GOOGLE up DGL. All you'll ever need and it works well in smokeless too. https://www.shilohrifle.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=24478 OLG
  12. Go with Wolff. Best there is. They are a major supplier of the OEM springs gun-makers use today. Yes-I have used Wolff springs for decades in my guns with 110% satisfaction. OLG
  13. Mrs 'Bob', is well on her way to Sainthood. OLG
  14. Please say if you dropped the empty into the chamber OR tried to feed through the rifle. That case mouth damage is common when trying to cycle empty brass through a Browning designed, repeating rifle. OLG
  15. Top Brass is very good stuff. Wish they still made the brass they did. Still have a couple of 1K piece bags of their .44 mag brass. Starline will have everything you need in brass. They are owned by Sierra Bullets. http://www.starlinebrass.com/ OLG
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