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  1. Thanks Dutch Nichols, changed it in the listing to reflect shipping for one box, rather than two.
  2. Selling 1752 pieces of .45ACP Brass. This is mostly once fired brass, mixed headstamps, civilian and military brass. My father had these stored away, and I inherited them. The military ammo can he had them all in was labeled as "Cleaned Brass", but they could all stand to be cleaned and deprimed before reloading (but they all look good, no tarnishing noted when I was separating them). Again, there is a total of 1752 cases in this lot, all large primer. Price for everything is $75.00, plus $15.00 shipping. Large bags are 500+ cases, small bags are 100+ cases, all brass, no nickle cases SOLD
  3. I like to give my business to LPL Bullets, operated by our own Loco Poco Lobo, and Nawlins Kid.
  4. This is their X-Long size belt, adjustable up to 50", per the What Price Glory website.
  5. Selling a traditional US Military style Wild Bunch pistol belt rig. The rig consists of a reproduction M-1912 Pistol Belt, from What Price Glory, size XL; three original Russell M-1912 Snap Magazine Pouches (all dated 1918); an original Bearse Mfg Co M1924 First Aid Pouch, fits spare shotgun shells nicely; and a newer production M-1912 Hip Holster. These are all in excellent condition, and all you need to do is add magazines and a 1911. Price is $90.00 shipped (via USPS Priority). SOLD - PF
  6. Selling a complete Mernickle Wild Bunch rig, in Saddle Tan. The belt is marked as a 42, and included is a picture of the buckle holes on the belt, measured from the center of the buckle. Included the Wild Bunch Classic Holster (US Stamped), Wild Bunch Belt (US Stamped), three double magazine pouches (US Stamped), and a spare ammo slide (4 x Shotgun Shell, 5 x .45 Colt). Is in great shape, hung vertically after every match, but does have some sweat staining on the rear of the belt. Price is $255.00 shipped. SOLD - Pending Funds
  7. Selling a total of 14 Chip McCormick Shooting Star 1911 "Classic" magazines. These are all 8-round magazines, .45 ACP, with no pads installed. Seven are stainless, seven are blued. All are in excellent condition, with no dents or damage. All 14 for $100.00, plus $15.00 shipping. Will post some pics later this evening when I get home from work. SOLD - Pending Funds
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