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  1. Lake Piru many, many years ago. W3G is a blast..... OLG
  2. Great video! We're get'n snow here, and it's 26*. Bet you made the video on Sunday. OLG
  3. Before you buy one-get to a few shoots. You may well find a great deal on a used one. OLG
  4. A cart goes a long way in making any SASS shoot way more enjoyable Have you attended a shoot yet? OLG
  5. More info here- http://marauder.homestead.com/files/Marlin98s.htm Marlin 'washed their hands' of'em-That's all anyone needs to know, as for them be'n 'safe' to use-- OLG
  6. Marlin said they ain't safe, and do not use- That's all I need to know. OLG
  7. That vid says 68 replies were made 4 yrs ago. OLG
  8. Somedangbody in one of those clubs should have contact info? If someone knows his true name-Maybe a GOOGLE search would help. OLG
  9. These are listed in his SASS profile. Powder Creek Cowboys; Rocky Branch Rangers, Gold Coast Gunslingers OLG
  10. Maybe contact the clubs he is listed with? OLG
  11. OFS! This should be pinned to the top of Team SASS....... OLF
  12. Do you have anyway to contact Lefty Longridge? OLG
  13. He hasn't be 'on', since May 2018......... OLG
  14. Get in touch with Dusty Rogers at RR-Bar Regulators in Lucerne, CA. Dusty helped in founding the club, and allowed us to use the RR-Bar brand logo that was registered to his father, Roy Rogers. https://www.doublerbarregulators.com/ You can also find'em on FB. OLG
  15. The OP posted this 2+ yrs ago and hasn't been on the forum in over a yr. TNX Cap for the info! OLG
  16. Please tell'em I said 'HOWDY'. We shot together, many-many times- OLG
  17. Camping space number I'll bet. 'Chip is liv'n in Utah now. OLG
  18. Years ago Hoppes was 'it'. The EPA neutered it, with the removal of Benzine. Ballistol is very close to WD-40 in many ways. They are both mineral oil(white oil)based. Ballistol- Ingredients[edit] (according to a specification from December 2002) pharmaceutical white oil: CAS RN 8042-47-5 Oleic acid: CAS RN 112-80-1 C-5 alcohols: CAS RN 78-83-1; CAS RN 137-32-6; CAS RN 100-51-6 different essential oils to perfume Ballistol OLG
  19. YOU, slip and fall way to much to be a 'sticky'. You only want to shoot Duelist so you can hold on to somedangthing with the other hand- OLG
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