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  1. The starboard side c'trail is also denser than the port side. OLG
  2. I load a 540gn Paul Jones Creedmoor cast from 30/1(lead/tin)alloy for both our .45-70 and .45-90 Shiloh's. Pan lube with DGL. In the .45-90, I'm using 85gns of Old 'E' 2F with a MV of 1355fps out of a Shiloh 30" bbl. Except for the wood(comes from Missouri)-Shiloh makes everything, including the barrels in house, in Big Timber. Only thing done off-site, is the engraving by Suzi Blakely. OLG
  3. Think about the .45-90 round. I like the 74. Might want to call Shiloh and see what they have coming down the line. I suggest you look at a #1 with a hvy 30" bbl. OLG
  4. Joe-Pretty easy to re-arc the OEM spring to reduce tension. OLG
  5. Guess my post with the link got pulled. YES-it's up and new sections have been added like a Marlin thread. OLG
  6. There was an issue for a spell with heat treatment of the breechface. This lead to peening of the barrel from the bolt's impact. Good info here on the TD model. https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=287 OLG
  7. I'll leave it overnight in the middle of a 'run'. But not otherwise........ OLG
  8. Out of state-Pretty sure you will have to have the FFL ship'em to HI. OLG
  9. Well-It is Sunday, so the shower was mandatory.......... How far was the range from you? OLG
  10. Good deal! Yul is a kick to shoot with. If you can 'relax' the tension on the loading gate. That will help. May well be sharp edges that need to be corrected in the 'ramp' area into the mag tube. The OEM mag tube spring tension is also part of the problem. OLG
  11. WOW-That is some 'soft' steel for sure. Very common issue, with those guns. OLG
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