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  1. It was 97* here today and sticky. Tomorrow is supposed to be over 100* Take care of yourself! OLG
  2. OP, is there a trap range in your AO? OLG
  3. Tell Studley I said 'HI'. Haven't heard from him in a very long time. OLG
  4. The only '87s that are OK with smokeless, are the last run of 10ga called the 1901's. You still deal with the shorter chambers of that period. I would never use smokeless in those 12 ga '87s. OLG
  5. Are you using leather or kydex? I could never get any IWB holster to feel 'rite'. OLG
  6. No original 12ga '87 is safe with smokeless loads. OLG
  7. I remember that CF. Black eye on SASS for sure! What happened with her after that? OLG
  8. CR, I disagree about the 19. Found it to be one of the most comfortable carry guns I have ever owned, in a OWB holster. Along with one spare mag and compact flashlight. OLG
  9. To uncomfortable. Trust me on this.... OLG
  10. That's an alias I haven't heard in many years. What ever happened to her? OLG
  11. Heard he had to get a fire permit for ALL of the candles OLG
  12. Hope you make a detailed video of the unpacking and range session. OLG
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