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  1. Got a ride in her a few years back with the family. Sure made me humble to think my Mom flew them during WW2 as a WASP. OLG
  2. Don't touch the sear! Like Larsen sayz-"dress" the top of the bottom 'cog' on the pawl. Don't get the cylinders mixed up either......... Good luck, OLG
  3. I had forgot'n about Redding. I don't need a single stage press, as I still have my RCBS Jr(iron)that I bought in 1967. OLG
  4. I like red as it uses far less battery power and easier to see in daylight. Crimson Trace is about the best made, and they provide free batteries for life. https://www.crimsontrace.com/ For the 220. https://www.crimsontrace.com/products/manufacturer/sig-sauer/01-1100 OLG
  5. Just how big does a single stage press need to be? Can you list how many other single stage presses this compact are made from iron and not alum? This would work well for loading 'on the road'. OLG
  6. See post #2. http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=230964 OLG
  7. The down side-he'll be on this forum more........ Upside-maybe he'll shoot a match this decade........ OLG
  8. This new press is 110% K.I.S.S. They will sell lots of'em. With them made from iron-They will last forever. Kinda like the old RCBS jr press when it was made of iron. OLG
  9. THX John I did forget to say SBH hammers. Ruger will sell you the SBH hammers. That's how I got the ones I installed in my wife's NMV, when all others were out. OLG
  10. My GOOGLE foo ain't the best. From what I could see, I don't think it is being made any longer. OLG
  11. You're in Canada. Does Dillon have a repair place there? Their C/S has set a standard for others to follow. OLG
  12. Could this reload have had a high primer? When was the last time you removed the butt-stock and flushed the inside of the action out? Brake cleaner works well for this-Keep it off the wood OLG
  13. This is correct for any caliber Up the powder charge some, and firm crimp will work wonders. OLG
  14. Until the load is known. It's all SWAG'n if it's the load that's your issue or your guns are. I say this with over 50+ years reloading and a 'shade tree mechanic'. OLG
  15. Wouldn't be nice to have loads you can shoot summer and winter? Just up the chg 1/2gn and you'll see...... OR-load the same for rifle and pistol then you have truly arrived at K.I.S.S. OLG
  16. VERY NICE Now go get your feet 'wet' and shoot a match. OLG
  17. Red Dot is more temp sensitive than most. Up your charge 1/2gn. Look at WW231 and Unique for the '70 & .32's. OLG
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