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  1. These dayz, get whatever primer you can and make the adjustments needed. OLG
  2. 79* here in Springfield, MO. Last year we had snow by this day. OLG
  3. You're using a real post office, and not one of those store front deals I hope. OLG
  4. We have in Ca and now Missouri. Lots of fun. Especially when we trade guns for a stage or two. OLG
  5. Then you don't have the roll crimp die adjusted correctly. The case mouth should be turned into the bullet. OLG
  6. Factory ammo is roll crimped. Roll crimp 'holds' better. OLG
  7. Lee Factory Crimp Die will put the perfect roll crimp on and ck the case sizing all at the same time. OLG
  8. There really ain't any when you add true rifle calibers OLG
  9. And what about the lifetime memberships that were sold under SASS's name? Sure sounds like a bunch of lawsuits might be filed. OLG
  10. That was a Unique statement about how versatile Unique truly is BTW, agree 110% about that other powder OLG
  11. What my wife uses in SASS. 3.5-4.0 gn Unique from 110-158 gn lead bullet. Use a firm roll-crimp. OLG
  12. Unique can be used in every caliber used in SASS. It's the only powder I use for SASS loading. OLG
  13. You can load every caliber used in SASS, including 12ga SG with with Unique. OLG
  14. 12ga, 3/4-1oz shot use 17.0-17.5 gn of Unique. Less recoil than 'Featherlite'. OLG
  15. The Bass Pro HQ store here in Springfield MO has selves packed with ammo. No powder, primers or shot for reloading. The gun selection was excellent and the best stocked I've seen in over a year. OLG
  16. Or, did you just now make parole? OLG
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