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  1. Ruger will want the serial number of each. Mushy trigger screams crud build up. Do the flush thing. You should think about the Power Custom hammer conversion. Been running mine for 15+ yrs with no issues. Run tired 19lb hammer and 32oz trigger return springs. OLG
  2. Don't fix, what ain't broke. If the cylinder Indexes when cocked you're GTG. Take the grips off and use brake cleaner to flush the insides out. Then try the action. OLG
  3. The coil springs used in the Ruger last forever, and the Ruger has much better metallurgy. The only weakness I see in the Ruger is the transfer-bar. Wifey and I have had a couple break over the yrs. A call to Ruger had replacements inroute and at no charge. OLG
  4. Go with Ruger. American made and are 'tanks' in durability. Ruger's customer service is the tops. Been running my .44 cal, OMV in SASS type events for 16+ yrs. The few times I needed parts. They were sent at N/C. Ruger even gave me some spare parts to have on hand. OLG
  5. Was a Dualist till about 2 yrs ago when old Arthur showed up in my hands and right shoulder. Went to SS and still will shoot a stage as Dualist when I can. OLG
  6. Lake Piru many, many years ago. W3G is a blast..... OLG
  7. Great video! We're get'n snow here, and it's 26*. Bet you made the video on Sunday. OLG
  8. Before you buy one-get to a few shoots. You may well find a great deal on a used one. OLG
  9. A cart goes a long way in making any SASS shoot way more enjoyable Have you attended a shoot yet? OLG
  10. What do you call "long range"? Will you be using BP? Any barrel longer than 30" is front heavy for off-hand shooting Really need more info. OLG
  11. More info here- http://marauder.homestead.com/files/Marlin98s.htm Marlin 'washed their hands' of'em-That's all anyone needs to know, as for them be'n 'safe' to use-- OLG
  12. Marlin said they ain't safe, and do not use- That's all I need to know. OLG
  13. That vid says 68 replies were made 4 yrs ago. OLG
  14. Somedangbody in one of those clubs should have contact info? If someone knows his true name-Maybe a GOOGLE search would help. OLG
  15. These are listed in his SASS profile. Powder Creek Cowboys; Rocky Branch Rangers, Gold Coast Gunslingers OLG
  16. Maybe contact the clubs he is listed with? OLG
  17. OFS! This should be pinned to the top of Team SASS....... OLF
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