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  1. I do like it. Recommend? I don't know. You would need to weigh the cost of the press to your loading style. I have learned each cap gun shooter evolves their own rituals and methods. I like to remove my cylinders after each stage to do a quick wipe and lube. Other shooters don't see the need to remove the cylinders. For me the press is quick and efficient. I do not use the a handle extension, so you can save that cost if you purchase one. It does not need to be mounted to work well.
  2. I use one. I use a dipper and funnel to pour power. I can load about as fast as the video.
  3. If that be set up to run the Lee Factory Crimp die like that I'm in.
  4. If you are willing to spend $130 for 500 rounds check out Georgia Arms. There ammo is quality, reloadable and they market "cowboy ammo". Before I reloaded it is what I used. Good stuff. http://www.georgia-arms.com/canned-heat-38-special-125gr-lead-round-nosed-flat-point/ Just in case you are wondering , you can't reload steel cases or the aluminum.
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