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  1. I'm selling a complete CAS Starter Rig, for a new shooter. All items are manufactured by Oklahoma Leather, includes RH/LH Strong side holsters that fit up to 5 1/2" barrels, 6-round shotgun slide 12 ga, and a size L (40" to '45") gunbelt for .38 Caliber. Set was used about three times when my nephew tried shooting CAS. Everything shipped to you via USPS for $75.00. SOLD - PF
  2. Selling a set of Lee Reloading Dies, 3-Die Set (Deprime/Size, Bullet Seating, and Factory Crimp Die), a Lyman Neck Expand (M) Die for 30 Long (needed to expand the case to load lead rounds), and a Lymen A-A Dies 2-Die Rifle Set (Deprime/Size, Bullet Seating), all for 30-40 Krag reloading. The Lee dies and the Lyman Expand die are in excellent condition, the Lyman A-A dies need to be cleaned and oiled (light surface flash rust). My price for everything is $75.00, shipped to you via USPS.
  3. I'm selling a Hy Hunter Inc., Western Six-Shooter Revolver, chambered for .22LR. This is the exact same revolver as the Hawes Western Sixshooter, and is the large frame model, manufactured by Sauer & Sohn in West Germany. This one has a barrel length of approximately 5 3/8", and is chambered for .22LR ammunition. The finish is about 80% on this revolver, but it cycles, locks up, and shoots excellent. This is a great practice revolver, or first revolver for a young shooter. Price is $175.00, shipped from my FFL to your FFL. I am located in Southern Colorado.
  4. I'm definitely not set up for accepting credit cards. Thanks for the compliments on my rifle though!
  5. I'm selling a Spanish Model 1916 Mauser, chambered for 7x57 Mauser. This rifle is in full military configuration, and is very very nice condition overall. It shoots well, has a clean bore with very good rifling, with a 21" barrel. I got this originally to shoot WBAS BAMM matches with, but have never had the chance to do so. The 7x57 Mauser is an excellent, low recoiling cartridge, and is extremely flat shooting. A little more info on the Mauser, the Model 1916 is the same as the Model 93 Mauser, except with a shorter barrel, bent bolt handle, a thumb cutout on the receiver for loading, and a gas relief port. Comes with a replacement handguard, as I didn't like the one that's on it. The spare handguard will need to be stripped and refinished. Price is $250.00, shipped from my FFL to your FFL. (SOLD - PF)
  6. I'm selling a Winchester (Miroku) 1895 Saddle Ring Carbine. This is chambered for 30/40 Krag, also known as .30 US. This has a 22" barrel, and walnut stocks. I have fired less than 50 rounds from this. Comes with original Winchester box. The metal on it is in excellent shape, but the stock has several good scratches on it (shop I bought it from had is fall off it's rack, which caused all the stock scratches). Someone with wood refinishing skills can definitely make this one look like new again. My price is $850.00, shipped from my FFL to your FFL. I have some 30/40 cases, and loaded ammo (factory), if the buyer is interested. SOLD-PF
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