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  1. You should be more concerned about the chamber length. OLG
  2. I OWB carry at the 4 o'clock position, can draw sitting or standing. OLG
  3. Depends on the mission. Not uncommon. OLG
  4. Pretty wide 'brush' you're using. You ever shot W3G? If one can walk a SASS stage. They can walk a W3G stage. OLG
  5. I shoot 540gn Creedmoor out of a .45-70 with no issues. Don't think your buddy knows what he's talking about. OLG
  6. Shot W3G at Piru Ca and it was a kick! IIRC, their shoot days conflicted with a couple other SASS clubs OLG
  7. Nothing unsafe about it, modern 3-gun does the same! As does many other 'run-n-gun', gun games. OLG
  8. Can't wait to see the grips 'Yul' have to make for'em. OLG
  9. S&B was the main and largest exporter. Dang good stuff! They are also a NATO supplier. Now do you see, why they stopped shipping to the USA? OLG
  10. Well, the W3G page on FB hasn't been updated in 6 months OLG
  11. Let's not forget that many European ammo/component suppliers won't sell to the USA now. That's part of it too. OLG
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