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  1. Please tell'em I said 'HOWDY'. We shot together, many-many times- OLG
  2. Camping space number I'll bet. 'Chip is liv'n in Utah now. OLG
  3. Years ago Hoppes was 'it'. The EPA neutered it, with the removal of Benzine. Ballistol is very close to WD-40 in many ways. They are both mineral oil(white oil)based. Ballistol- Ingredients[edit] (according to a specification from December 2002) pharmaceutical white oil: CAS RN 8042-47-5 Oleic acid: CAS RN 112-80-1 C-5 alcohols: CAS RN 78-83-1; CAS RN 137-32-6; CAS RN 100-51-6 different essential oils to perfume Ballistol OLG
  4. YOU, slip and fall way to much to be a 'sticky'. You only want to shoot Duelist so you can hold on to somedangthing with the other hand- OLG
  5. JB-My wife who has a Masters in Industrial Safety, says that is not a legal MSDS. Respectfully, OLG
  6. I think that is just for the contact cleaner?? "Bullfrog Electronic Cleaner Aerosol 92381" OLG
  7. This thread, should be a forever 'sticky'................ OLG
  8. Why am I not surprised to see mineral spirits as the main item. BTW: WD-40 And WD-40 Specialist, are not the same. OLG
  9. Does sound interesting for sure-Will look into it. I will admit, that rust is not a real concern here in the Mojave. How well doe BF work as a lube etc? OLG
  10. I never heard of it. Does sound interesting. When did it come out? Would like to see a MSDS on it. OLG
  11. Great post and information JB! Was interesting to see how well WD-40 Specialist performed. Gonna pick some up. One thing not covered in the testing, was if the various products become 'dry' to the touch after application like Eezox does. OLG
  12. When you order directly from BCB, they ship via USPS 'flat-rate'. PR-In that link you gave, there is an error on the BCB page in the .44 spec/.44-40 bullets. The .44 spec dia should start at .430. Not the .428 shown for the .44 WCF. Also, in the .44 cal they don't show the 240gn bullet weight that BCB sells. OLG
  13. Both of those brands are great for SASS loads. X2 on what Cat sayz about call'n Bear Creek for the weight you want. What I have to do to get my .44/240rnfp. OLG
  14. This should become a 'sticky'! Don't stop now------- OLG
  15. So, these are 'forever' points then? What I mean-is after a period of time, the points don't 'drop-off'. OLG
  16. Please keep us updated. Will the .22 go to AZ or east coast for fix'n? OLG
  17. Maybe, you could try calling them..... Always best to talk to a warm body with this type of deal. OLG
  18. Many folks in the original tread, that haven't posted in a good spell. OLG
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