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  1. As a former LEO, the word you are looking for is-NO. OLG
  2. Not really, PRK is controlled buy SAN, LAX & SFO. Those 3 cities also have ridiculously high percentage of voter fraud. OLG
  3. Because our Governor said if they were convicted, he would give them full pardons. Our Governor is very pro gun and the main reason we are Constitutional carry state. OLG
  4. Flush sight area with brake cleaner and dry. 1 drop of red #271 Loctite on the sight's base, and place in 200* oven for 30 minutes to set the Loctite. OLG
  5. The videos are well framed and presented. Maybe show more gals and kids shoot'n. OLG
  6. I've run Bear Creek moly coated for years with real BP and no more fouling issues than uncoated bullets w/BP lube. If anything, the bore and chambers cleaned up quicker. OLG
  7. Go to the SA site and look it up. It's a dang good rifle! I have no plans to scope mine. If you do scope yours- do not use the SA mount. OLG
  8. I have a SA, M1-A 'loaded', in wood stock. That rifle is a LASER with zero POI shift. OLG
  9. Call Brownells tech and ask them if there's a substitute. OLG
  10. Yup, just to piss you off. How'd I do? OLG
  11. Good info. Marlin 94 is the KISS of all lever rifles and the easiest to keep run'n. OLG
  12. Buy your Dad his own SG and bend the lever to fit him. OLG
  13. Sounds like a heat treat issue, as in brittle. Buy at least 3-4. Call the maker in the morning. Have you ck'd Brownells? Have you tried contacting SASS gunsmiths? Can you post a picture of the broken bolt? OLG
  14. Fortunately, she not anywhere as liberal as the early Kate was. OLG
  15. RC or Dr Pepper for me. Both are much cheaper and more plentiful here in Springfield, Mo. than I ever saw in PRK. OLG
  16. Have you seen orginal Schofield's? I've seen many, all with the ring. That early bolt drop acts as a brake to help slow down the cyl. That keeps the cyl ratchets in play longer. OLG
  17. WB use to only let you load 5rnds in a 7rnd mag for the 1911. Agree about the 6 shell nonsense in a SG that was built for 5. Still, it's a fun game to play OLG
  18. Did you contact the lock maker? Dial combo locks are easy to reset. A squirt of silicon spray on the lock's insides is usually all that's needed to keep'em running smooth. Electronic ─║ocks are a locksmiths best friend...... OLG
  19. PR, how many times did I tell you to switch hands? OLG
  20. Cap '87s have short bbl w/screw in choke tubes. We use imp/cyl choke. Gary
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